Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Farewell Easter, Hello Anzac Day

Well, another public holiday bites the dust....and another on the way...gotta love the extra opportunities for family pics!

Ummm this is my first blog & so I'll keep it brief. Ravey won't sleep, the rain is pouring, SKY's dropped out (der! the only time I need Sky is in foul weather!!), Taigy is at her father's & I'm missing my little pumpkin....I just realised yesterday that these holiday's aren't even 2 weeks long & yet I sent her off for the first week...dumb, dumb, dumb...a mother really should be more aware/alert or something.

Oh, I know I should be grateful for the break...but its not the same without her!

Well, I supppose I should go & do something.

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