Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Scrapping

Haven't quite hit "the zone" but I'm still scrapping LOL!
I think these are going to show in reverse order - sorry!!
"This is Love" is for the SE monthly LO comp - we had to use the title "this is Love" - I love thispic I took of Wayne & the kids while we were on Holiday - he's freezing his a** off - but that's just the kind of dad he is - do anything for his babies.
"Splash" was the one I did for Lara's SBO challenge - I managed to get it done YAY!
"The Jab" is for Lisa's monthly challenge at SBD...the requirements for this LO was no people or animals...a bit of a tough one for me - but happy I got it done...all about Taigy being brave when she finally got her before school jabs.
"Flower Boy" is for the 17th Elsie challenge over at Embellished...no. 18 was posted this week & I'm trying to stay on top of them LOL! The inspiration for this came from Vicky Gibson's "Rain Warrior" LO here - I absolutely adore this LO!!
And finally a wee sneak peek at Scrappydo's CJ entry :o)
Well little Miss is having another whinge...so I'd better dash - see if I can get her to have a little nap - yeah right!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Scrapping Again

I have wasted too much time & energy on El Freako - so I'm letting that go & getting back into my scrapping.

Haven't heard from his lawyer & he's acting all nicey nice at the mo...so we'll just carry on with our life.
So, did you hear about the CC at SBO with Elsie Flannigan as the mystery guest???

Well, naturally I was there - don't think I've missed an SBO CC yet ;o)
There were a heap of challenges...which reminds me I must try to get Lara's one done - so I'd better make this a short post.

Thanks you to everyone for your comments - you are absolute darlings & have helped immensely.

You words really did lift my spirits - so a big kiss & hug to you all mwah mwah mwah!!!

I'll share a couple of Get Real LOs that I did for the CC, cos I'm really trying to get them up to date & I must say it has been a bit of a mission...but only a few more to go & then bob's yoiur uncle - I'm done.
I had this idea of using the "inners" of the Heidi Swapp alphas floating around in my head for a while & "Valentine" turned out to be the perfect LO to use them on...these are the bitty bits from the insides of a's, g's, 0's, 9's, p's, q's etc - very happy with the result there :o)
And "the Dora pack" was an opportunity to use some of the new Rouge de Garance pp's...gotta say I LOVE THEM!!!! This LO was a bit of a challenge...because the pp's are so delish, you don't need much in the way of embellishment - but there's a 50% rule for the Get Real comp which means that 50% of the products on the LO need to be available from SBO...I was at a loss as to what to add...but then I stumbled across my Queen & Co sassy sequins & voila - the finishing touch.
Well I'd best be off to get Lara's challenge done.
Thanks again for your kind words..."thanks" seems so inadequate because your comments really did make a big difference to my days...I really really REALLY appreciate that you took the time to post a comment & send me some love :o)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Just Venting

WARNING: If you don't want to listen to me vent you'd better not look :o)

OK, so I'm just going to have a little rant & rave to myself to get the hollow feeling out of my stomach.

Yesterday Steve (Taigy's Dad) sent me an email accusing me of abusing my power as Taiga's guardian & filling her head with lies by letting her call Wayne Daddy & allowing her to go by our family name of Slattery & not the name on her birth certificate - which is in fact my maiden name.

So he's decided that its in Taiga's best interests for him to file for interim custody i.e. she should go & live with him.

Now, I'm not one to talk negatively about others - but I am willing to make an exception in this case.

What an absolute friggen fruitloop.

He has been to Taigy school & caused a fuss over her being enrolled under the name of Slattery....fair enough you may say, what's the fuss Kelly, after all its not her birth name....but my friend, here is the point:

I have been married to Wayne since Taiga was 17 months old - she has never known anyone else as a full-time Dad..so in her precious little mind her Dad is a Slattery, her Mum is a Slattery & her little bro is a Slattery - so why can't she be a Slattery???

What pisses me off is that Steve is just doing this out of pettiness & jealousy - I mean, its been 5 years man, GET OVER IT!!! Seriously - it HAS been 5 years - he was kicked out when she was still a newborn.

I'm not sure what he's trying to do, but he gave the school the impression that it was his last name on the birth certificate & they thought that's why he had a problem with the name - ah no - he's just an insecure freak who hasn't had a relationship in 5 years cos he hasn't got over it!!

I went up to the school today to give them a heads-up about how the situation has escalated (from him wanting her name to be MY maiden name) to now that he wants custody.

Anyway the teacher that I spoke to was raving on about how lovely Taiga is & what a lovely nature she has etc & said something to the effect of it coming from the both of us...so there again he has given the impression that he has been an influence in her life....WELL REALITY CHECK - I kicked his sorry ass to the curb when she was EIGHT (8) WEEKS OLD & she has NEVER spent more than a week at any given time with him - so I will take FULL credit along with Wayne for her being the precious little girl that she is today thank you very much !!!

Actually, now that I think of it, one of the teachers asked me if it was a recent marriage & that's why he has a problem with her name - ahhhh no, Wayne & I have been married nearly 4 years...and the thing that sucks the most is that I was only with steve for ONE year - what a bloody price to pay!!!

Even crazier is that he has 2 daughters from when he was 18/19 who he doesn't see & has never had anything to do with - these girls get passed off as a youthful error - yeah, whatever.

His justification for not seeing them "they already have a dad as their mum was married at the time & they had a stable relationship" ahhhhh yeah - then why was she screwing you mate???

He's such a tosser, he's playing the poor steve card as if we broke up yesterday...what is up with that????

Anyway - he says to me in his last email "I am confident that you will lose custody of Taiga"...I mean how delusional can a person get???? He honestly thinks that a court of law is going to take Taiga out of a happy, safe, secure family environment & hand her over to a single male with no support network based on the fact that she calls Wayne Daddy & goes by MY last name.

What a friggen waste of money, effort & energy...honestly if there is a lawyer in NZ who takes this case he/she has either got to be a straight out thief, or steve is seriously pulling his/her chain - which may be the case - I think the school fell for it & until they heard the other side of the story were quite willing to listen to his demands.

OK I probably haven't finished my rant but Ravey-boo has dragged food from the fridge along with a spoon - so he seriously wants to be fed LOL!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well I have bounced back...been quiet for a little while cos I had a bit of crap to deal with - all to do with Taigy starting school & her anal retentive turdksie of a father causing trouble.

Trouble is still brewing - but I'll wait to hear from his lawyer before I worry about it anymore.

Anyhooo I see today is the deadline for NZ Dares Hot & Cold challenge...actually in 5 mins - so I'd better make this snappy.

here is my entry - Taigy & Emma @ Mangawhai last weekend.

Big shout out to Heidi for being there for me all week - you definately made a difference buddy!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Start of the Month

So a whole new round of challenges have been posted.

Dad's Boy is my entry in the SBO Feb monthly challenge - Donna's Sketch :o)

A HUGE thank you to Lisa for my prize of Autumn Leaves Stamps for winning the January Challenge over at SBD. I have used the stamps below in the LO of Ravey digging.

You ought to check out the feb challenge - its a doozy - got my thinking cap on for this one & I have a few ideas up my sleeve - but am going with just one ;o)

Well, we got home last Friday & Embellished had a cyber crop - I know what you're thinking - I'm mad!!! But only halfway so...I missed the chat cos I was seriously tired - but I did do the challenges - cos they were simply irresistible....& I actually only combined one of the challenges.

There was another challenge to create a card - might upload tomorrow...I really like how it turned out - but to be honest I'm a little tired & blogger adds all these extra lines when I add a pic - which then takes me another little while to edit the post and I'm not really feeling like editing at the mo (you've probably noticed my horrific typing & sadly I have edited quite a few of my errors - so can you see where I'm coming from??? hahahaha)
Oh, if you have a solution for the adding lines when I add a pic please share it...cos I'm thinking of having a look at a typepad blog...only thinking at this stage - cos the grass may be greener :o)
OK back to the topic:
For the last couple of days (it seems) I have been dying to scrap LOs but I've got a couple of CJs on the go & really need to get them sorted before post-off date & then I had a couple arrive from a current circle..so I have managed to do one & conceptualise another..I've got my SE CJ nearly 1/2 ready & my SBD CJ 1/20th ready LOL!! But by the end of the week they will be good to go I promise ;o)

OK I was just popping in for a quick share before I hit the hay to wake up as the mother of a school kid - I still can't believe that...all of you who have been there know what its like, so I shan't keep raving on about it ;o)
The enjoy/happy LO was fun to do - I got to use my new stamps from Lisa & combined a couple of Elsie challenges - JulieH's create a funky photo mat (it transparency stamped & painted) & Meg's Use a white background...sometimes combing the challenges just gives you a little something extra - I'm really quite happy with how this turned out - I probably never would have done the pp strips otherwise.
And "we've got a Groovy Kind of Love" was another JulieH challenge from embellished to "work those words" so I used Phil Collins' song to go with this pic of Wayne & that i took while we were on holiday :o)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Back From Holiday

Oh we had an awesome time away...was just fab to get away from it all...even though I took my scrapping with me LOL!

We went to Matata, which is about 40 minutes from Tauranga & 30 mins from Whakatane. Stayed in a friends caravan at Murphy's Motorcamp & we were just 100 steps from the beach - it was wonderful, well...stinkin hot but in a good "I'm stinking hot on holiday" kind of way...I guess Summer finally arrived hahahahaha
I managed to get quite a few LOs & cards made while Wayne spent some "quality time" with the kids ;o)

I also visited the lovely Delys

I got the latest Ali Challenge from Embellished done (Friends), but I concentrated on getting my "Get Real" comp LOs up-to-date & I'll share my faves :o)

The rest are in my gallery at SBO.

I just love how "My Bliss" turned out..its about my Wayno..he's such a honey-pie!!! Just love him to pieces! I was STOKED with my doodling on the paisley - go me! hahahaha The cool wee hearty metal embelly was a RAK from the super generous Mrs Frizz

My gorgeous "Little Gardener" is another fave...borrowed the tape hinge idea from FK 49. Man my boy is a cutie!!! Perhaps I'm biased - a little, maybe LOL!

And "Good Times" is all about good friends & good food. Took these pics when Heidi & Richard came for dinner the other night - God I love scrapping - who knew Heidi lived in my street???!!!!
I think I may be a bit unbalanced in that area - I should spend some more time with my darlings LOL!!!
Well I'll just make this a quick one...even though it's probably taken an hour to post - considering I had to pause to give Rave a bath LOL!