Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Up2 Entry Double LO

OK, I know I promised this one yesterday...but I got side-tracked hehehehe.

So this is what I did for my double LO & every time I look at it I just think "Man thats gorgeous"...yeah I can see flaws in it but I love it, love it, love it!!!

The activities on the tag book weren't very exciting - but they're things Taigy loves to do...Wet weather: baking, making huts inside, going to McDs, watching DVDs of her choice, shopping, & visiting....the idea isn't so much the activity as me spending more time focussed on her & her feeling the attention.

Sunny days: Going to the pool, going to the beach, having a picnic, having a tea party, going to the park & feeding the ducks @ western springs.

I'm planning to add to it & use it for weekend family activities...the great thing about it is that it can easily evolve ;o) Posted by Picasa

Thank God for TradeMe

Oh, you're not going to believe what I did the other night....downloading the pics from the SD card & all is well...then I take the card out of the card reader built into the PC & I dropped it, so I slide the chair back to have a look & hear a week "crack".....part of me is saying "aaahhhh I KNEW that was going to happen!!" and the other part of me is saying "Phew, got the pics off" LOL!!!

Anyway it was a 256MB Kingston SD card which I bought off TradeMe for about $45 back in Jan when I got the camera...can I just say Kingston Cards are sensational...I wouldn't hesitate to buy fact I did this time around I managed to get a Kingston 512MB card for $45 - amazing!! It arrived today & I'm loving it!

Oh, I usually use my Toshiba card...but a couple of weeks ago I went to put that in the card reader & accidentally put it in the wrong slot & it went straight into the body of the computer & I could hear it rattling around...I was going to get it out, but when I went to undo the screws I came acroos these stickers with "void warranty if removed" so I rang Acer & thery're like "you'll have to take it to an authorised repairer & its not covered by warranty so there'll be a charge" I just left it to sit....but then, yesterday I was taking Taigy over to her friends house for a play & I couldn't stand the thought of not having a camera on I thought bugger it & got the card out - I mean seriously, I don't get hardware problems & I ain't paying for someone to take out a couple of screws...not to mention the fact that I would have to lug the PC to & from the repair shop...forget it!!!

So, I am now back in action ready to capture every moment ROFLMAO!!!

welll while I'm here I might as well share some LOs aye....

The "First Haircut" is for the monthly challenge over at Scrapbook Essentials & "86400" is a LO I did for one of Ali's random challenges over at Embellished, Meg also runs a fortnightly challenge over at SE & had a numbers challenge there too, I love this LO of me & my sis "363 days apart"..It'll be going in my BOM (book of Me) the journalling is hidden behind the pics the flowers cover the top of the tag....might have to save that one for later...blogger is doing it thing wher I upload & the pic doesn't turn up....

Well, I'm off to work on the LO for the monthly challenge over at SBO...gotta make your own chipboard embelly & use anything from 3 bugs... I made the cutey swirls..but you'll have to wait & see.

Oh if you're not doing anything Friday night & need a scrapping kick in the pants SBO is having a cybercrop...challenges, chatting, prizes, heaps of fun...come & join in - costs nothing & allows me to pretend I've spent time with friends on a Friday night ROFLMAO!!!!

OK I'm really going to go & scrap now...seriously...Raven is asleep on the couch - bad Mama!!! I tried his bed 3 x & taigy's bed 2x but he wouldn't go I'll let him off the hook today cos he's soooooo cute & I'm not having any more babies hehehehe

Monday, September 25, 2006


That was the essence of the email I got from Up2Scrap today...which means I can share my entry with you.

Gotta say I'm surprised at some of the ladies who received the same it will be VERY interesting to see who the new DT for Up2 is...can't wait!!!

My little tag book is full of activity cards for Taigy on Thursdays. She has been going to pre-school 4 days a week & loving it...but I want to spend some time with her before she goes to school - so I dropped Thursdays at pre-school & that's going to be our day (with Ravey too).

The idea is that we take the tags off & place them face down on the table & she randomly picks one & we get to do that activity on the day (there's sunny day & rainy day tags).

These were heaps of fun to make & turned out really pretty - Tai loves it!! The great thing is that I can always add to it - fabulous!!!

Oh man, its getting late - think I'm gonna hit the hay...I'll share my double tomorrow...its my absolute FAVE!!! its coming in sideways tonight - so I'll have to have a play around to get it right.

Nitey night

Sunday, September 24, 2006


I'm really getting into journalling at the mo...but I'm not a big fan of computer journalling - mainly because I fiddle around too much trying to size it perfectly to fit the spot on the page, so I actually prefer handwriting....but I'm trying to find different ways to keep the journalling fresh & not looking the same on each page...Yeah, next month I'll focus on the content ROFL - I'm all about the look for now LOL!

So here's a couple of LOs I've done playing with journalling. "First Fish" was a 1 hour challenge over at Embellished..I totally love these challenges - you don't have time to think, you just have to let it evolve quickly. And "Loving Touch" was a sketch challenge from SBO.

I didn't have enough time to measure & draw lines for First Fish, so I pencilled my journalling, then quickly drew my lines with my marker - I really like the way it turned out - yeah its a little messy - but my kids will recognize the handwriting LOL!

With Loving Touch, I lifted the torn notepad page from Julie, but she told me she actually got it from thanks to both of you :o)

Well, I'll keep experimenting & see what else I can do.

CSI will be starting in a sec so I'm off ;o)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Loving my Challenges

OK, the deadline was midnight last night for this one & I had it uploaded by 10.30pm.

Almost didn't make this one...its for the fortnightly challenge over at SE.

The challenge was to do a LO of someone great. I wanted to do my Nana, but had lost all my was going to do a Lo of Wayno....but then the computer guy came & managed to retrieve quite a few pics from my laptop & voila...a LO of my Nana.

The pic is about 2 years old...but she's just gorgeous sitting there with her mokos...Taiga & Creed...she's such a crack-up...whenever she can, she'll take my nepherws up north with her to visit the whanau & without fail, whenever she comes back she tells the story of how wonderful her mokopuna are..."you know Kells" she'll say, "those boys, they're so well behaved compared to the other mokos! They always do as they are told...not like the other mokos." She's so proud of her lily white maori babies!!!

She is such a wonderful woman...I appreciate her much more now that I am an adult....never really did appreciate the vacuum & washing machine noises at 5am when I was a child - but I can see why her washing always gets done & her house is always clean now!!

She's the woman who is in her garden at 6am pottering around her flowers & veges, whenever she visits she is never empty handed - her mussel chowder is divine!!!! She's the rock of the family.

She's had hard times & is happy to share her lessons...I love hearing her tales of when she was younger & also the things she went through with my poppa - I never knew why they split until recently..and yeah good on her!!!

I know it sucked for my mum & her brothers & sisters to have their parents divorce...but who knows how things would turned out if they didn't...holey moley perhaps I wouldn't be sitting here today.

Anyway, no woman should have to put up with crap from a man..I know I sure don't - that's why I left young Timmy Johnson...Mr Rock God Wannabe found in bed with a wannbe groupie...ahhh well what can you do??? Move On I say!! LOL!!!

And then there was Mr Insecurity, trying to put rules & regulations on my life...yeah - whatever!!! That didn't last long - can't clip my wings baby!!

And so here I am with Mr Unconditional Love...sometimes he does too much for me & lets me get away with too much - but can you blame him - the mans in LOVE!!! LOL!!

Oh, but enough about me - we were talking about Nana - she's awesome!
The LO is about shariong a name - Marama, that's her name & my middle name & alot of my cousins have Marama as a middle name too.

Nana says its a name of strength & that we all share that strenght & that's basically what the journalling says.

Well, thanks for stopping by..My little prince is calling my name - might heck back in later...

Monday, September 18, 2006

I need a haircut

This boof head is what I woke up to this morning.....every morning I look in the mirror & think "I need a haircut" but I don't go & get one - what's up with that???

I think I may be trying to grow it... I kind of like the style I had when I met Wayne...but it was also coloured & that's just extra maintainence - not to mention $$$ that could be spent on scrapping supplies ;o)

So, I guess I'm waiting to see what my tolerance level is for this boof... I tell ya if the clippers were sharp I might just shave it all off....but the last time I shaved Wayno's head with them he was flinching every 2 minutes - so that's not an option today LOL!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Have you heard???

About the latest & greatest comps out there???

SBO is hosting the "Get Real" comp with a Cricut as the major Prize...yes you read right...the CRICUT!!! gotta be in it to win it!!!

And the fabulous Miss Ali is hosting Embellished Idol..with elimination rounds, voting & all...and if you know Ali you sooooo know that the prizes are going to be SUPER delish!!!

Embellished Idol starts tomorrow, so get your skates on & sign up...weekly comps & eliminations.

Get Real is all about telling the story of your life today....I am soooo gonna have an awesome album at the end of this one (Oh, I mean like story-wise - ahhhh you know what I mean!)

Oh man....I'm gonna be scrapping like a crazy mama!!!

Better get to it :o)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

NZ Dares # 7 - Metal

Have you done your dare yet??

This week's prize is sponsored by the lovely Meg of Scrapbook Essentials (SBE). If you want to work on a "Book of Me" head on over to the SBE forum & check out the great challenges to get you motivated.

Oh, have I mentioned Meg has a DT call out?? All the details are in the forum :o)

Ok, back to ME LOL!!

Well, I worked on this one before going out to brekky this morning.

A whole lot of metal on there. Used the metal shim from the lid of formula cans for the flowers.

Heaps of brads, some solid conchos, anchors, mini bulldog clips...oh all sorts of stuff I've had sitting around - oh the danger of reading old scrap mags when you're a newbie!!!!! (combined with $1 reserve autions on TradeMe)

The papers are 3 Bugs in a Rug from SBO & the funky border thingy is from a Fancy Pants Chipboard Frames pack I bought from Lisa, I cut it in half & painted it...I think its quite cutey.

I took this pic on Father's Day when we were over at Mum & Dad's...first days of Spring & the sun was shining (a fond memory at the moment) it was so hot the kids couldn't keep their clothes on - too cute!!!

Also completed my ATCs - so I'll share those as well...

And I have managed to finish Lara's sketch challenge - will have to take a pic in the morning...I don't do scanning...its too complicated & my glass plate has light lines in it so my scans always look bad.

So, it looks like you'll be hearing from me again tomorrow :o)

Lisa's Comp

Ok here's one of my first attempts at scrapping.

AS I mentioned in my last post Lisa has a great prize pack up for grabs for those of us who are brave enough to share our LOs that make us cringe :o)

And I managed to finish the LO from Chris Millars Creative Cutting Class...I LOVE it!!

We went out for breakfast this morning & I managed to get one shot for Vicky's homework... I wrote my homework list out & popped it in my handbag before we went out...gotta be prepared LOL!

I've seriously got to get off this computer & do Rach's CJ, Lara's sketch & 2 lots of ATC's for my peeps over at Embellished.

Will post my efforts later.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Did it!!

YAY!!! I completed my DT entry for Up2Scrap.

Managed to do all 3 today & I gotta say I'm totally in love with my creations!!

The house was in utter chaos cos I let Ravey run amok so I could do my thing.

I think he got mad at me...he emptied my bin all over the floor - poor little neglected baby!!

Oh, that was after he threw the punches & paints off the shelf & tried to play with the sewing machine.

Then he thought he'd get my attention by going into the cupboards under the sink....ah - NO, mama's scrapping!!

So he wandered off to get his firetruck & tried to put that in the cupboard...well, looking on the bright side - he obviously knows that tantrums don't work LOL!!!

He is such an angel though.. as of yesterday he is 18 months old & he's a giant!! I think he's gonna be a gentle giant like his uncle Kane.

He's working out his animal sounds at the mo & is just too cute. I had an animal CJ here & he was meowing & woofing to the pics - ADORABLE!!!

Well, I would LOVE to share my creations with you - but I can't,so all you're gonna get to see if the mess LOL!

Oh, forgot to mention that I did 2 awesome classes at SBO this week. Vicky's photography class - its a 3 weeker & week 1 was sensational...can't wait for the next 2 - Oh yeah I'd better do my homework for that too!!

And last night I did Chris Millar's Creative Cutting class...GORGEOUS LO...will share when I'm done (don't hold your breath LOl!)

Oh & I do have one LO to share. Lisa has a competition running (closes Sunday, awesome prize) to see one of our beginner LOs... the one that makes us cringe the most.

Here's mine...must be about a year ago I started scrapping & The Warehouse was the only place I knew of to buy scrapbooking supplies...that was before I discovered TradeMe & all the wonderful websites dedicated to scrapbooking LOL!

Well, blogger won't let me post another pic - so we'll save that for tomorrow.

Gotta go check out my forums...after scrapping all day I need to catch up on what y'all have been chatting about.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just Checking In

I was just over at Mel's blog & had a wee chuckle...she said she doesn't post every day - only when she has something to share, but when she surfs other blogs & sees there's no new entry she gets peeved LOL!

I haven't been blogging much lately cos I'm telling myself that I'm concentrating on doing some DT entries.

But I haven't done a thing...I have a couple of ideas in my head - but I gotta tell ya - the double LOs are stumping me....plenty of photos, but just having a mental block.

And now I'm thinking - Oh Ravey's asleep, Taigy is off to play at a friends for the arvo I have the perfect oportunity to scrap...and here I am blogging.

Might go give myself a kick up the butt & just do it (scrapping that is)

I'll share the ones that don't make it LOL!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

NZ Dares #6

Well this was another fabulous dare from our NZ girls the challenge was to use 7 different pieces of patterned paper.

I managed to use 9 pp...not really happy with how the stickers turned out - but I couldn't be bothered printing off journalling & I really want to use up some of the stickers I have.

If you can't read it, it says "your laughter makes my heart sing"

4 x wild asparagus
3 x Basic grey
1 x Fancy Pants
1 x SEI

I do love how the frame turned out though, I've seen Anthea use clear frames & wanted to give it a try..I put an "empty" though the laminator to get my "acetate" & then cut it out. Well, I actually put about 1/4 of a sheet into the laminating pouch otherwise it jams & use the rest for the frame or to make "ghost shapes".

Well my boy is wakingup from his nap, so I'd better dash.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Butterfly Creek

Well after seeing the pics on Lesley's blog I couldn't resist taking the kids to Butterfly Creek. We had a great time.

Got a bit of a shock at the butterfly enclosure being so hot & humid...but it makes sense that they need to be in a tropical environment.....I'm sooo going back next winter on a freezing day to get a fix of the tropics ;o)

Didn't get great pics like Lesley, a bit of a challenge when my timid little princess is scared of a butterfly LOL!! But the butterflies loved Wayne for some reason...probably his sweet smell - he had some delicious aftershave on & they were happy to land on Raveys big noggin.

We also went on the train ride & into the animal farm...the kids had a ball in there, they let you hold baby bunnies & feed the baby goat...Ravey was soooo excited seeing all these animals running around - he didn't know whether to woof or moo LOL!!

I've had a bit of a slow down in scrapping, not sure what's going on there...might be that I was going to try for UP2 DT & it zapped my I think I'll just focus on forum challenges for now & see if I get some extras out of them.

Lisa (lizzy66 on trademe) has a DT call going too for ScrapbookingByDesign her website should be up & running in the next couple of weeks. If you're interested just send her an email & she'll get a copy of the rules to you...the great thing about this DT call is it doesn't have to be unpublished the pressure is off a bit, she just wants to see your best stuff...but for me I feel it always a case of "the best id yet to come" LOL!

Oh...I have totally been a slack blogger - I haven't even shared this FANTASTIC news with you all yet....... I had a LO accepted for publishing in Scrapbooking Creations Issue 38.....HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!

So I packaged that up & sent it off the other day....which means I'm back to the toe is well on its way to being all better...still got my boot on...but I'm thinking it'll come off very soon.

Blogger's only letting me upload one you'll have to wait & see the scrapped versions ;o)

Have a great day... whooops I forgot its Father's Day...haven't done a thing for it...Oh well, looks like it'll turn out like Mother's Day did!

Oh, that's becasue Taiga stayed at Mum & Dad's last night that it managed to slip my mind. I was going to keep her home...I said to her the other day "Oh Taigs, you can't stay at nany & Poppy's this weekend cos its Father's day" & she comes back with "No, its OK Mum, I'll just pretend Poppys my Dad" a solution for everything my girl!!! LOL!!!