Friday, September 28, 2007

The Weekend Has Arrived

Yay!! only 2 more sleeps til Taigy comes home!!!

I saw her yesterday & she got all upset & wanted to come home..OMG it was heart-breaking!!!

My poor little angel was bawling her eyes out & wasn't brave enough to say in front of her father that she wanted to come home with me - anyway he had to take a call, so we had a chat while he was away...then when he came back she says to me "Mum can you tell him why I'm crying" So I said "she's crying because she wants to come home" and his reply is "I know that"...gee lots of compassion there NOT!!!

But he promised her that she can come home early on Sunday - so here's hoping!!

I must admit I feel sooooooo crap making her stay when all I wanted to do was wrap her up in my arms & take her home...I know she's not that upset when I'm not around - so I actually don't ring her while she's away so she doesn't get upset... I thought it would get a bit easier as she got older... I thought she'd just accept that this is the way her life is - but she's not silly, she knows it sucks & is totally boring at his place - even though its boring here too, at least she has company.

Oh this wasn't meant to be a bleat post - so I'd better pull my head in LOL!

Tonight there's a new Friday Night Live challenge over at Embellished its all about simple pleasures.

This is my take on the challenge...I just love the kids jumping into our bed for morning, despite the fact that we need a new bed its still a haven of simple pleasures ;o)

The Embellished Kit for October will be up on the first of the month, so here's a sneak peek at some of my work.

On Sunday I'll be at Atomic Coffee Roasters in Kingsland for Paper Pesto's ScrapPink event...I'm sooo looking forward to catching up with the girls!!

I had planned to scrap tonight - but it's really quite cold in here - so I might just call it a night & see if I can find my darling for a snuggle ;o)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

10 Days Later..she posts again ;o)

Man oh man times flies!!!

I have been kind of busy...sort of ;o)

I have been teaching begginers classes at Scrapbook Studio & ABSOLUTELY LOVING it...the ladies are just soooooo lovely & enthusiastic - I get such a buzz from it each week!!
Its so funny to think I get paid to do something that is just soooooooo enjoyable - I have a chuckle to myself every time I say I'm going to "work" cos its soooo not like working LOL!

Well I suppose its time for a bit of a share...Growing Up is a class I taught last week at Scrapbook Studio & 8 Days a Week is my sample for the final round of Embellished Idol - to scrap a LO without pics, using a quote or lyrics...after uuummmming & aaaahhhhing for a couple of days this actually came together really easily & quite quickly - using none of the ideas I was umming or aahhing about LOL.

I've been having fun creating samples for Friday Night Live at Embellished...if you need some inspiration for your weekends be sure to head over & check out the challenge posted each week - with great prizes ;o)
FUN was Julie's Frame it With Words challenge.
Sare's posts a funky new technique every Friday & her challenge was to use 2 techniques on a LO - I used the lady writer & rub-on wash techniques - love them both & can't wait to get stuck into some more ;o)

This week Kirsty posted her sketch challenge & this was my take on it - love these pics of Ravey chasing a bird at Cornawall park a couple of weeks ago.
You still have time to get the sketch done..til 7pm tonight...that's nearly a whole 12 hours ;o)

Next week Maz is in charge of the challenge, so come on over & get your mojo revved up for the weekend :o)

Well, school holidays have started & wouldn't you know it - the first day of the holidays Taigy scoots off down the road for a little play date & next thing you know she's ringing to ask if she can stay for a sleep over & can I please bring her stuff down!!!

Hopefully she's had a good sleep & is bright & chirpy cos she has a birthday party to go to later on today for a school friend - this is actually her first school friend party ever & I'm sooo excited!!! hehehehehe

Tomorrow she's off for a week & then home for the 2nd week of the holidays - so I'd better plan something...bit of a bummer that all her cuzzies have been shipped off while their mums go to work...but maybe there'll be a friend at the party that we can organise a play date with.

I'd like to go to the pools - but its a bit much having to keep an eye on both of them at the same time & them wantingto do different things - might see if Wayno can wrangle a day off work & come play with us ;o)

Well, that's about it for now I think. Ravey is summoning me so I'd better skeddadle ;o)

Thursday, September 13, 2007's been ages!!!!!

Its been like 10 days since I last posted...what's up with that???
So, what's been happening...well my mojo went awol - I was in the mood to read, so I grabbed a book & really enjoyed it, then grabbed another & another & another.....I really should know better - last time I read a book mojo went awol, and so it has happened again.
But, I finished my reading buzz yesterday with an epic novel of 1200+ took a week to get through.
The books read were completely different to what I usually read - they were all set in medievil/ancient times...usually I'm a action/conspiracy kinda girl.
But holey moley after reading these books I am soooooooo grateful that I live in these times...I've been thinking I sooooo wouldn't cope if I went sent back in time, the TV, PC & all the gadgets I could live without...but electricity & a sewage system OMG I can't bear to think about it!!!
And, can I just say I can't believe that it is so recent that women have been acknowledged as equal to men...I mean that's just in the last century - so a big shout out to all the ladies who have gone before me & made my path smooth.
So you can see why I've been distraced from thought leads to another & another...which leads me to the anniversary of Sept 11.
Reading through some blogs I see the profound effect that Sept 11 has had on people....I can vividly recall being told of the events & I was like "no WAY!!"
I was pregnant with Taigy & was temping at Telecom in the city....I was covering for a lady on maternity leave & she planned to come back to work pretty quickly, so didn't think it was necessary to train me in the "hard" I pretty much read novels for 7 months (cos she ended up not wanting to come back after all) and I had recently read a novel about a plane crashing into the pentagon - so I just couldn't believe it was possbile for this to REALLY happen.
And now here we are 6 years on, still feeling the effects...
But onto happier thoughts....
In my absence I had the pleasure of meeting Hetty in real life...can you believe neither of us had a camera on hand!!! So Hetty's lovely sister took a pic with her phone :o)
And on the scrapping front I did these 2 samples for Embellished Idol.
Round 6 was a challenge to use hybrid scrapping - a combination of traditional & digital elements.
I got my public domain images from here & here & used the butterflies from JulieH.
This was actually alot of fun & really easy once I decided what I wanted to do....the hard part was setting aside all the brushes & things & actually going with one idea.
And challenge 7 of Idol (the current challenge) is to use scrapbook packaging on your LO. In this one I used the "wrapper" from my Fancy Pants 12x12 stamp set - when I got my stamps a few months ago I couldn't bear to throw out the wrapper & had planned to use it on a LO - so I absolutely loved this challenge - the other thing I used was the round dividers from the Heidi Swapp decorative tape - they're like acetate donuts LOL & I had these sitting around as well - no wonder my scrap space is a bit of a bomb site if I can bear to part with anything "just in case".
Man oh Man there is some AWESOME work in the gallery this is why I no longer need to buy mags LOL!
Alrighty I'm off to do a spot of scrapping, I'll share soon.
OH yeah, before I go...I've completed the LO for the Paper Pesto Scrap Pink's a nice quick & easy one.
If you're coming along, bring a 5x7 pic *wink*

Monday, September 03, 2007

An Invitation

I noticed blogger has added a video upload facility & I just couldn't resist trying it out.

Hopefully it works :o)......aaahhhh no - it didn't

So if you know how to convert a VGA(?) video clip from a fuji camera to an avi, MPEG, or windows media file for free - please let me know ;o)

Anyhoo, As part of a worldwide scrapbooking for breast cancer weekend at the end of September, Paper Pesto has decided to join Kiwi Scraps’ initiative and host a day to support this worthy cause.

The event will be held on Sunday 30th September from 10am -4pm at Atomic Coffee Roasters Cafe in Kingsland.

Cost will be $20 for the day.

All proceeds will go to the NZ Breast Cancer Research fund.

Paper Pesto will be donating all materials for the classes.

I will be taking a layout class, and other members of the Paper pesto DT will be taking card making class and make ‘n takes.

There will also be some great prizes and competitions running throughout the day.

Paper Pesto will provide ‘real’ Atomic coffee and some refreshments, but you will need to bring or buy your own lunch.

It’s going to be a fun and fantastic day and a chance to raise some money for an important cause.

Places are limited as the space is not huge so please pre-register your interest by emailing . A schedule of events will be posted shortly on the Paper Pesto blog.

If I can get this video thing working I'll give you a personal invite ;o)