Friday, June 22, 2007

Time to Share

These are from last week's scrapping efforts.

When I was in Australia I picked up a sheet of the Scenic Route arrows & they sat & sat & sat util last week...then all of a sudden boom, boom, boom I was in an arrow frenzy...these are 2 from the frenzy...actually the "eyes" one isn't from the actual sheet, it's a traced one mounted on chipboard cos I used the orginal on another LO.

I must admit I haven't been very organised over the last couple of weeks (months, years LOL).

But I guess its like everything in life, it has a cycle...something changes & the cycle changes.

I've moved away from challenges a bit & have looked at submission themes - perhaps that's what's thrown me - I no longer have a challenge deadline - whatever it is it's all good :o) I'm still scrapping & enjoying myself so no dramas there.

Only ONE week til Heidi & I hit the road to scrapcamp I can't wait!!!

My Paper Pesto Kit is Due to arrive on Monday & I CAN'T wait to have aplay with that!!

I went to Harvey Norman to get some pics printed the other day & their printer was playing up - so I ended up getting a 2nd set for free - sweet as! Now I can do some LOs for Mum's album of the grandkids ;o)

The problem is deciding which to keep & which to give LOL.

The purple & yellow one was done for a colour challenge over at Embellished & the pink & green was just a play around one - I wanted to try LesleyC's technique of using a flourish stamp to create a butterfly & it worked brilliantly with one of the L'il Davis journalling stamps - until Rave came & stamped on it with an ink pad - hence the flower on top & a nicht so gut 2nd attempt.

I've been using up the left over pp's from Kelly Rotherham's SENZ class too & the Heidi Grace pps are just LOVELY to work with :o)

OK, as always, click on the pic for a closer look & we'll catch up again real soon :o)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just checking in

Not much to share...still have the feeling that I haven't been creating - but I think that's because I haven't been creating "as much as I'd like".

I usually tally up my LOs & post my total over at Embellished on a Sunday, then put the LOs into protective sleeves & semi-sort them into who-ever's album they belong in.

I had a bit of a slow start to the week, but on Tuesday I did an online class with Jacqui Jones & that was can see it sitting on my desk in the pic...if you can't distinguish it from the mess, its the red square at the front LOL, or you can see the finished product here.

I gotta say I LOVE classes, online or otherwise - not necessarily for the LO produced, although that is always good - but for the tips & techniques you pick up along the way from the tutor & also fellow scrappers - its just wonderful...I'm on a bit of a class buzz at the mo having done one a week so far this month & I have another coming up on Tuesday night with Jo Kneller - so I'm looking forward to that one too :o)

For some reason I haven't been taking pics of my LO's very regularly since getting Smoochy...and my "routine" has been kinda out of whack with Taigy being off school a bit over the last couple of weeks & Raven has developed a cleaning fettish (gets it from his daddy) & he's constantly been in the cupboards over the last couple of days & has discovered squirty bottles like spray 'n the house is *smelling* fresh but a few wet patches have been discovered here & I've been trying to get out more with him - but that's a catch he wakes up at 5.30 saying "walk, walk" - yeah , whatever son!

We went to playcentre for a visit the other day to check it out...I'm thinking of taking Rave twice a was a bit of a shock to the system, but I figure as long as I'm there with him he can't go too far astray (or get maimed).

They did a little excercise with balloons filled with various things like glitter & paint...strung them from a sock clothes line thingy & then wondered what to pop the balloons with...they came up with the idea to poke a nail through a piece of scrap wood (or mdf ish stuff) & have the kids poke at the balloons with that.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what would be a suitable child-friendly tool for popping balloons, so I can't really criticize the choice of item, but you know how balloons popping can be a little frightening to a kid, yeah well some of the littler ones didn't want to be too close to the "pop" & so they kind of let go of the nail bearing wood & it sailed over to the group on the other side of the balloons - now, personally I consider that quite dangerous (meanwhile I didn't even get rave to look at what they were doing with the balloons cos he was off in his own world in the sandpit) but the other mums were just like "Oh be careful" and handed it to the next kid (who did the same thing)

But there are a whole heap of positives about the the music area, ravey just LOVEd the drums & the piano...and if it wasn't rainy I don't think he would've even come inside - but I was freezing my buttski off.

So, once Tiggedy-boo is feeling 100% & is back at school, Rave & I will head back for our 2nd of 4 free visits & see how we go from there - I'm hoping to go twice a week til the end of the year & then look at something next year where I can leave him...will have to do some budget juggling for that to happen ;o)

Anyway, back to scrapping : I shall share my tally for the week before hitting the sack....

6 single layouts (12x12)

2 gift bags

1 anniversary card

1 CJ entry (double 8x8)

3 micro canvases (10cm x 10cm)

That's all..I have 3 other micro canvases ready to go & a half finished LO on my desk

Friday, June 15, 2007

Exciting News

Well, here is my very EXCITING news....

Lisa from Scrapbook Studio/ Scrapbooking By Design has asked me to be a tutor at the store.


My first class starts in July.

I am sooooooooooo excited..I guess I'll have time to get nervous a little closer to the date LOL.

So, no I'm not having another baby....although sometimes I think I wouldn't mind another, I have already had Wayne eliminate the possibility because the reality is that my body doesn't recover from pregnancies well & as much as I love my babies I don't like the feeling of stress & helplessness that new borns bring- selfish I know, but it allows me to put a whole lot more effort into loving the two little angels that I do have.

Oh, and I'm going to be a granny again in November, so I'll get to play with a newborn & take photos & all the good stuff without the stress - YAY!!!

I wonder if it'll be a boy or girl hmmmmmmm, I can't wait!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

On this day....

4 years ago Wayne & I tied the knot after knowing each other for 7 short weeks.
This is an old LO, a lift of Ali's but I love it!
So happy Anniversary my honey.
I love you!
I have some other exciting news to share - but it'll have to wait for another post ;o)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My New Baby

OK, I figured this deserved a dedicated post...but just haven't got round to it til now.

Here's my new baby "Smooch"

He's just totally adorable, but unfortunately only spoke japanese when he arrived LOL!

He gets his nickname from his little birthmark ;o)

So far not much jealousy between the kids - they all want to play with him.

The first night he was home he didn't have a bed (bag) to sleep in & was just sitting on the thing you know Raven walks into the loungeroom with the strap over his head & handling like he's his own - whatever babe!!

Daddy caught him & then the lip dropped, the frown appeared & Ravey wasn't a happy camper - but did learn his lesson - phew!

In an effort to get to know my baby better I will be joining the embellished girls in a 10 week online (free) photography course starting the first week of July..feel free to join us :o)

OK, I'm making this short & sweet cos I lost an hour in the supermarket today...I could have sworn I'd be home by 12...but when I checked the clock it was 1pm...still 1 when I double checked LOL.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Its Been A While...

Sorry about that - I have been meaning to post...had topics running around in my head, but just haven't had the time.

Did I tell you that a couple of weekends ago we went to a Trivia Night at my niece's primary school??
Well, it was a total blast & at the silent auction we bid on (and WON) a lot that had family passes to Glenbrook Train station (steam train rides), Mt Albert Water Park (I think this is the place with all the water slides) & Mini Golf.
So, on sunday we used our family pass to Glenbrook Station & I tell you, its was a trifle crowded for my liking...but I think there were 2 birthday parties going on, so the rest of the carriages were a bit chokka & it was a little rainy so nobody wanted to be in the open carriages - fair enough...but next time I'll be sure to check the weather forecast & get there early LOL!
On Friday night we had the cyber crop over at Embellished with progressive challenges each day based on "memories" so my layouts above are for that (just click for a bigger looky)

This week I've had Taigy at home all week..on Monday we headed over to Mum & Dad's fpr a family dinner & Taigy just wanted to lie on the couch with a blankie - a dead giveaway that she's not feeling well, so Tues we headed off to the Dr & he put her on antibiotics...something about her glands & tonsils, anyhoo she hasn't been to school this week - she's trying to get herself all better for an excursion tomorrow LOL.
Last night Ravey did the ole powerchuck in the hall - fortunately Wayno was carrying him & not me LOL, he's feeling a little better today...they're both tucked up now so hopefully I can get some scrapping done.
OK so we're up to date now except for one last thing...I'm hanging out for my Paper Pesto kit. Ann, Danielle & I are this month's DTers - very exciting!!!
Oh & Wayno bought me a new Canon 400D...I'm sooo in love - but I'll save that for another post :o)