Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Heidi Changed Her Mind

I've been playing with the Paper Pesto kit again today.
I have to say, well actually I don't HAVE to say...but I really do LOVE it.
It's surprisingly easy to use.
I'll confess that when I first saw the kit I said to myself "nice, but I've already had those pps"
But at SENZ I couldn't resist picking up a kit, because I hadn't actually had all those pp's & to be honest I didn't actually have a clue what I was going to do with it...but I knew it was GORGEOUS & I can work with gorgeous!!
I was talking to Heidi this afternoon & she was like hhhhhmmmmm the kit was nice but I just didn't know what to do with it.
But now that she's seen it in action she loves it too.
I've done all these puppies, plus a secret one & I still have heaps left over...heaps of bazzill left to cos I can't resist using the pp's as a background.
I have added a few embellies that weren't in the kit (the words HONEY, forver & True Love)...I picked up a $2 pack of KB chipboard wedding accents at SENZ & they are doing a splendid job of coordinating with the kit.
Oh, did you know that you can click on any of the pics for a full size if you want a closer looky just click.
OK, time to feed my boy & put him to bed before I have another quick play before CSI & PrisonBreak...yes scrapping stops for TV hahahahaha.
Oh & if you're wondering where the shape is from - its brackets, so have a play :o)

Paper Pesto's Maiden Kit

For those of you that went to SENZ, you would have seen how gorgeous the maiden kit from Paper Pesto was.

Personally, I was unable to resist & from what I hear alot of you couldn't resist the "Taste of Pesto" mini kit - the girls sold out YAY!!!

So I've had my kit for a couple of days now & I have created this layout.

I hear there are only a few kits left, so head on over to Paper Pesto & grab one.

I'll be doing a little more creating this week - so keep your eyes peeled :o)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Quick Update

Just a quickie.
Had a great time at SENZ.
Heidi & I went to the crop on Friday night & then we did Kelly Rotherham's 1 hour workshop on SAturday & spent the rest of our time shopping.
I can't believe how many scrappers there are out there - holey moley they all come out of the woodwork at SENZ!!!
Mind you, my scrappy world is almost exclusively its a bit of a shock to see real life crowds LOL!!!
Met up with heaps of cooly cool chickees....Meg & the Scrapbook Essentials members.
Lisa & the Scrapbook Studio/SBD girls.
And last but not least Kate & the Paper Pesto the kits are FABULOUS. They sold out of the mini kits - these are an AWESOME idea for those who have a strict budget & they're bloody great value!!!
I got myself the June kit & it is delicious...I've made one LO but can't share cos I'm subbing to Up2...I must say that the lastest up2scrap was looking very fresh, not so much the earthy tones that I'd become accustomed to & the Heidi Grace pins on the front are super cute....I've used quite a few of those puppies already.

Speaking of Heidi Grace, Fiskars sponsored Kelly Rotherham's class (above) & all the pp's/ embellies are Heidi Grace...I've becoem an admirer of Heidi Grace over the last coupl of months , but have never actually bought any of her products (cos Heidi Swapp keeps getting the lions share of my scrappy budget)...I always thought Heidi G's stuff was too pretty for me to be able to use - but now I'm converted!!!

I bought some pretty buttons & some alphas hmmmm I can see this developing into a beautiful friendship LOL!!

I did manage to do some scrapping on the weekend... my final LO in the Beyond the Blue challenge...this week's challenge was "your life's motto"

It took me all week to come up with this one...I had actually printed off a pic to do a different motto - but then it hit me...when I had about an hour left before the deadline (I was a little late) Let Love Rule...hmmmm is that Lenny Kravitz I hear??? And I also want to have fun along the way & I really have been doing that this year - so it was a perfect fit.

Those cute die cut journalling tags are from the Paper Pesto kit.

And I just have to give a shout out to the Country Papercraft girls for hosting the Biggest User, becasue they really have made a big difference in my scrapping - I am putting alot more on a page with alot less effort - but I could still do with a bit more practice.

OK, I can hear Wayney making a move for the bedroom, so I'm gonna go get some toasty snuggles.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sale at

The Embellished girls are having a sale on 16th June & we all get the work for the discount.

They opened their shop in Rocky eariler this month & have a HEAP of new stuff.

Ang is updating the website shoppe, so all the goodies will be available online.

Now to work out our discount we need to get the ranking up on the Scrapbooking Top50 Australia,

Here's the deal...

If they are in:
The top 30 stores – we get 10% off for 5 hours
The top 20 stores – 20% off for 4 hours
The top 10 stores – 30% off for 3 hours

All you need to do to help is visit here, or you can go here to find out more.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'm killing two BRown birds with one stone here :o)
I got knocked out of the last round of The Biggest User...clearly I need to encourage Taigy's creativity to help me use my stash & justify buying more :o)
Then again, have you heard the saying less is more??? hehehehehe
Back to the point aye.....I was knocked out of the last round, but this round was a "monochromatic" LO but your pps could have small amoutns of colour in the pattern - I quite liked the sound of that AND after getting Rhonna's newsletter & doing the purple challenge I realised that I had missed quite a few weeks of colour challenges...about 6 LOL, so anyway the previous one to purple was a BROWN challenge - so I thought I'd combine the two...and Bob's your Uncle - here's the result!!
The pic of Taigy & Emma was taken back in the Christmas Holidays & printed then too...and although I LOVE the pic I just wasn't able to do anything with it... that is, until yesterday...I'm quite happy with how it turned out...can you believe there are 31 eyelets in this puppy???
Gotta love my girl Ali's fabbo technique of popping them on with some dimensional magic or pritt - such a clever chick that one!!!

OK, I think that's all i have to share for I said before - if you're at SENZ come & say hi to Heidi & I...we got our SE pins in the mail today & can I just say they are SUPER CUTE!!!
Tanyaleigh made them up & Oh my giddy Aunt!! They are totally adorable!!
Thanks Tanya & Thanks Meg for supplying the cool pins!!
Well that's me for the night, have a good one :o)


I've been working on my beautiful layouts.

I made matching ones for Taigy & I, cos she's beautiful too.

I'm very fortunate to have grown up being told that I'm beautiful.

Mum always told my sister & I that we never needed make-up because we're already beautiful.

I remember when I was about 14 being soooo jealous of my cousin because she was allowed to wear make-up - she had the works, foundation, powder, eyeliner, blush & all the other bits & bobs....

Well as it turns out it was a blessing in the end cos now I'm rather low maintenance..I know Wayne will laugh his butt off when he reads that hahahahahaha.

So, as a result of my mum's teaching I'm quite confident with myself....well in my looks the point that I don't care if others don't think I'm beautiful - they're just looking with the wrong eyes LOL!!

I did a layout for Taigy too...because I want to pass on the confidence that my mum gave to me...and well, there's just no denying this girl is gorgeous hehehehehe!!!
I need a new camera - my shots are soooo not what they used to be...then again I could try reformatting my memory card....I'll give that a go tonight.
I'll test it out tomorrow, my photos of layouts have been turning out quite crappy of late & the journalling is really blurry compared to a few months ago when it was all nice & crisp.
Oh well, birthday coming up soon.
Quick change of subject before dinner burns...Heidi & I are off to SENZ this weekend, we'll be at the Crop Friday night & in the Up2Scrap workshop on Saturday...the rest of Sat will be spent shopping.
So if you see us please come up & say Howdy.
We'll be stopping by the Paper Pesto stand to see Kate, Steph & Fi, can't miss Scrapbook Studio & Lisa & so tap us on the shoulder OK

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Additions

How cute are these guys!!!!
June, Quincey, Annie & Leo arrived today & we're still waiting for Rocket (from a different ebay seller)
Ravey is a bit of an Einsteins freak...some days he wakes up in the morning with a sleepy "wocket, annie quince, june, leo" too cute
Other days its "1..2..3.. wake Mummy" gotta love that at 6.30 - Not!!
So while I was having a scrappy relapse at e-bay I decided to even the score & buy the kiddies some toys...yeah, I know...Wayne didn't get a look-in my poor darling!!!
So, Taigy is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Dora & some Dora tattoos...I sneaked a Strawberry Shortcake in too while she wasn't I guess I'd better go & have a declutter of their toys so that there's room in the house for these new babies :o)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ahhhhh Peace at Last

I've dropped Ebby home & now all is quiet again - Taigy has been quite tired and was a real pain with Ebby around trying to be Ms Bossy although I'd love for Miss Ebby to stay more often I've decided that there will be no more sleep-overs until Taigy is 6....which I will probably change my mind about come next school holidays - cos I love to have my nieces & nephews around...its just the noise & attention they require that gets me hahahahahahaha

Well, I guess I should share my Beyond the Blue LO as promised.

I also did the Embellished May sketch - I actually did two LOs off the sketch but I'm going to sub one for Up2Scrap & they will only accept never seen before stuff - so sorry gals I'm not sharing - but you'll recognize it when you see it in print ROFL!!

Can I just say that I'm in love with the new Scenic Route may have noticed this already...but man-oh-man they are just GORGEOUS!!!
Fortunately I accidentally purchased more than one of a couple of sheets & its a good thing too, cos I've almost forgotten how to use Bazzill - these pps make such a nice background.
I've managed to scrap quite a few of my Embellished Retreat pics lately so I'm pretty chuffed about that.
But on the trip I lost a solo battery - so I'm one short in my set of 4 re-chargables, which is a pain in the butt - I guess they can be relegated to remote duties & I'll pick myself up another 4 pack - cos I don't like to mix my batteries - I'm a bit funny like that hehehehe.
OK, well I'm off to do a little more scrapping - see if I can get my To Do list done & I'm sure I'm due to send a CJ off tomorrow - I think I've got that one covered - concept in my head all ready to much for my intentions of doing the CJ's as they land...I'm better with deadlines on them...well actually, no I'm not - I will get this one doen tonight though....I'm sure the embelly I want is under the pile on my desk - I'll have a little dig :o)
I'll see if I can keep my blog more up to date...aiming for short & sweet, rather than long & irregular.
Til next time :o)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Are you Beautiful??

Did you know that you are??

No ifs, no buts - you are

Come with me on a
little journey & discover the truth!

Colour Challenge: Purple

Well, who knew purple could be so pretty!!

Admittedly I added some pink & a splash of blue...but I blame that on the dress in the pic :o)

So this layout was created for Rhonna Farrer's PURPLE challenge & I'm pretty happy with the result.

After competing in a couple of rounds of the biggest user I find I am getting better at putting more on a page...that is in my humble opinion ROFL!!

See those pretty heart pins...they're the freebie that comes with Up2Scrap this month..a pack of Heidi Grace heart pins - VERY cutie cute!!

I'll probably be back a little later to share my Beyond the Blue LO...need to upload it shortly.

I have Ebby Webby over at the mo & we girls are scrapping together this arvo...Ebby is the other princess featured in Bare Foot & Beautiful, so its time for a cuppa while the paint dries on Taigy's LO.

Friday, May 18, 2007


I've come in here to escape from Taiga.

I've got PMS & she's swinging from angel to demon in the blink of an we stay clear of each other wherever possible :o(
So let's see what I have to share.... "Catch" is a pic of my Bro & his son Kohatu...I just LOVE this pic!! I used some of the delicious Piggy Tales pps from the SBD/Scrapbook Studio kit....we're heading off to catch a train this weekend too so I can get some pics to fill the OTP booklet...Ravey is totally into trains at the mo...what with Thomas, Jo Jo & the funky alphabet train on Playhouse he's just a train freak - so the chipboard book is perfect!
This next little number is my round 3 entry in The Biggest User comp over at Country Papercraft.
I've used some of the sensational new Scenic Route pps - man-oh-man I'm in love with double sided pps & this range from scenic route is the schiz! Loving it for the boys!
Now, can anyone recommend a good white paint for painting raw chipboard??? I'm after something that's smooth & easy - 1 coat preferably....but let me know. I used the L'il Davis marshmellow on the stars in this LO & well, like the name suggests it turned out like marshmellow -putting the colour on it (pen) was a mish - as in mission LOL

Well, that's about all I have to share on the scrappy front..on the home front I'm looking at puting Ravey into kindy one or two mornings per week...ideally I'd like him to go to montessori just because I like their philosophy...but the local one only does full days & I'm not sure if I'm ready for that...and then I'm thinking if I sent him to the local kindy he'd most likely make friends that would go right through to school with him...sooo I'm just not sure...ummming & aaahhhing at the mo... I don't want him to start until next term, but figure I should get him on a waiting list somewhere..I thought about playgroup...but I really want him to gain some independence...although I don't think he'll have any trouble letting me out of sight, as long as there was something to climb on..but then again when I took him to gym kidz one day he went all sooky la la on me - don't know what was up with that??!!
OK, I've managed to put Taigy down without a hitch, so I think I deserve some quiet scrapping time...I'll share later :o)
*****NEWSFLASH!!! The Paper Pesto site is LIVE, so go have a sticky-beak - you know you want to ;o)
And to keep up to date with the haps go to the Paper Pesto blog, the girls are doing an amazing job of keeping it up to date.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

WOOHOOO!!!! It's Official!!

Guess who made the Paper Pesto DT???

Yep!! Me!!

Being a kit freak 'n all this is such a cool opportunity!!!

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Kate in Rhonna Farrer's class @ CC07, she's a sweetie! Can't wait to get started working with the team.

For those of you who haven't heard yet, here's the team - a cool mix of Australiasians ;o)

From New Zealand:
Ilka Adam
Kelly Slattery
Hannah Blair
Christi Nelson
Ann McLachlan
Dione Evans

From Australia:

Nikala O’Brien
Celeste Vermeed
Marni Telford
Danielle Quarmby
Michelle Perry
Sharon Manning

Anyhoo the official Paper Pesto site launches on May 20th...don't bother clicking the link til then :o)

OK - gotta to do..a little prince to entertain, not to mention scrapping...oh & I suppose housework should factor in there ;o)

Friday, May 11, 2007

An a Week Flies By

Well another week has flown by & although I don't really fel like i have scrapped, apparently I have.
Shopping Expedition is my entry in round 2 of the Biggest User over at Country PaperCraft. A big thanks to Lorrie for the "shopping" buttons :o).
I didn't realise that the entries had to be single LO's so my original entry was "Brotherhood"...but when you see how much stash some people can fir on their page - it makes sense to limit the entries to singles LOL.
I love my Brotherhood page, cos it's about Wayno's relationships & although we don't get to see his brother/BIL all that much (and the pic of Wayne & Harmy was the first & only time I have met him) these people hold his history of a life "before me" & these guys are just absolute gems..lay down their life for you kind of brothers..I love them & I love that Wayne is that type of guy too.
Next we have "An Embellished Journey" this was the sketch challenge from the Embellished cyber crop last weekend..I used some of my pics from the Retreat...ahhhhhh to be back in sunny queensland with the girls!!!
On Staurday night I did the Doodling Delight Class with Chris Millar over at SBO, can't wait for Ms Chris to make her way down to ScrapCamp Rororua Woohooooooo!!!
This class was great!! I love the end result!
"She Taught Me Compassion" is another one of the challenges from the Embellished Cybercrop - a LO about something your mother taught you. Mum was around the other day & saw this - she had a tear in her eye, bless her!!
If you look slosely you can see some eyelets Ali style - loving them...they're also on the shopping LO ;o)
OK that's it for my update.
I just finished my OTPs for the Paper Pesto DT call this morning & they are awesome if I do say so myself...will share those next week.
So that's about it from me...haven't done my Beyond the Blue LO yet - cos I struggle with sooooooooo many aspects of myself...I'm trying to narrow it down to just one to focus on.
Well I promised Wayne I'd take Rave to the Dr...his tonsils are up we'll see how we go.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Retreat OTPs

First up we have the gorgeous little foldey outey mini album by Sares...pronounced "sairs" & not sa-res as my mind keeps telling me - d'oh!

this was such a fun little thing to do & surprisingly easy when you let go of attempting to perfect it...the trickiest bit (for me) was figuring out which way the knots had to go LOL!

I love it & so does Taigy!!!

Anther class was the cover to a mini album by Tammy - at first I couldn't for the life of me think what to use the book for (I'm real quick like that LOL) but having used the same book for Duncan's album a while back I knew I'd definately put it to use - cos they're so easy to fill & just so delicious to look at when completed - so I thought I'll use this one for Taigy for 2007 & just add bits & pieces as I go...get what she said to me yesterday "Mum, you're expensive aren't you?" holey moley - who has she been talking to??!!
There is one more class that we did - but I'm ashamed to say I haven't completed it as yet...its a good'un so I don't want to rush it - its an awesome shadowbox frame by JulieH...using pics 17 & 19 from the aforementioned sequence ROFL!!
When I complete it I'll share - it really is gorgeous.
I tell ya you don't want to miss the next retreat - I'm going to take the whole family next time!!!

Time to Share

OK time to share some LOs from the retreat.

These ones were all class LOs.

Just Add Water was Ali's 1 hour class - just fabulous - only 2 pps used in this = both double-sided - just GORGEOUS!!!!

Next, we have JulieH's class (very generously) sponsered by Urban Lily - heaps of left overs ;o)...sparkly paint, felt, doodling & transparenices used on this puppy - love it!

Then we have Mickey's awesome class (sorry for the crappy pic) I just LOVE the clean lines of this - absolutely beautiful...and if you're thinking you've seen these pics before just hush your mouth...they're different.this is no. 27, 34 & 36 from the sequence ROFPMSL

I'll save the OTP's for another post ;o)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

For the Boys

A huge thank you to all our men for making the Embellished retreat a stress-free event.

Glenn you're an absolute sweetheart!!! All the effort you put into to making the retreat a success did not go unnoticed, thanks for looking after Lukey so Ali & I could spend time together - I think you're an absolute gem!!!

Noel, what a precious surprise to arrive at the shop on Sunday evening to find you had been slaving away getting the painting done for the're an angel!!!

To Steve for taking care of the kiddos so Jules could be there for us - a HUGE thank you.

And to all the dads that took on the role of mum for the weekend....kudos to you...

To my wonderful husband...thank you for waiting up for me to arrive home, thank you for having the washing up to date, the house clean & a meal in the fridge so that I didn't have to think the next day.

Thank you for bathing & feeding the kids on Tuesday night when I had flaked out on the couch, thank you for being so absolutely wonderful - its no wonder I adore you!!!

So, A big shout out to all the Embellished men..thanks for your support!!!