Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mojo on holiday!

OMG where did my mojo go??

Feeling bleughhh at the mo...Ravey gettting over his 2nd or is it 3rd bout of illness for winter. Taiga having tantrums & all round bad attitude at the mo.

Broken toe annoying me...really need to drive...getting cabin fever.

Well my CJ for scrapbook essentials is on its way to Ilka...at least I think it is - I gave it to Wayne with instructions, so hopefully it makes it!

It didn't turn out like I imagined it would...not sure what I was thinking 6x6 is tiny...oh well. my page is doen - hope the other girls don't have any trouble with it.

Nearly tossed it 3 times, but then thought about how much the rub-ons cost & couldn't do it LOL!!!

Its a bit of a mish-mash cos I wanted to use up some off cuts... but you live & learn. My lesson is start earlier & plan better hehehehe.

So when the next CJ lands on my doorstep, I'll be doing it straight away.

Had a mini cyber crop at Embellished on Sunday & managed to do the 2 challenges without mojo.

Theme was new beginnings & had to do a 12x12 & OTP on the same theme.

I got into scrapping when Ravey was about 6 months old...naturally had heaps of baby pics I wanted to scrap & well, my first efforts at scrapping invlove a Finding Nemo pack & a variety of other items from the Warehouse & needless to say my style (and my stash)has evolved somewhat since then LOL!

So I thought I'd take the opportunity to do some baby pics of my boy.

The mini album is from Embellished & I'm pretty

pleased with how it turned out & glad I couldn't fit many pics in..cos these are his first visitors at the hospital...so they're pretty special :o)

Well that's about it for today, babies need me & I think I'll just snuggle up to them on the couch for a while.

Friday, August 25, 2006

1 Hour Challenges

I LOVE them!!! But they leave me wanting more!!

Ali over at Embellished hosts random 1 hour challenges & well, I can't resist.

She's on Australian time - so it can be a bit tricky at times...but with my broken toe its all good - I'm here & always ready :o)

Yesterday at 3pm (her 1pm) she set the challenge...ordinarily I would be picking Tai up for pre-school but my wonderful sis is doing that for me until I'm ready to drive again.

So here's yesterday's effort.

The deal is you have 1 hour from go to whoa...you don't have time to think...Ali will let you know if a challenge is coming up (usually Wednesdays & Sundays) so you can choose a pic. Then wait for the challenge to start.

Yesterday we had to use BLUE, but other than that - you have to have a title, pic & journalling then you just go & create & then have it uploaded to the gallery by cut-off.

The great thing is I don't have time to cut things out so I get to use my stash instead of saving it for "someday" & I really love the freedom that gives me.

And you'd be surprized how much you can achieve in an hour. There's stitching, inking & painting on this LO. I'm working on making my LOs a bit more embellished..starting with my next on LOL!!!

Well, time to take Taigy to swimming. Later.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Broken Toe Means More Scrapping

Well I was mucking around yesterday doing kung-fu kicks like a Tae Bo super star - NOT! And Ravey moves the doors to the TV cabinet....BANG!!!! OOOOOWWWWWW!!! So - I put a pack of frozen peas on my foot for the day & hope for the best.....6 hours later when the pain HASN'T subsided I ring Wayne to come home from work & take me to get x-rays...hello broken toe.

The wonders of modern medicine mean that I don't have to have a cast on for 6 weeks...I get to have a "moon boot" on for 6 weeks - almost YAY!! Who wants anything on for 6 weeks??? So the beauty of the moon boot is that its removable. So, when the pain does eventually subside I can remove the boot & go for a drive, then put the boot back on when I arrive - YAY!

Some more great news - I discovered I can use my left foot for sewing LOs no probs!!!! LOL!!

So I managed to complete 2 LOs today (so far). One will be put towards the Up2scrap DT entry, so sorry I can't share...but the other is a LO I did because I needed to print another 5x7 so I wasn't wasting paper LOL!!!

Now, I'll share a little secret with you...the warehouse has these fabulous letters for $1.99 per pack - you only get 26 letters - but what the heck at that price I figured I can buy 4 packs & have 4 sets of vowels...onto the 2nd pack already, but c'est la vie.

I was going for the lil davis look without the price tag ;o)

Oh I also used BG stickers - but I had run out of t's & o's so I cut around the outside of the letters to get this effect - I quite like it..if you're short on cash & long on time its a good option ;o)

Well time to put my feet up while Wayne cooks my dinner ;o)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ebby Turns 5

Well we're off to Ebony-Pearl's birthday party today...My little niece has just turned 5!! OMG where did the time go???

Eb is the oldest of the "triplets". There's Ebby, Taigy & Creedy...all born within about 4 months of each other - they're so cute when they're all together. Eb is mother hen, Tai is happy to go along (but sometimes wants to boss) & Creedy-boy..well, what chance does he stand??? He's a great sport - although going throught that sooky 4yr old phase.

Well I really should be scrapping...had a fantastic night at the SBO cybercrop last night...one LO down - 2 to go.

Lara has me thinking about fabric, paint & sanding...so I think I've got the concept down - just translating it to paper could be tricky.....meanwhile got totally side-tracked after getting the fabric out thismorning..was meant to be working on the LO - but remembered I had to finish the bday pressy & organize wrapping paper - card was made months ago - in a burst of card enthusiasm ;o)

So, I added iron-ons to a couple of Tees...then wasn't excited about the wrapping paper - usually stamp onto butchers paper...but did that last week in a bit of a hurry & smudged the ink...so I looked in my drawers & found some black stuff off some flowers Wayno bought me a while back - So I thought - lovely...black stuff with a nice pink ribbon - lovely girly combo...but then I couldn't find any pink ribbon...but my eye caught some fabric flowers & hello - next thing you know I'm sitting at the sewing machine adding flowers to the papery/fabricy black stuff (its like a fine felt/handmade paper)...well here's the end result!!!

OMG on one hand I wish the girls would stop throwing out inspiration - but on the other hand I may come to a stand-still if they do LOL!!!!

Well - must dash...see if I can get my 21 Day Challenge Journal up to date before we head off - loving Mel's 10 minute rule!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NZ Dares - Guilty Pleasures

I can't help myself...I surf the net, click here & there....one link leads to another & before you know it I'm hitting "add to basket" & "check out". I just LOVE having things delivered to my door..love, love, love it...its my guilty pleasure...don't tell Wayne ;o)

I have been a mad crazy scrapper lately & if blogger will let me I'll share some LO's with you.

Seriously crazy...like doing 3 LOs per challenge over at SBO...the inspiration was great & I thought why stop a good thing ;o)

Monday, August 14, 2006

21 DC - Days 9-13

Phew...now I'm up to date with my 21 Day Challenge journal. Habit took a break for the weekend...but we won't dwell on that - we're back on track this glorious (if a little rainy) Monday!!

Also had a fantastic scrapping weekend, had an australian cyber crop on Friday night over at Embellished and also couldn't resist the Scrapbook Outlet challenges for those of us who didn't get to go to CC06. Got a heap of scrapping done...but BLOGGER isn't going to let me share at the mo...so I'll be back later.

Oh, that reminds me of my grandaughters little mood swing on the weekend - holey moley!!
We had Lexi over for a sleepover on Friday night...all good, then we had to go & buy Taigy a costume for a fancy dress party on Sunday...so off we go to McD's for brekky (totally photo op & I have some cute pics which are begginf to be scrapped)..then we head over to K-Mart, get Taigy to choose the dress I like (Snow White...more scrapping!) & then Lexi says she wants one...so I gently explained that Tai had a fancy dress party to go to & that's why she's getting a new dress & Lexi will get a treat if she's a good girl. Bottom lip DROPS like a lead balloon & she goes to hide in another aisle...oh well what can you do....carry on shopping that's what ;o)

It took her about 15 minutes to come right, which I guess isn't so bad...so by the time we left the Warehouse she was happy & had a toblerone in hand...."I know what's in this....mountains" aaaahhhh tooo cute!!!

But it is sooo funny to see Taigy with her...Tai is such a follower/parrot tooo cute.

Oh, the fancy dress party was Tai's first birthday party outside the family...took her a while to warm up to the situation...but I thik she had fun, she won the pass the parcel game & manged to chase balloons around...so all in all a good time was had.

OK be back later to try & add pics ;o)

Well I managed to add 1 pic :o)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just for Zeetra

My buddy Zeetra has a tattoo dare going...I'll show you mine if you show me yours so this one's for you girl :o)

The first one was originally on my hip.....10 years later its a little lower, a little wider & a little blurry ...who new that would happen????

I got this one done when my girlfriend turned 21 - she wanted to get a tattoo & thought it would be good if we did it together - so what the heck I did it - funnily enough it really is an appropriate picture...I do have a little bit of a wall around my heart.

My other tattoo (I only have the 2) is on my back & comes from the tao de ching...it represents The Absolute...the One, the higher power, the alpha & omega or, if you like God.

This one was a christmas gift from another girlfriend, we exchanged tatts for christmas back in '99 ...at the time I was recently divorced, footloose & fancy free... I love this one for so many reasons, the memories of the mojo, the freedom of divorce, the bond of friendship & expressing my beliefs - not to mention the fact that its a stunning symbol in its own right.

I have no regrets about my tattoos, but then again - they're never exposed(except now for all the world to see LOL)...they're just a quiet little piece of me ;o)

Holey Begoly

Oh wow!! My LO got pick of the week at NZ Dares how stoked am I??

Just went to have a little looky at the forum at Scrapbook Essentials this morning & there were congrats posts & I'm like - what? me?

It's quite funny cos I'm always thinking I wonder if there's another Kelly who won & I'm gonna be so embarrassed if I'm like "hey thanks guys"...so I quickly went to NZ Dares to check for myself hehehehehe & there was my head opened up for all to see LOL!

Oh I'm buzzing on this...what a great way to start the day :o)

Thanks everyone for your kind comments (assuming you visit my blog hahahahahaha)

Well I had better get on with my day....I'll be back to share later cos I've got something to show Zeetra ;o)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

21 DC - Days 7 & 8

Well I'm still going strong with my 21 Day Challenge in fact I'm doing so well that I have been able to add to my habits that I want to cultivate... my original habit is following flylady's system & do 15 minutes of cleaning each day (along with daily routines & missions)...my addition has been to spend some extra lovin time with the kids each day - yep get off the computer & spend time with them doing something they want to do - or in Ravey's case just giving some extra snuggles & tickles.

So here are my 2 latest entries.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NZ Dares - The Chaos Within

Ok, I've decided to let my chaos go. I was saying to Lisa (my sis) yesterday "I don't know what to do...and I don't know what about." CRAZY!!!

I always feel like there is something more to do...but I stopped yesterday to look at my life:

my husband loves me
my kids are happy
my house is clean & manageable
we have a roof over our heads
the bills are paid
there's food in our bellies

What more do I need, what else needs to be done - NOTHING...all that we need in life is provided for us & we are a happy little family...so why am I looking for things to complicate this??

I have decided to let go of the chaos & enjoy the blessings I have :o)

Monday, August 07, 2006

21 DC - Days 5 & 6

Well my habit is going really well - was thinking Sunday is a day of rest, but hello I only need to do 15 minutes of work - WHATEVER!! Sooooo trying to be lazy! Absolutely shocking!!

Meanwhile, Wayno made 2 lemon meringue pies yesterday YUM - 1 to take to Mum & Dad's for lunch and the other for home - whatta guy!!!
Well I've got my mokopuna over for the afternoon...very interesting...I told her she could have an ice-cream after she finished her roll (only 1/2 mind you) and her apples & had some of her juice...well, she tried the ole "I can't drink all of my juice" & the "I've had enough, can I have my ice-cream now?" I came back with "Just two more little sips & you don't have to rush, just let me know whenyou've finished & I'll come & check, then you can have you ice-cream". Well a good 10 minutes later there's a tap on my shoulder - "I've finished Granny Kell, can I have my ice-cream now", so I say OK, thinking yep 10 minutes have past, did a quick look-see in the rubbish on the way to the kitchen - no lunch in there... make the ice-cream & take it to her in the loungeroom, check her luch plate & no a crumb left...dead give-away the wrapping wasn't there either.

So, I wait til Raven had distracted her & they're in Taigy's room & I check her lunchbox - sure enough all her food is in there - not another bite eaten.

Oh well...at least I know she ate the ice-cream, then i just gave her a milo to pass time until we have to pick Tai up from pre-school - told her to drink it in the kitchen on the tiles, she starts walking into the loungeroom with it - I call her back, tell her to stay in the kitchen. Hello 2 minutes later....Granny Kell, Raven spilled my milo on the carpet - Oh well, next time we'll have to stay in the kitchen hey. yes, Granny.

But she is a gorgeous little princess...just look at her dressing the baby! Oh blogger!!! I'll post it next time :o)

Gotta go get Tai.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bring on Monday!!!

I'm just in a disgusting mood & I really should snap myself out of it...I'm looking forward to Monday & Wayne going back to work....yeah I love him I'm just sick of him at the mo....well really I'm sick of me, but him having to be around me while I'm in this funk just adds to the frustration.

I'd really like to be a nice wife & just dote on him & there's nothing stopping me other than a bad attitude - hopefully it disappears with the pMS :o)

On a brighter note I did a one hour challenge today (pictured) & I finished my entry in Mel's CJ (ready for posting tomorrow...such a last-minute lucy!!) - not pictured just in case she reads my blog LOL!! I kind of imagine that no-one reads my blog so I write whatever I like - great therapy & for free!!

Zeetra might be popping in tomorrow - I sooooo hope she does, she's going to drop of the next CJ (Sharees)...She's been up in Auckland for the weekend & is hoping to stop on her way home - I would so love to meet her.

Well I haven't done my 15 minutes of zone work yet & its 20 past 10...fortunately the dining room is part of the zone for the week, which just happens to be my scrap area - so I'm going to go clean up before I go to bed & I'll journal it in the am & update again with a pic.

Sweet dreams.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

21 Day Challenge - Day 3 & 4

Hmmm the time difference has my days a bit out of whack at the mo..Rhonna posts at the end of my day for the following day (or is it prevoious day?) so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do my journalling...I should just check her blog in the morning & do it for that day! But I like to see it straight away... OK, so what I should do is print it off that night & then do my journalling the next day - yep - that's what I'll do :o)

OK so today I'm posting day 3 & 4 . Now the pics don't look crash hot on screen (or IRL either hehehehe) because the pens are too light...but we're working with what we've got & taking action & that's the point - it ain't about perfection :o).

Oh, blogger isn't going to let me upload...so we'll save those for later. I'll see if I can come back & edit this post thisarvo.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

21 DC - Day 1 & 2

The challenge has started! Round 5 of Rhonna Farrer's 21 day challenge has begun...its not too late to join the fun :o)

My chosen habit is to follow FlyLady's system & spend 15 minutes each day in my cleaning zone.

In round 4 I managed to completely overhaul my cleaning habits (ie get off the net & start cleaning). I went from doing very little (too embarrassed to say how little LOl!) to having a daily routine of waking & making the bed before I leave the bedroom, cleaning 1 wall of the shower each day while showering - never again will I spend a Saturday morning with exit mould :o), swishing & swiping my bathroom & loo, unloading the dishwasher & making brekky, then pre-school lunch for Tai & putting on a load of washing

AND every evening before I got to bed the dishwasher is turned on, my sink is shined & the washing machine is loaded with any dirty washing - I no longer have any washing backlog YAHOO!!!

So my challenge for the next 21 days is to establish the habit of working in my zone for 15 minutes each day so that the house stays clean.

Artwise, I'm taking inspiration from Rhonna's pages & doodling - nothing fancy here - my focus for the 21 days is action in the home moreso than on the page - Oh don't get me wrong ...there'll be LOs galore happening LOL!

Keep your eyes peeled :o)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

NZ Dares - Yeah Right

How many of us have cars sitting in the garage waiting for work to be done...and how long have they been there???

here's my take on the NZ Dares challenge for the week.

Just a quick post today - getting a migraine...Taigy's trying to discipline Ravey & my poor boy doesn't like it one bit!

Thanks girls for another great challenge - wouldn't have bothered photographing this car if it wasn't for the dare - it's not going anywhere in a hurry ;o)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ravey's on the mend

Phew, little man is getting better.

Oh he's just so precious I can't stand for him to be unwell...but I am over the whinging..hello, just tell me what you want & I'll do it - anything to make you happy!!

Look at that sad face!!

Have you seen the new 20c pieces - YUK, they look like a 10c - sure they're pretty, but feel totally cheap - not worht 20c at all LOL, more like a token at a TimeZone parlour or something.

OMG I have been so negative lately - I'm talking like the past 2 weeks - just can't seem to snap out of it...maybe its winter - I don't know - but I don't like it. I feel like a total cow - I think I need to meditate on some good things - my focus shifted somehow. Cos really they are pretty wee coins!

I think I may be trying to do too many things at once & not really doing any of them well & getting a bit frustrated & lack of sleep cos I'd rather be scrapping & waking early when Rave wakes - or even in the middle of the night to settle him when the chchchchchch technique doesn't work cos he's kicked all the blankets off & is cold!!

Oh well, whatever it is I'm sure to snap out of it soon.

Did I mention scrapping?? Well I finished another LO today....& its going to be very similar to my NZ Dares one - cos I'm using the left-overs for my Yeah Right LO.

I used Cherry Arte papers - do you think its too bright (is there any such thing LOL??)

The one thing I'm not real happy with is the photo - printed on matt paper came out a little dull - I printed it in gloss too - but the sanded edges didn't quite work.

Jeez I love those boys - there's one missing though (Malakai) cos he was living in Napier at the time, moved back up to Auckland a couple of weeks ago & I try to take a pic of all three whenever we are together - practically every other weekend :o)

Raven was born in March, Kohatu was born in May & Malakai was born in June (all 2005). So we call them the triplets - they're all so different & all so gorgeous. They all had dramatic births - Ravey & KoKo (or Rocky boy as his Dad like sot call him) by C-section & MalMal was delivered in the car (by my brother) on the way to hospital!!

We are so crazy with the nick names in our family...I remember working with this guy who chose his kids names so they couldn't be shortened. One was Ian (hello, begging for eeeny & what boy needs that!!) and the other I think was Keith & well I don't know how I'd change that but no doubt he's have an characteristic that would lend itself to nicknaming - so why go to all the trouble of trying to avoid it - Is it just me or a nicknames endearments???

Anyhoo its getting late & I did promise myself that I would start my evening routine at 9.30 from Monday & I went to bed at 11.30 last night & it's now 10.44, so I'd better haul my butt out of here!

Hopefull Rhonna starts the new round of 21 day challenge tomorrow cos I need some motivation - I'm still doing my habits from the last 21 days...just want to add to them :o)

Oh links are in the previous post cos I'm too tired to link at the mo...need serious sleep