Monday, April 30, 2007


I am on my way home...I still haven't slept & I am totally wrecked but it was alll worth it.
You'll have to excuse any errors - I can blame it on the lack of sleep this time LOL.

The Embellished Retreat was maginificent...sensational...bloody marvellous.

The following words are a pathetic attempt at describing what a wonderful time I had -- at this time I cannot article anything really - much less how great the retreat was.

I have FINALLY met THE Ali Russell & let me tell you it was all I dreamed & more...she is wonderful & beautiful & has a heart of gold!!!! What an absolute priviledge to call her my friend!!! Love you Ali!!!

And the sensational women I met at the retreat OH MY GOD!!!! These ladies are absolutely precious bunch of ladies...and the men I met - Glenn & Noel - these guys are treasures I tell you - absolute treasures!!!!

I am making sure that we make it a family affair next year - all the Slatterys will be jumping on that plane & heading towards the light hahahahahaaha

In anutshell - I have had VERY little sleep - but it has been well worth Aerosmith said " I don't wanna close my eyes, I don't wanna fall asleep & I don't wanna miss a thing" and that was 100% true.

In typical Embellished fashion the classes were GORGEOUS, there were laughs galore & an incredible sense of comraderie - DAMN I love those girls!!!!

Unfortunately I am posting prematurely - so there are no pics to accompany my ramble...if I wake up tomorrow I might post after I have caught up on what feels like a month full of snuggles that I have missed from my darlings.

Well I've got a while before my flight boards - so I'm going to head over to the Embellished forum & check out what the girls are up to.

See you when I get home.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Should Be Packing

I really should be packing for the Embellished Retreat...but I've been doing some last minute scrapping before I pack my goods up.
I'm sooo excited about meeting the girls...a bit sad about leaving my family...but what thinking about missing my return flight after the performance at the park today - OMG poor mummy wants to get some last minute photos & do you think I could get some co-operation??? Not even!!!
Little buggers!
Oh well, they'll keep - got some great ideas for pics when I get back from OZ.
So I got my Beyond the Blue LO done today & Country Paper Craft had a wee Anzac day Cyber crop. I managed to get 2 challenges done - but I've got a serious migraine & 'm not going to get theother one done - so I'll let it slide.
But, now that the challenges are done I can clear my desk & pack my tote..and then back my BAG.
The shuttle is picking me up at 4am tomorrow for a 7am flight...I spend most of my day in Brissy & arrive in Rocky at I'll see if I can get out & about in Brissy for a little bit.
Okay I'm going to make this short & sweet cos I want to google Rocky's weather.
Sorry to Lali for not doing the tag...but thanks for thinking of me :o)
We'll see if I get to update while I'm away.
Rocky I come :o)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Beyond The Blue Catch Up

Just catching up on my last 2 entries in the Beyond the Blue challenge over at Embellished
Week 6's theme was regret & I used the delicious Rouge De Garance pps to create the "My Choices Led me Here" LO - basically I don't have regrets because all my choices led me to where I am today.
And Week 7's theme is "If I could Turn Back Time", for me I'd like to take back all the mean words that I have spoken - I have used the Audrey Hepburn quote which says...."For attractive lips, speak words of kindness....."
So now I am all up to date - PHEW!!!
I can't wait to see what next week's challenge is & hopefully I'll get it done before I jump on the plane on Thursday to meet the Embellished girls at the Embellished Retreat - WOOOOHOOOO Rocky here I come!!!!!
Before i go a big shout out to Delys who is back in the race for SBO Dt Survivor - go Delys!!!
And a big aplology to anyone if I spoiled their surprise for the Freestyle weekend by posting my LO's - sorry girls!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Guest Designer Share

Wel I had a fabulous time being the Guest Designer for Scrapbook Essentials for April.

Meg sent a DELICIOUS kit as I metioned before...I gotta say I'm IN LOVE with the Rockstar range from Autumn Leaves..although very funky & playful, I also managed to do a "serious" LO with it (Reunited)..seriously GORGEOUS stuff!!!

I've finished another LO with the kit since these & have another LO on my desk waiting for me to get off the computer & finish it.

Now, I must say that I got the feeling of "sameness" about all the LO's cos I was using my 5x7' it is really time to shake it up & I really wanted to use only items from the kit...I just had the thought that I could've added some stamps - but too little too late LOL!

All in all I love them - it was a very easy kit to work with & although I wouldn't ordinarily use the HS tags -they were quite cool to play with, same with the L'il Davis chip words. The Scenic Route alpha is always so good looking - its a shame they don't have more letters in the set.

I think you can click on any of the pics for a closer look.

Well Ebby Webby is coming for a sleep over today, so I've got to dash out & get something for lunch as well as some veggies for dinner.

So I guess we'll catch up later ;o)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Time to Share

Well what a fabulous weekend....

A big thank you to everyone for their conratulations...makes it all seem more real ;o)

Well my mojo came back in force today.. I managed to finish off my "Oodles of Doodles" Page as well as my "Wildflowers"
Actually I started the morning with a bit of a clean up of the scrap space (not that you'd know looking at it now)
Then I had a wee browse of the forums & made a little (not literally) to do list of challenges that I want ot do/catch up on.
Then I decided to start with my outstanding Elsie Challenges from Embellished...Alter a Floral Embellishment....a bit of a pathetic effort - but I added a rub-on to a flower I made a la prima whispers...a bit of organza & dimensional fabric paint & voila!!

After that it was time to finish off the Fresstyle LOs...then I moved on to my April Guest designer Kit from SE.
Well I managed to create 4 LOs from the kit so far & I haven't even touched the crate pp that was in there - Oh la la
Meg sent me some delicious Autumn Leaves Rockstar paper, Bazzill, Crate, Scenic Route Alphas, HS flowers & some really cool HS chipboard tags oh and some L'il Davis chipboard it was EASY to knock out one layout after another with this stuff...helps that I took advantage of the Digital Max 35c promo for 5x7's...but tomorrow I must try to scrap another size!!!!
The layouts haven't been approved yet, but when they are you can check them out here.
Loved doing my doodles - its quite easy to disguise boo-boos - but I definately need more practice......same can be said about my beading skills - I need more practice - I don't know how Nic finds it relaxing...perhaps she's long sighted - me, I'm short sighted, so I find myself leaning over the LO & by the time I'm done my neck & shoulders are begging for mercy LOL!!
But I must say - the result is beautiful!
Well , bath time is behind schedule due to a scrapping frenzy so I'd better go & fix things up.
Will see how long this inspiration lasts - cos I've got quite a few kits to delve into yet & my Embellished kit is due any day now...Oh I can't wait for that one..cos I added a bit of shopping to it ;o)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Lucky Streak Continues....

As another fabulous week bites the dust I find myself pinching myself....
On Thursday I get an email from the Lovely Ms Rhonna Farrer explaining that the winner of her free class is unable to make it & that a re-draw has been done, with my name being selected...WOOOHOOOOO - so I book myself in for "Oodles of Doodles" yeehaaa & had to grab a pic ;o)
Then yesterday I get an email from For Keeps with an acceptance of my Flower Boy LO...wooohoooo
And the cherry on top this week ......drum roll please....
I am the winner of the SBO Get Real Competition & have won my very own, brand-spanking-new Cricut!!!
Oh my giddy Aunt - somebody pinch me again!!
Will share my class layouts tomorrow...sad to say its the only scrapping I've done this week...I started reading a gigantic trashy novel (Riders) & it drained my mojo for the week...just finished it tonight - so I should be full steam ahead tomorrow :o)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. Well I've been a busy little beaver this Easter weekend.
Embellished had a cyber crop on Friday night, with challenges going all weekend.
I whipped up these wee bags for challenge 2 & the kids LOVED them - well, maybe they loved the egg hunt - but hey I love these little bags & Ravey didn't want to let his go.
I also did my take on the Erica Glover LO over at aussie scrapjacked - fabulous prize up for grabs & you have until the 25th to get your entries in - so hop to it ;o)
I have also done a LO for my SIL, the Embellished April Sketch challenge & challenge #1 - but will uplod those a little later.
Also manged to pop into Scrapbook Studio yesterday & say Hello to the fabulous new owner Lisa Walker of Scrapbooking By Design.
Well brekky is calling so I'll pop in later ;o)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Holey Moley what a lucky day I have had today.
The day started with the courier delivering my April Kit from SE - man its cool!!!
Oh, and my costume for Dave's 40th arrived from China too - funny story I bid for this on - had the winning bid of 99c, buit the postage was AU$29.50 hahahahahaha
All good though - still works out cheaper than hiring ;o)
Then I was browsing the forums as I do every morning & lo & "Family" LO winning the March comp over at SBD.
I've posted it before - but its a pic of my sis & her family - that album is growing, slowly but surely...will defiantely be full by xmas ;o)
Then later, Heidi rings me to tell me that I won the draw at SE to be April's Guest Designer - WOOHOO!!!!! Can you believe it!!! How cool!
Now, the SE kit is just absolutely GORGEOUS, so I couldn't resist creating a LO...then I upload & check the forums again & there in back & white (actually orange) on Embellished is my name as the winner of the combined March LO/sketch challenge - so I am the proud winner of an Embellished kit...YEEEEHHAAAA!!!!
Oh what a fabulous day this has been!!!
I will be having sweet dreams tonight :o)