Sunday, January 28, 2007

Update before our Holiday

Oh my goodness...we are off on holiday tomorrow & I can't wait...I have been hanging out for this hol since October when Wayne's mate said we could use his cabin any time we wanted...I said "book it Babe!"
So we're off to Matata...but I'll have no computer access - how will I cope????

Not to worry, I'm a survivor hahahahahahaha!!!

Well I haven't been as busy scrapping as I had hoped to many forum distractions I think ;o)
But I have managed to create something at least...."Forever Mine" is a combo of Jacqui J's weekly challenge at SBD & JulieH's Elsie challenge at Embellished.

Jacqui's challenge was to select a theme from an upcoming magazine call & scrap it, Julie's challenge was to take inspiration from fashion...found a cool men's T-shirt on the 2 for $15 table at JayJays the other day...with a tatto print on it - so that was my inspiration.

The photo of Wayne was originally colour...but I took it into the GIMP & desaturated it & then posterized it (at 2) then added a Jason Gaylor tattoo brush...simple, but not necessarily easy ;o)

So I guess I'd better submit it to fulfill the other half of the challenge :o)

"Hitchin' a Ride" is another page for Mal Mal's album...I used Ali's January kit for this - the papers are just sooooooooo YUM!!! They're Piggy Tales - Frog Prince range.
This is for the Embellished Jan/Feb sketch challenge.

I trimmed some Heidi Swaap alphas down for the title...jeepers they are BIG!!

Gotta say I am loving these pics of the boys & I love that I can scrap them over & over cos they're going into different albums.

We had a lovely dinner last night, Heidi & Richard came over for dinner - so Wayne whipped up his entertainer's special: Salmon - YUM!

And after dinner Wayne & Richard discussed the many virtues of having scrappy wives hahahahahaha.
And I even managed to get a good pic of Heidi & I together - woohooo.
Well I need to sort & pack all my scrap gear for my holiday & Taigy is whinging about a sore thumb - so I guess I'd better get off here...and no I haven't sorted the clothes to be taken yet - I've got my priorities LOL!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

SBD Monthly Sketches Have Started

Well Lisa has started the monthly Sketch Challenges over at Scrapbooking by Design. She's made an early start on February's Challenge & this is my take on the sketch - the original has only one photo...but I had to use 3 cos these boys are so freakin cute!! I am also making a point of using my RAK's/swaps this year - no point keeping them for "someday" so I have used some of the Heidi Swapp chipboard letters I received from Janine & also the "cousins" down the bottom is mostly made up of ribbon letters that I was RAKed by Lorrie...I gotta say that using these products brings a certain sense of specialness to the LO for thanks ladies :o)
The rest of the LO is mostly from Ali's January kit...which I am in love with...also if you want a sensational kit for Feb you simply have to check out the sneaks of Embellished's Lush & Lavish kit
My other little share is a sneak of a CJ entry I whipped up last night - forgot that I ought to get it off before I go on this is for Nan Jule's Christmas CJ...yes I slipped a concho in - only one left now hahahahahaha.
I also recycled my poinsettias from the xmas crackers I made - they were just too gorgeous to toss, so Nan Jules has managed to score one LOL.
Well my boy isn't feeling too well today , so I'm going to see if he'll have a bot-bot & moe nui.
If not maybe he'd like some snuggles while I try to finish my book...its such a good book (The Janson Directive) - but I haven't had the chance to just sit & its like I've been matching a movie for 2 weeks & hitting pause after every 10 minutes...meanwhile I discovered that I just love to munch while reading...and I always reach for choccy bikkies first...well once I realised this I made a change...the first day I got myself a huge bowl of sprouts (YUM!!) and the next I got a bowl of grapes...OK the 3rd I was back on the bikkies...but today I'm heading for the grapes again :o)
Ok geting the summons...better dash :o)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Latest Creation

Here is my latest LO...its a double...WOW!!! I can't remember the last time I did a double that wasn't actually a double LO challenge LOL!!
The inspiration for this puppy came from a few sources....Embellished Monthly LO comp - theme "What Summer Means to You", NZ Dares challenge and the SBD & SBO challenges of late getting us to use our old stash...I think I only have 2 conchos left now ;o)
I'm actually quite pleased with how this turned out.
Journalling on the left talks about how different kiwi summers are to the summers I grew up with on the Gold Coast, and on the right it talks about how Rave & Tai love the wet sand - but Rave is always 1st to get his hands dirty.
Well this is just a short & sweet post - Tai is home after 4 nights away & she's ratty...woke Rave up from his nap {{gggrrrr}} with her performance about not wanting a bath - BELIEVE me she needed one - and is need of lots of snuggles to settle her back down.
So I'm off - but before I go...I got my kit from Embellished theother day & it is SENSATIONAL!!! I soooo can't wait to use it - I thought I would have by now - but I keep getting perhaps tonight when the kiddies go to sleep...or does Prisonbreak start back tonight??? hmmmmm we'll see

Monday, January 22, 2007

Busy Weekend

Well I scrapped & scrapped & scrapped this weekend.

I received my Jan kit from SBO & had to create some LOs...I'll share a sneak of that...made 4 LOs, 3 cards & still have left pretty happy with that & the MM paint is just delicious to paint chipboard with.
On Friday night I went to scrap at Heidi's - SBO had a chat 'n challenge to get any 2006 projects completed.
Well I had 2 CJs sitting on my desk from I managed to get them done & dusted....One CJ from last year went missing - so I re-did my pages for that...and they are winging their way to Ilka as I type - PHEW!!
I should be receiving another CJ in the post I'll try to get that one off my desk within a week ;o)
I've popped up sneaks of the CJ pages too cos I don't want to spoil the surprise for the girls (just incase they stumble across my blog ROFL!!)
SBO also had a couples of challenges on top of/combined with getting to projects done:
1. scrap a pic older than 6months
2. use embellishments older than 6 months
For each of my CJ entries I used old embellies...conchos, vellum heart, clear tag thingy etc.
On my old pic challenge I used a sheet of index prints that had been sitting on my desk since Jorjy was a baby...2004 & on that puppy I used some photo corners, a bottle cap & an old puffy sticker in the centre of the cap...I used Sares1's (Sarah Gladman) ribbon technique very cool!!
I'm very happy with how this turned out..looks like Jorjy's album is well under way for the year :o)
And finally, JacquiJ has posted her weekly challenge #3 over at was to use white cardstock as your background.
I took this pic of Mal Mal & his Grandma at the beach when we went to Army Bay a couple of week's ago...I love it!!
I used BG blush pps & mini monos... I think its a great start to Malakai's album :o)
The stamps along the side are Rhonna Farrer Autumn Leaves Flourishes V2....if you can get your hands on a set - GET THEM!!! they are divine...I borrowed these off Heidi..she got them from Lisa's Shoppe...seriously, if you don't have a handy dandy neigbour down the road with a set of these puppies you really ought to treat yourself!!!
OK, so far this year I have done pages for Jorja, Malakai, Ebby & the Pace/Renata I have Kohatu, Reign, Ethan, Creed, Jordan & Keziah left...and if I manage to get some pics of Troy & Lexi I'll have another 2 albums to do :o)
I think somewhere I said one of my resolutions was going to be to NOT do every challenge I see...ahhhh who am I kidding???
Now that I've freed my mind to double up on challenges, perhaps I can do twice as many hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Elsie Challenges

Well I'm back up to date with the Elsie Challenges over at Embellished. JulieH is doing a FABULOUS job of keeping us all inspired...I sooooo can't wait to scrap with her (and all the other Embellished girls) in April!!!

Challenge 10 was to use a photo that was large inproportion to your LO...Love this pic of Rave & I'm running a little low on colour ink so I've been printing quite a few B&Ws..loving them!!

Challenge 11 was to group 4 pics - I took these pics of Raven at Taiga's birthday party on the weekend - he's just so irresistible - all the girls love to kiss him...think that could become a bit of a problem later..but for now its super cute LOL!!!

So looks like this is just a quickie darling went away last night so I scrapped the night away cos I missed him - got to bed at 1.30 & thought I heard the courier at 7.15 this about an optimist!!!

It was probably the neighbours cat - cos there was no delivery & I couldn't go back to bed gggrrrrrr!!!

Anyway had to have a nana nap today...and I ordered some nappies - just to make sure I'd get some sort of delivery to brighten my day LOL!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007


It's 7.20 & Taigy is fast asleep in her bed after 4 days of excitement & 3 late nights.

She has been having sooooo much fun with Emma..but today she was just dog tired & I was copping the short end of it - NOT fun!!

But hoooray she's FINALLY asleep!!

It just occurred to me that I have been staying up late just to get some peace each night & man I am stuffed!!

But have been busy scrapping, so I must share cos its been a while ;o)

OK - it's out of order cos I didn't think to upload in any order & I'm not in the mood for rearranging (sorry about that).

Well "LollyScramble" & "Poppa's 80th" are both part of my Get Real album entries for the comp to win a Cricut over at SBO.

"Little Man" was done for Jacqui J's "use up your stash" challenge over at SBD..

I should mention that Taigy had her 5th birthday party on Saturday & the kids had a ball.

At the end of the afternoon they had pulled the helium balloons down & were singing Happy Birthday to taigy in their chipmunk voices - too cute!!

There was some action & adventure, a little bit of mystery (where did the $20 that was in Taigy's card go???)

We had pass the parcel, statues & pin the horn on the unicorn, follwed by a lolly scramble, barbie cake & goodie bags stamped with my new Autumn Leaves journalling stamps - I just HAD to use them LOL!

I made sushi for the first time & I think I'm hooked!! We had the delicious Tomato & Basil Dip that Heidi & I discovered at Tracey's when we went for a little crop - fast becoming a family favourite!!

Ok - back to the point LOL!

"Wish was done for Embellished's DT challenge for December "use hinges" & "School Shoes" was for Elsie Challenge #9 at Embellished.

I can't believe my baby will be going to school in a couple of weeks!!!
OK now I have to give some credits & I'll probably forget some.
The eyelet technique on Little Man was from Ali Russell.
School Shoes was inspired by popysmum (Melissa)
Wish I only managed to complete cos I was lacking motivation & Heidi gave me a kick up the bum challenge to get it done.
And Iborrowed Heidi's Sassafrass Lass border stamps to do the border on School Shoes - they are FAB!!! Will definately be borrowing them again.

Ok that's the update on the LO front - YAY!
Now, life's update - cos despite what you may think I do occassionally leave the scraproom LOL!!
Last night we went for a BBQ over at Heidi & Richard's and had a fabulous time.
The men watched cricket & had a good ole chinwag while Heidi & I perused mags & discussed the economics of scrapping while having a glass or two ;o)
Emma & Taigy played nicely together, but were mean to Ravey & Abi...& Abi was a sweet angel & looked after Rave for most of the night - she is just PRECIOUS!!! Love that girl!!
OMG the chicken we ate was DIVINE!!!!
Yep...we'll definately be back (if we're invited hint, hint, nudge, nudge).
Well embellished have the new monthly sketch & theme challenges up - so I'd best be off to make a start on them :o)
Will try to update more regularly...might be easier when sweetie-pie, huney bunny, sweet-cheeks little princess is off to school.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Waiting for the Postie

Not sure why I'm waiting for the postie- I'm not really expecting anything til late in the week (if then)- but I'm ever-hopeful LOL!
Anyhoo I've got a few minutes up my sleeve before I get summoned so I thought I'd share my latest creations.
The first is a double up of Lisa's challange & Embellished's January's Sketch challenge.
Lisa wanted us to use a clock & the word time in a LO & here is the January Sketch for Embellished - I was struggling with what to do until Lisa's challenge came up & then I was going to use 4 pics of Tai...but I couldn't find a 4th & these just seemed perfect.
I'm completely stoked with how this turned out....I used BG Blush papers from the SE January Kit .
I wasn't sure if I liked them at first...they seemed sooooo brown..but after completing 1 LO I'm quite pleased & I should be able to churn out some more ---oooooohhhhh an idea just popped in my head for a LO of Mal Mal with his Nanny Paki...hhhmmmm definately a blushable pic :o)
The 2nd LO is for the SBO "We want to see you Xmas Photos" challenge - this was another sketch - glad I got this one done I really wanted to scrap the pic of Tai with her that's done - phew!!
The 3rd pic I took yesterday of the car that stole my park...seriously rude - I gotta tell you I was fuming (blame it on the PMS) I had waited for the (previous) ladies to get in their car & pull out (at least 3 minutes) then this "woman" just drives straight in as I was about to turn in...anyway I just wanted to share that with you in case you ever see her in a parking lot - make sure you're quick!! LOL!!
If she had've had little kids I could have forgiven her (cos anything is forgivable to a mum with little kids - I can empathise LOL!!)...but she had like 10 year's hoping they don't grow up to be car-park theives - what a bad example to set...meanwhile - mine was just as bad for getting mad at her...but I told Taigy I was a naughty mum for getting mad & there's always another car park..and just then a lady came along who was going to her car - so we got that one & taigy was like "be quick mum we don't want anyone to steal your car-park aye" LOL!!
OK going to check the letter box.
See ya

Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Big Girl is Home

Wooohooo my 5 year old arrived home today!!

Seriously, her hair is longer & she is taller...she also looks older - its amazing what you notice after a few days apart.

She is just so lovely I'm so glad to have her home.
Wayne & I went out to grab some last minute pressies for her today & who should we see sitting down eating an ice-cream at the shopping centre - our very own little Princess.

She had already told her Dad that if she sees us there she'll be going home with sweet & independant - already calling the shots.

Oh man I just love that girl!!

All afternoon she's been "Love ya mum" "Love ya Dad", "Love ya Rave"...just adorable!!

Well, to keep me occupied while waiting for little Miss to get home I've been scrapping...Had a mini crop at SBO & a cybercrop at Embellished.

These are the creations from the weekend.
There is one other - but I'll save that for tomorrow.
I have doubled up challenges on "CAT" & "Beach Babes Boogie"
This year I'm going to continue to do a heap of challenges - but I will double up on challenges if I need to - I just want to make that clear.
I'm in the challenges for the motivation they provide & to support the sites that I'm active on...last year I felt really guilty about doing any doubling-up...but 2007 is a new year & I got a little frazzled at times last year trying to keep up - so this year I'm letting the guilt go & just getting on with scrapping.
My buddy Heidi is back at work tomorrow & her girls are off to Holiday Club so we're going to be a little lonely more popping down the road to share LOs & have coffee..or borrow a stamp - but we're getting together at the weekend - first for Taigy's party on saturday & then we've been invited for a barbie on Sunday wooohoo - I can't wait!!
Oh & a big shout out to Janine & Paula for the RAKs I'll notice them being put to use on "Beach Babes Boogie". I was absolutely thrilled to receive them ladies - thanks again!!!

New Word

The first newsletter of the year from Ali Edwards suggested starting the new year with a word to focus on.....I have seen some very cool words selected by other people but my word is ROMANCE.

I thought it was a little strange when it popped into my head...I'm usually more of a strength, determination or focus kind of gal...but I love it...really starting to warm to it. PMS is getting in the way a little, but once I'm through the next couple of days I'll be sailing on romance LOL!

To me romance encompasses so many things...the romance between a man & woman, the romance of seasons...summer loving, winter wonderland, the undeniable romance of leaves falling from the trees in Autumn & the promise of romance when the blossoms appear in spring...then there's the romance of childhood memories & I really want to take the time this year to capture some special memories for Taigy & Raven.

I think it will probably take all year to discover the many facets of the word...and i think you'll definately see it influence my work.

So here's to a year of ROMANCE :o)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Well its official - 2007 challenges have started!!
Over at SBD (scrapbooking by design) Jacqui has started the weekly challenges...this week's was to use 2 pp's - a nice easy one - I used this gorgeous pic that Heidi took when we went to the beach the other day.
We had such a great day...the weather was actually perfect - a little overcast, so it wasn't hot.
We slathered the kids in sunscreen - but I forgot to do myself & ended up a little tender - but fortunately it settled nicely & I'm lookin a little golden :o)
I was so excited about the outing I got up early & made a bacon & egg pie for our picnicy lunch...seriously EXCITED!!!
The girls had a blast & we took heaps of pics...perhaps I went over board with 225 - but nevertheless a great day was had :o)
Yesterday Ali hosted the famous One Hour Challenge over at Embellished...the only stipulation was that the LO had to have red on it - so I used my MM Holly that I received in my December Embellished Kit. Also used one of the red bookplates from the kit - quite glad that I used it - cos I don't think I would have without the challenge...I had the Holly inked & ready to go - just sitting there, but inspiration wasn't forthcoming LOL!!
In the "One fine Day" LO I used the pp's from Embellished's November Kit - loving kits at the mo!!
And I got the gorgeous green flower from Heidi - love that!! And the tags are inspired by Ali - I have a heap of them to use - so you'll be seeing a few of them around ;o)..if you see them stapled - its a Rach inspiration.
Tomorrow morning Lara is host a mini crop at SBO & Tomorrow night Sarah is hosting the Embellished Cyber guess who will be in for a busy weekend.
Taigy turns the BIG 5 tomorrow - but she is away on holiday with her Dad, so we'll be having a party next weekend when she's where did those 5 years go???
Oh, I don't want to think about it I'm getting a teary thinking about my baby growing up!!!
Well, I just wanted to have a little catch-up with you all. some good news email from Scrapbook Creations they want one of my LOs for issue 42..waaahooooo what a way to start the year...just so you know you're looking for the name Kelly Slattery hahahahahahahahahaha.
So, now I guess we're caught up...I'll hopefully see you at the SBO mini crop or the Embellished CC tomorrow..if not - no doubt you'll seeme lurking somewhere ROFL!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Keeping In Touch

I find it quite time consuming to keep up with everyone's blogs....when is a girl to get time to scrap & post on forums - let alone take pics & raise 2 little angels???

So to make it easier for you to keep up to date with me I have added a subscription service by feedblitz.

You'll see a little sign-up thingy in my sidebar.

All you have to do is enter your email address & click the button & when I update my blog a little blog checker comes along in the middle of the night (much like Santa) & voila in your mailbox in the morning is a message telling you that there's a new post by me :o)

Then you have the choice of reading it in your inbox or clicking over here & reading - easy peasy.

Now, this feedblitz thing is quite handy to sign up to if you like to keep to with blogs because it not only tells you that there are new posts, it actually has it all there for you to read in your email.

I discovered this while at Hannah's blog (thanks Hannah!!) and its taken me a month to add it to mine - but in the mean time I have been adding blogs to my "subscriptions" & it makes it sooooo easy to keep up with everyone - I've only got 17 in my list so far cos I keep forgetting to add when I get carried away reading LOL!!

Just one LO to share's my November entry fro Embellished's Biggest Comp Yet - I just love this photo of Wayne & Rave...I tell you if that boy grows up to be anything like his Daddy he's going to be a mighty fine catch!!!
Oh and on a final note I would just like to say a HUGE Congratualtions to Nan Jules on becoming the proud grandmother to a Brooke - a beautiful little Ray of Sunshine!!