Saturday, May 27, 2006

How Slack am I?

Ok, so I haven't been here since Easter - but I have been thinking about it.

I think I'll try to blog once a week at least & see how I go.

I made an awesome card for Wayne yesterday...inspired by the weekly challenge at ScrapbookOutlet, it'll be perfect for our anniversary in June!

Learned a bit about doodling this week courtesy of squillen and Kelly Angard, so you may be seeing some of that soon.

Ravey's first molars are coming through, so he's had a bit of a rough night. And yesterday he learned how to get himself out of bed...what an awesome little guy.

I put him down for his morning nap, heard him chattering, then he started to cry a little..a little bit of cluttering & then next thing you know there's a pitter patter coming down the hallway!

So, needless to say he went without his morning nap...then it was off to swimming lessons for him & Taigy (taigy's lesson is another story), well, by the time we finished swimming he was plum tuckered straight to bed & he didn't wake til around three...but again witht he pitter patter & I went up to the room to make sure he hadn't fallen out & Hello... before he wandered down the hall he had turned the heater on & put his music in the CD player on...too clever for 14 months!!

Now, my darling Taiga & her swimming lesson.....Oh I was sooooo proud of her!

Now, here's a girl who at 4 has just let me start pouring water on her head in the bath - seriously!

I had to break the bad news to her that her cousin isn't going to be joining her at swimming (those 2 are joined at the hip - go to pre-school together & just adore each other when they're not hitting one another) Well, there were tears & tantrums & "I don't want to go swimming if Creedy's not there", but eventually we got in the car & managed to make it on time.

After a few tears she made it into the pool & her teacher was just superb!! Fortunately no other kids turned up, so she had one-on-one with Santa & she did really well....she even went under once!!! She's so cute, she concentrates so hard on what her teacher is telling her & I don't think it will be long at all before she gains her water confidence.

Keep an eye out for a swimming lesson layout with doodles!!

My prince has just woken so I'd better attend to him!

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