Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NZ Dare #10

Ok so this dare was to use letter templates..hmmm don't have any so what I have done is used some BG alpha sticker silhouettes (sp?) like tape for a framing effect.

This one's about my little Prince becoming a chatterbox...oh he's too cute...they seriously grow up too fast...I want my babies to slow down at the mo.

Tai is off to school in Jan & while that's all good it means she's not a baby, or pre-schooler anymore...she's a real kid!!!

I see why parents have more babies...cos they're sooo sweet & innocent - but I'm not falling for that trick ROFL!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Busy Scrapping Weekend

Where did October go???
Man, the end of the month came fast this month...does time speed up as Christmas approaches???

Its a conspiracy I tell ya ROFL!!

Well did a bit of scrapping this weekend. Trying to meet some deadlines for challenges...got some SBO challenges done...well one...but I'm still working on some others.

I managed 3 LO's for Embellished challenges & combined my 1 hour challenge with my metal swap over at SE.

Well , I didn't make any DT's but what the heck I'll keep applying for any that come across my path...in the meantime I'll have fun scrapping...I have decided to create albums for each of the nieces & nephews...all 9 of them - so I'll get lots of scrapping practise & I can only get better LOL!! ....bring on the challenges!!

Oh, did I mention I got a wild card over at Embellished Idol ...yeeeehhhhaaaaa (I was out for round 4 but did this LO)& would you believe I made it through to round 6 with this LO.

Ali's stepping up the challenge this round - we have to scrap a pic supplied by her & then email it to her for uploading so all entries are anonymous & judged on merit rather than mates....super cool twist!!!

I also did a class with Yolande @ SBO on Friday....seriously need a kick up the butt to get that LO finished.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm a Winner!!

Seriously I have had a fab winning day! Got text on my mobile from rexona...I won the daily prize of a CD Yehaaaa. And I was just reading the Maya Road Newsletter and I saw the MR Challenge for the chipboard RAK & I'm reading the winner's names & I see "Auckland" & then I see it Kelly S. & I'm thinking hmmmmm that name sounds familiar...did I enter something??? And then I saw my Daddy's Angels LO & I'm like WWWOOOOOHHHOOOOO its me!!!! Happy dance & paki paki (clapping) going down in my scraproom!!!

OH, if you didn't get the newsletter you may not know about the MR DT call, click here if you're interested.

Hmmm let me see if I have anything to share....Oh, yes my So Girly LO for the Vellum challenge set by the DT over at Embellished.

My niece Ebony-Pearl is such a girlie-girl...I love it!!! She got her make-up kit (a black & gold handbag - too cute) out on Saturday, pulled out her nail polish & painted Taigy's finger nails & toe nails & Tai just loved it!!! I'm liking this influence in her life hehehehe Her & Eb spent the day holding hands, giggling & running from room to room at Mum & Dad's...such a nice change.

There's only 4&1/2 months between them, but when they were younger they just used to be at each other...both only children at that stage...now both big sisters..the boys have 2&1/2 months between them & they are just getting along like a house on fire (who came up with that phrase???)

Ebby asked if Taigy can stay over one weekend...so it looks like she'll be off this weekend

OK Prisonbreak's on gotta dash!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Long Weekend???

It didn't seem that long!!!

Not sure what I did...a little scrapping Oh and downloaded about 200 songs...forgot to think about how much GB I was using...fortunately we're on the 5 Gig plan....pity we're at the beginning of our billing month...but I guess I'll just have to plan my downloads better intead of clicking on every song I think I know the words to ROFL!!!!

Want to make sure I have a good mix for the cruise down to scrapcamp...Ilka ...car rules: Driver chooses the music LOL...hope you're in the mood for a bit of rock ROFL!!!

Oh had an awesome chat on msn to Timmy the other night...Timmy being my first hubby.

I think he's inspired some BOM pages...and damn he's lookin fiiiine...would share a pic but I don't think he'd appreciate it...nah, he would...but his wife's in the pic & I'm pretty sure she wouldn't appreciate it ;o)

Their little girl is a real cutie-pie.

Did a bit of scrapping...downloaded some pc games..so now Wayno will be in the office while I'm scrapping...how romantic LOl!

But OMG try getting him off the game when I need to upload pics....what a mission!!!

OK time to share...these are the LO's I managed to do over the weekend.

"Peek-A-Boo" was for Ilkas make your own PP challenge over at SBO. I bought some Rhonna Farrer Stamps from Lisa & I'm in love with them!!! Had to go & get some inks...unfortunately I got them after I did my DT entry...but kei te pai...

Now I gotta tell you Spotlight has the little versa colour cubes for $3.99....but I didn't discover this until after I had paid $4.99ea at the LSS...lesson learned!!

"One" is for the fortnightly challenge over at SE. Don't really like this one...but I had the pics sitting around...was orginally planning a double LO of Rave's b'day...but couldn't get motivated...not really into even pics at the mo...love the "On Safari" LO I did for round 4 of Embellished Idol different size pics..much more fun. The challenge was to cluster pics...I think I'll do another one.

"The Lion T-Shirt" was for Donna's Labour Weekend Challenge over at SBO using 3 ribbons & t least 6 buttons....I love how this turned out & really wanted to get the story of the Lion T-shirt down...Tai just loves it even though it is waaaaayyyyyy to small...she's nearly in tears every time she takes it off cos the head hole is so small...I think she's ready to pass it on to Ravey...fingers crossed LOL!

And finally..."Daddy's Girl" is for the Elsie challenge over at Embellished using somebody else's handwriting on a LO...got Taigy's "I love Daddy" writing...love it. The LO was just trying to use up scraps...so I think it turned out OK for that :o)

Well, I've got a heap of LO's to complete this week...so I might go hard out tomorrow...Taigy's not well, so off to the doc in the am for her...then she can spend the day resting... Rave has his eye teeth coming through, so he's happy to chill out & chew on stuff.

Hmmmm must make a list.

Now about that tag from Ilka....here goes:

1.Things that scare me:
- scary movies...I've turned into such a wuss since having kids...always need wayno to be next to me otherwise I just won't watch them

2. People who make me laugh:
- Raven
- Taiga...man you should hear the stuff she's coming out with lately
- Toots...my bestie...she's always good for a hoot

3. Things I hate the most:
- feeling frustrated
- the washing getting rained on

4. Things I don't understand:
- the extremes of human nature
- how you can speak into a piece of plastic on one side of the world & someone else can hear you...the telephone

5. Things I'm doing right now:
- yawning
- blogging
- listening to music
- thinking about scrapbooking
- typing

6. Things I want to do before I die:
- go to Las Vegas
- be a successful trader
- record a song

7. Things I can do:
- cook
- write letters/docs
- figure things out on the computer

8. Ways to describe my personality:
- friendly
- idealistic
- open minded

9. Things I can't do:
- make Taigy go to bed
- play an instrument
- read music
- swim properly

10. Things I think you should listen to:
- your inner voice
- people with experience
- good music

11. Things you should never listen to:
- negativity
- things that make you feel bad

12. Things I'd like to learn:
- to live in the moment
- to be a better parent
- where to buy the right clothes

13. Favorite foods:
- Thai
- Arnotts chocltae shortbread
- Chicken
- Red Rooster pineapple fritters

14. Beverages I drink regularly:
- tea

15. Shows I watched as a kid:
- The Wombles
- Under the Mountain
- The Henderson Kids

16. Persons I'm tagging:
- Ali
- Beverley
- Julie

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Having the scrap table & computer in the same room is taking a bit of adjusting....I used to come into the office with the intention of going back out to scrap/interact with the family...but now I'm a little isolated...and I just spent the morning downloading music...so now I only need to leave for food hahahahaha.

Well I have been scrapping..but not really liking what I'm producing...must be the different vibe of the room...maybe the new tunes will help.

I managed to get my DT entry off to Lisa...she had a few technical glitches - so hopefully it got through...loved my OTP...turned out fab in such a short time...I honestly got my dates mixed up - I thought Meg's closed first & working on that assumption I thought I had another week or so to pull together Lisa's entry...otherwise I don't think I would have moved my scrapspace last weekend!!

So good luck to all the girls who have entered the DT calls!!!

I did a one hour challenge with Ali the other day we were meant to use ribbons creatively...but I had another one of Ali's challenges on my mind...creating a funky photo matt...so I cut & punched my matt & then added ribbon...I was happy to get this done as this pic has been floating for the last 3 years...not small enough for an album & not big enough (or bright enough) to be framed.

Oh & this little number I did based on the Sept/Oct sketch over at Embellished...forgot that it closed on the 15th...not that it's prizeworthy ROFL... the sketch was great..but a serious challenge...especially since I had these pics in mind & no pp to match...oops I forgot the stitching too ROFL!!!
Ummm not much else to share...I have been tagged by my buddy Ilka...but that'll have to wait til tomorrow.

I really want to get some of the challenges at SBO done...but not sure how I'll go..I really want to get Ilka's challenge done...create your own pp - but my creativity is lacking at the mo.

Well time to call it a night I think.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Got My Table

I would have shared earlier - but I was busy scrapping.

Wayno went & picked up my table last night & then we manouvered it into the office & set it up & voila...its a mess already...but after 4 days of not scrapping I just had to get busy...so there are no pics of it tidy & organised...maybe on the weekend ;o)

So, today I managed to get my NZ Dares LO done (but posted it late), 2 singles for Megs DT entry...did one then read the requirements & had to do another ROFL!!! Round 4 of Embellished Idol LO & am halfway through a LO for Lisa's DT...so that's almost 5 for today & jeez it feels good to scrap again....aaaaaahhhhhhhh

I have been eliminated from Embellished Idol...but did the round 4 LO anyway cos Ali's challenges are just too cool to miss...I'll post that in the "evictees" gallery - I'll do that tomorrow cos its too dark to take a pic at the mo.

But back to my table...its flippen HUGE!!!!!

I got Taigy's bookcase & turned it on it's side for my album storage...got my big paper storage thing on there & there's still room to swing a cat...so colour me stoked!!! Not looking forward to moving though...it weighs a ton!!

Oh, speaking of moving...we should be out of here before xmas...looking for a bigger house now that Ravey is ready for his own room & a big boy bed.....got him a red F1 car bed from the Warehouse...so we now need 4 rooms cos Wayne has resigned himself to the fact that I need an office/scrap space (I think he's secretly relieved that I'm combining the two) & the kids need a bedroom each.

Funny how times change...I remember when I was maybe 6 or 7 we lived in a two bedroom house (cos Mom & Dad were building a house on the back of the section) & all 4 of us kids were squashed into 1 of the bedrooms...us girls on the bunks, Lee on a single & Kane in his cot & there was just enough space to get in & out of the room...yet today my kids don't share a room.

I have to say though, its more the fact that I don't like this house that I want to move & not really the space issue...also the fact that we want to move into a different school zone for Taigy, fingers crossed we get accepted as out-of-zoners, but the contingency plan is to move in-zone.

Ok well, its nearly time for Prisonbreak & I need a cup of tea...I looked in the cupboard today & saw "basic grey" on the tea box instead of "earl grey"...of course it was my mind pre-occupied with scrapping...but a little bit scray nonetheless!!!

Dare # 9...ooops! Just missed it

here's my take on NZ Dares No.9

Just missed the 6pm deadline...but on the bright side I got my DT entry off to Meg today - phew!!

No.9 was an orange & green dare with another colour of your choice thrown in.

Blue was my extra colour.

I just love this pic of Ravey...looking so macho for an 18month old...too cute!!!

Check out the hand in his pocket...what's up with that??? Love it!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Non-Scrapping Weekend

Can you believe it...I didn't scrap!!!

I wanted to - but my scrap space was getting beyond a joke...so I did the overhaul, the unthinkable...I turned my dining room back into a dining room & I vacated the kitchen bench...I have relocated to the office..Wayne suggested moving the dining table into the office - but that would defeat the purpose...so I suggested we get a trestle table...so we agreed...move the scrap stuff into the office on Sat & then on Sunday go & buy a trestle table for me.

Well, we went to get the trestle table & Wayne says its too narrow...I don't care I need to scrap...but I cave & we decide to look for a 2nd hand dining table on Trademe...missed one for $50...but got this super-cool, super-spacious luxury scrap table for the grand sum of $30...mind you I don't actually have it yet - just hit the buy-now button this morning & haven't heard from the guy yet - he is oblivious to my excitement & anticipation LOL!

It measures 1.4m x 1.4m & has a cool cut-out for a space to sit...ohhhhh I can't wait!!!!

Now, because I am in scrapping limbo I am able to complete my "So You Think You Know Me?" workbook from Shimelle. I'm really excited about this project.

Isn't it amazing how blogging connects us??

I was reading Elsie's blog & clicked on the link to Shimelle & the went surfing again only to be drawn back to the "So You Think You Know Me" project a couple of days later (thankfully I could remember where I came across it LOL) & then before you know it I'm clicking the Paypal link & I'm a paid up class member :o)

Now that I'm in the class I've added another dozen blogs of my class mates to my list...how is the washing ever going to get done???? ROFL!!!

OK its 11.30 & I haven't had breeky yet...I'd better get off the computer!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Random Challenge

Have you checked out the Random Challenge Generator??

My advice is to only tick a couple of boxes ;o)

So JulieMarie got a purple/brown combo & challenged the girls at Scrapbook Essentials to create something...you know me - couldn't resist...managed to resist the one it generated for me though LOL!

I also did a 1 hour challenge with Ali yesterday..she is sooo cool - I just love her...can't wait til April when I'm going to meet her at the Embellished Retreat Yahoooooo!!!

So the rules for this challenge were that the title had to have the word "life" in it.

I was tempted to print off a pic of Reign...but I was burning pics to DVD & the computer was running slow so I decided to take one from the pile & stretch my imagination & this is what I came up with. I adore this pic of my family & I really have been working on my journalling...Julie sent me some index cards in a RAK...which have given me an alternative to notebook pages...loving pre ruled lines...oh on this LO I've used the reverse side of some pp which has a black background with circles & school words...anyhoo the back of it is just lined like a notepad - very handy

Oh and the journalling is definately getting deeper LOL.

I had cut the pp for a double LO...do you ever do that??? Cut the pp & then realise its all wrong - or one thing changes & then the pp is all wrong??

On another note...have you seen the Autumn Leaves Stamps that Meg is getting in?? You'll see she is also gettting the Designing With 2007 Calendar...definately getting one of those... I got 2006 one & now there's no going back!

Oh I also did my Round 3 of Embellished Idol..... The challenge was a minimalistic LO with Title & Journalling. I did a LO of my niece Jorja and yet again the gallery is filled with sensational stuff...the talent is astounding !!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Its a BOY!!!!!!!

Oh mi oh my!!! We were expecting a little girl to arrive..... on Tuesday my SIL went to hosiptal to be induced as her amnio fluid was low....she had had scans throughout the pregnancy & was told there was a little girl in there....BUT at 10.30 on Tuesday night out popped a little BOY!!!!

My poor little nephew was nameless & clothes-less. (except for pink ones)

I took Taigy & Ravey visiting today & he is the most precious sweet adorable little thing you have ever seen....and I mean little...I bought him 000 clothes even though I was told he was a 6lb baby - I just couldn't imagine it - cos his brother was 11lb!!!

Anyway - he'll grow into his clothes from Aunty Kelly & I ducked out to get him some 0000 body suits.

He also got his name today...Reign Michael...Oh I LOVE it!!! Suits him cos he's such a little Prince!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Holidays are over

My girl was so glad to be going to pre-school today..but I'm missing her...our first couple days of the holidays were a bit of a whirlwind, then she went to her dad's for 5 days...she got back on Sunday, but we had my niece stay for the second week of the hols so I didn't really get much time with my girl.

The first 2 days back from her dad's she was in "settling back" mode (aka a right little madam!) and once she settled down there was the inevitable Keziah did this/Taiga did that between the cousins...Keziah (ZiZi) is 9 & Taigy 4... I don't think that's a crash hot combo. ZiZi wants to do more grown up things & Tai wants to copy her - which I "get" can be frustrating for Zi...but hello I want to do my own thing too LOL!!!

So I was glad to drop Zi home on Sat..then Tai had a huge sleep when we got home & has been a perfect angel ever since....and now pre-school gets all that good behaviour & I'm back to getting the tired girl at the end of the day.

I can't wait for Thursday when I have her all to myself again!

Well I had a great night at the Embellished CyberCrop on Friday night...but woke up crook on Saturday...might have been the KFC from Friday nights dinner...not sure - but I'm still feeling the effects!

Anyway we had 4 great challenges set by the lovely Lorrie & surprisingly I managed to complete them all.

No. 1 was a sketch challenge & had to use predominantly pink
No.2 was an Idol challenge - had to have the word Idol in the title & scrap a page about one of our idols
No.3 was a primary colour & shape challenge - had to use at least 2 primarys & 3 shapes....funny thing...after posting it I realised i didn't use any pp - oh & the photos are Vicky Gibson inspired...man I got sooo much out of that class!!
No.4 was using a household item for inspiration - but I'll share that in the next post - cos blogger is doing its 3 pic limit thing to me.

OK that's my share for the day...I'm going to go & get some DT entry stuff sorted.

Oh, before I go...great news - I made through to round 3 of Embellished Idol wahooooo!!!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nothing to share today

I have no LO's to share today...I thought it was because I hadn't been scrapping...but when I actually stopped to think about it - that's not the case...I've completed & sent off 2 CJs this week....you know you're a scrapper when scrapping becomes a subconscious part of life!!! ROFL!! Like breathing, eating & drinking...I scrap on autopilot - Oh that's a bit scary!!!

I just wanted to let my Aussie peeps know that Lisa's DT is open to them...she has totally funkadelic stuff & is looking to have an Aussie on board... so girls if you're not too busy send Lisa an email to get the details.

Oh, what the heck I will share a LO I did on the weekend that I haven't put up yet...this is for my book of me...I don't really know how to describe me - if you're into labels...perhaps a little new agey...or a little bit of an enlightened being...whatever.....this LO is just about me accepting the ying/yang, good/bad, light/dark of me...for me, the truth is that by accepting these traits you can have greater compassion for your fellow man.

The LO was based on a Rhonna Farrer LO that was up for Round 2 of the challenges for Embellished Idol (a scraplift challenge)- I quite like it...tempted to do the others that were posted.

OK, better get Taigy ready to go to Steve's..we just got back from a trip to the park with Piper & Debbie...so I should have some great shots a la Vicky Gibson styles.

Time to carefully download the pics from the card ;o)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Dare #8 - Flower on a Guys LO

NZ Dares are still going strong & gaining support from Scrapping Shops which is FANTASTIC to see.

No.8 challenge was to add a flower to a boys/men's LO... the subject had to be over 5 years old...so I dug out a pic of these toothless terrors...my 6 year old nephews .

I used a Heidi Swapp flower...just drew around the petals to add some colour.

Journalling is on a hidden tag.

Thanks for stopping by ;o)

More Sharing

Here's some more LOs I did over the weekend...

The "Angels of Mine" LO is my entry for the 'Get Real" comp being held over at SBO...with a chance to win a Cricut - YAY!

September's theme was "Me & Mine". October's is ""@ Home"...so I might need to do a quick tidy.

Oh I should go & take a pic of Rave sleeping...he hasn't been settling for his day-time naps for the last couple of days - probably because its school holidays & there have been alot of kids around - but today I decided to just leave him in the room til he fell asleep.

So 30 seconds after I left him he was trying to bang the door down - but the girls were playing up (I have my niece over for the week) so I was playing ref to them....then I came to check emails etc (as you do) and shortly after I realised that all was quiet in the room..so I went in to check on my little Prince, thinking he'd be crashed out on the floor...but Bless His Little Heart he had climbed back into his bed & fallen asleep all by himself....what an angel!!! He's only 18 months old...oh sooooo precious!!!!

The Happy Go Lucky LO ...I hate the "Happy"definately going to fix that (one day). The "Girlfriends" I love the pic of the girls...love the LO...just feel like it needs something else...I'll pop it away for now & see if it haunts my dreams LOL!!!

"Don't Squeeze Me" is one of my favourite quotes to come out of Taiga's mouth...."don't squeeze me Daddy, cos then I'll be a lemon" too cute!!!

OK be back later.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Just Say NO!!

I need to learn to say "No" to a scrapping challenge!

Well, you know I'm in Embellished Idol...made it through to round 2...amazing cos I think my vintage LO sux in hindsight hahahaha - just flat...but c'est la vie.

Any way round 2 was to scraplift a LO from one of 4 famous scrappers AND have the theme 10 things I am thankful for...that was fun - I did an Elsie lift.

I am totally loving my Idol challenges...but on Friday night I attended the cyercrop over at SBO & there were 3 challenges set...all fab challenges & I have completed them - no probs....but there's also a comp for Queen of the Crop I can't resist...you get points for additional LOs/cards/projects you complete & so I've been scrapping like a crazy momma again!!!

Is 9 LOs & 4 cards in a weekend ridiculous??? ( that's not including the OTP & card for my SIL's baby shower on Friday night & my Idol entry)

I must confess though I did a little double dipping...I did my NZ Dares LO & my page for the BOM challenge over at SE...but the points are for scrapping in addition to the challenges...not like entering the LOs for judging - so I'm OK with that.

Anyhoo I'm taking a break from scrapping to tell you about my scrapping ROFLMAO!!! Jeez i'm a nutter at times - now I know where my crazy kids get it from !!!

yeah - I think I need a wee break....then I'll come back & work on my DT entries.

Well, blogger will only let me share 3 "Love & Kindess" was for a Favourites Challenge - I totally love it when my babies show their love & kindness!! "Its a girl thing" I LOVE that pic....thanks to Vicky Gibson for the photography tips & I wanted to try a big flower....thanks for the inspiration Julie. "Bring on Summer" wanted to test drive my new Maya Road chipboard swirls - OMG they are devine!!! Super thick chipboard & the tin is cutie cutie cutie!!! I got my CBX stencil letters from the Embellished Shoppe thought I'd whack a bit of paint behind them to bring out the letters & then when I saw it in the gallery of SBO it kinda looked like you can see the sky through the letters & man was I impressed with myself...totally looks like a summer sky - accidentally BRILLIANT!!! LMAO!!

I've got to find a new word...can you count how many times I've said totally in this post...crazy!!!

OK time to get organaized - the day is nearly done!!!