Monday, July 31, 2006

Let's See if Blogger will let me post pics today

Ok lets give this a whirl...

Challenge pics from was a sketch the other was a we go.

Oh YAY, it worked!!

Aren't these guys simply GORGEOUS!!

And the tag had to have a flip/flap and be a season...jeez I miss summer! Not that its cold - I don't even have a jumper on today...but just the feeling of freedom that summer gives is just divine - I love it!!

My little prince is feeling well enough to whinge at me today - so I guess that's a good thing...yesterday he was just sooooo limp it was a bit scary...Off to the doc today for a bit of peace of mind. Oh my goodness he's chattering away in the background...what an angel!

Oh, I guess I'll share my mono of Taigy with you too - I gotta say I LOVE IT, so pleased with how it turned out...and used my new matt photo paper - sooo tried the sanding the edges trick & no stopping me now - what out photos!!! LOL!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

New 21 Day Challenge Coming!!

Rhonna is getting ready to host another 21 day challenge - holy moley she's amazing!!

She's planning to roll it out on 1st of if you want to challenge yourself be sure to head over to her blog & let her know you're in.

I'm totally up for another challenge - now that I've got the place clean - I'm gonna work on my daily routines & get the habits formed - YAY!

Speaking of challenges, went to a mini cybercrop today & had a sketch challenge....this is what I came up with:......Oh, apparently blogger doesn't like my pic, so we'll see if he's in a better mood tomorrow.

On another note, my little prince is not well at all...went to see the doc & got some meds..but still got a high temp & to the doc again soon - poor baby.

Well, I'd better go give him some snuggles.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Busy Scrapping

Surprisingly I have been quite productive in the scrapping arena lately...I really should stop googling Scrapbook challenges - jokes!

Here's my entry in last weeks Scrapbook Outlet weekly challenge - this was a quote challenge & I found the perfect one for Taigy on thinkexist .

The quote says: This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life.
Nice aye.
The flowers are easy to do & so much fun - really cute...thanks to Julie for teaching me :o)
This week's challenge at Scrapbook Outlet is a monochromatic green LO...I did a double a couple of weeks ago & damn! that was hard...fortunately I won the KI Memories Colour Theory(?) Kit in Green - so I'll be able to put that to more good use :o)

I'm going to do one for Taigy for this challenge - thank god its only a single!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

You Did What??

Thanks to the NZDares blog for another challenge!!

This week I almost didn't participate cos I couldn't think of a shocking thing anyone has done...this is either a case of a seriously boring family or evidence of my near constant state of ignorant bliss LOL

Anyway a big THANKS to Lisa for the reminder thismorning to get my A into G.

After spending way too much on Lisa's delicious range of products I came home & scanned my pics for anything that could fit the bill & I came across one little Miss Taiga's, while not shocking in a shocking sense. I am amazed at her independance & the little things that show me how quickly she is growing.

These pics were taken just a few weeks ago...she's 4 1/2 & all ready to do her own ponytails!! Makes a mama so proud :o)

Oh, you'll have to excuse the scan - hideous scanner, but I didn't finish til it was dark...DH took me out for lunch, but I'm sure he was just in the mood to spend...after lunch

we mosied on over to Botany Town Centre & I managed to get a humidifier (30% off at Farmers).

Then DH just got into the swing of things & he's like "Lets check out the kids clothes, do you want to look in Shanton, Oh lets stop for coffee....oh do you want to go to TNT, what about Pumpkin Patch"

Well, the kids have next seasons/years clothes, I got new sunnies & he's going to check out a new mobile phone for me tomorrow ( I put mine through the washing machine...still goes - just not reliable).

So hopefully I'll have a new phone by the end of the week :o)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Beyond Ridiculous

Ok I've gone over the edge.

Flylady has me cleaning the bathroom/toilet & another room this week, so I set my timer for 15 minutes & off I went - I've been avoiding the toilet forever - it just totally grosses me out.

But for some reason I went over board today - decided to go the whole hog & take the seat off & give it a scrub - scrubbed the spot behind the loo that has been there since we moved in....scrub, scrub, scrub - that spot didn't stand a chance!

Scrubbed the bowl, scrubbed the lid, scrubbed the seat OMG what a disgusting job - but now its done DONE DONE.

OK, so it's one thing to clean your loo...but its beyond ridiculous to share it with the world!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Virgin' on the Ridiculous

Who hasn't heard about the new NZ Dares blog???

Well the first dare has gone off with a bang - heaps of people are taking up the challenge & you know me....can't resist a challenge.

So here's my take on the "Virgin' on the Ridiculous" theme....all about Taigy - I mean seriously, the kid's got gourmet taste... could it have something to do with Wayne making eggs benedict with smoked salmon for sunday brunches????

Oh well, can't complain if that's where she gets it from can I - why bite the hand that feeds you hehehehe

Friday, July 14, 2006

Mission Completion!!

Oh I can't believe I waited til the last minute to get Zeetra's CJ done - sorry no pics - she confessed to stalking my blog last night, so I don't want to spoil her surprise :o)

Anyway after trialing no less than 4 crockpot recipes I settled on number 2 - I hope she likes it!!

Now that I have it done I'm really keen for the next one to arrive - means we'll be having nice dinners while I test my recipes :o)

I'm off to a cybercrop in Australia tonight - at Embellished - cool bunch of girls over there!!

Taigy is over at Mom & Dad's & Ravey is fast asleep - Wayno's on the couch - so it's just me & the heater & a bunch of scrap supplies - ahhhhh that's what I call a Friday night in - sorry Flylady I'm skipping date night tonight :o)

Well, I'd better get my skates on - its starting soon.

Will be back later to catch you up on the school holidays.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Me & Mini Me

I got some photos off mum today to scan in to compare me & Taiga check them out...

Hoping to do a Me & You layout for her album...its on the list of things to do..hello, if there was a challenge for it it's be done in a week :o)

Actually, I gotta say I'm seeing Raven in this shot too.

I also have pics of Lisa & I, so was going to do a sisters then , now & in between...that's really more of an album than a LO lol, so again on the To Do List.

One amazing thing about the pics is that after I scanned them in I did an "Auto Adjust" in the editing program ( I use & it took out all the yellowy discolouration - totally transformed & lightened the pic.

When I do my next lot I'll do a before & after to show you - its awesome!

Well, on another note we had our Granddaughter, Alexis, stay over last night - it was her very first night away from home.

She was totally fine with it - but her Mum was a bit nervous I think - she said she didn't sleep well. Lexi slept like a log once she fell asleep.

So, hopefully this will turn into a school holiday tradition. Her & Taiga play really well together. Lexi is only about 3 months older than Tai - so they're great playmates.

I'd love for Lexi to remember a childhood full of memories of time spent with her Grandad.

I took some great photos of the girls together - but forgot to take pics when they were baking - I was too engrossed in the moment - d'oh!

Well, I'm working on the weekly challenge for Scrapbook Outlet - based on sketches from the Cybercrop from a week or so ago - so I'd better go & start/finish it - I managed to complete the LO for the monthly challenge - using ribbons - not entirely happy with it - but happy that it's done & filed.

Now I'm getting requests for a Tellytubby story, so I'd better go :o)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Habits Continue

Well, the 21 day challenge may be over, but I'm pleased to say my good habits are continuing...growing even :o)

So, my sink is shiny, the washing is still up to date - 1 -2 loads per day - First load goes on after I have my shower, then once that is pegged out any dirty clothes just get put into the machine ready for the next load - so my laundry tub (right next to my front door) is now 90% of the time empty & working its way to becoming a shiny tub :o)

My bed continues to be made every morning & sometimes Wayne even helps out...I have to say it always amazes me, that even though we both sleep in the bed, that its my job to make I don't mind cos its no longer a job - its a self respect thing, a baby step that I can take everyday :o)

Oh, I'll share what I learned this week from Flylady its a bathroom thing....

If you scrub your shower a little each day it won't become the gross monster of a job that you dread to clean.

This was my little revelation for the week, so each day this week I have had the old toothbrush out & have been scrubbing away at the build-up on the bottom of the shower door... 2 minutes extra each day in the shower is soooooo going to improve my bathroom.

When its all spick & span that 2 minutes will be reduced to 30 seconds maintenance each day - I can totally live with that if it means I no longer have to do the old exit mould scrub-a-roo.

Its a little bit embarrassing sharing how disgusting my bathroom is - but I just realised there is a whole range of products in the supermarket aimed at this sort of thing - so mine can't possibly be the only gross bathroom on the perhaps my confessing will help another person - that assuming anyone reads this blog hahahahahahahahaha

Well, once again I have been side-tracked by the internet - I just came into the office to print off some photos for a couple of layouts I'm working on.

One for the Scrapbook Essentials monthly challenge - "My Favourite Things"

And one for the Scrapbook Outlet Monthly Challenge - Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere

So, I'd better get my butt back next to the heater & get some scrapping done :o)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

21 Day Challenge - final days

Well Rohonna's round four of the 21 Day Challenge has finished.

What a sensational 21 days it has been!!

Here are my final journal entries - I have paraphrased a couple of them...gotta say I am very pleased with day 19's effort (the heart one).

The 21 day journey has been a great experience for me - I entered it thinking I'll be developing/finding/creating/seeking a scrapbooking style & while its certainly true that I have experienced growth in that area, my true reward was the development of my habit...keeping house - I thought my habit was to organise my home or declutter...but the essence of it is keeping my home a palace for my King.

Without Rhonna's challenge, this would not have been possible...because through the challenge I discovered the FlyLady via Lara's blog & FlyLady is the grease that keeps me running smoothly - if only with baby steps.

I can't wait for the next round - because there's always room for improvement in my life & I love the inspiration Rhonna gives - what a beautiful heart she has - to step up & challenge us all, make us stretch ourselves & become better people.

I know the impact this challenge has has on me & my household - I feel like I'm a better mother and wife. My husband is happier, my children are more relaxed & happier..its just lovely.

So a HUGE thank you to the wonderful Ms Rhonna Farrer for sharing her talent, inspiration & time with all of us round four 21ers!

Monday, July 03, 2006

OMG! I Won Another Challenge

It doesn't feel quite real...I won the June Challenge at Scrapbook Outlet. The challenge was to do a LO using blurry photos - well I've got plenty of them...could fill a couple of albums :o)

Anyway my intial reaction was Wahooooo - but now I'm thinking Oh, was it really me they picked?? I've read the thread 4 times & it still says my I guess it must be true...I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any other Kelly's in the forum...its just feels kinda weird...I'm more used to the feeling of *hoping* I win hehehehehe.

But I just LOVE challenges, so I'll share with you my entries in the other ones from the cyber crop.

So, we have the Bazzil challenge, then there's the Winter challenge & finally the 6 items challenge (details in previous post). These were so much fun to do. The Scarf Time LO sketch was a lift from Caroline of Maya Road oh did you know that they're bring out rub-ons - like over 1,000 images all in a MR tin - Holey! can't wait for that one!!!

Oh, I'm just wondering if anyone is as silly as me...I got these MR Chipboard Blossoms the other day, but I can't bring myself to use I traced them onto some nice chipboard I had & cut them out..crazy eh!! I think I'll be able to use them in a couple of weeks when I'm well & truly in the flow of FlyLady decluttering & using my beautiful things instead of saving them & creating more clutter :o)

Oh, I cut some out for Taigy too, she likes to trace them too & then she painted hers after I painted mine & she is soooo good..after she's finished painting she goes & washes her brush & dish - cos she knows if she leaves it there for me to do she won't be painting tomorrow :o)

Well, I'd better go & give my darling some luvin...between FlyLady & scrapbooking he's not getting much attention of late.

Day 13-17 ~ 21 Day Challenge

Well here is Day 13-17's entry.

I'm so glad Rhonna has decided to keep her blog up & the challenge going - she gives such inspiration!

My habit is going exceedingly well...oh I like that word... exceedingly.

Check out today's effort - under the laundry tub (the grey spots are peeled paint - not moldy mildew hehehehe)...a small step but Flylady encourages baby steps..gotta love her :o)

I'm working on the entry & unfortunately our laundry is at the front it doesn't gross me out cos I'm up to date with the washing...but what a ridiculous idea having an open laundry at the front door!!

Wayno is bragging to anyone who will listen about how wonderful I am & how shiny my sink is & how he always comes home to a sparkling home...I think the shiny sink just blinds him to my scrapbooking mess :o) .

Who would have thought that 15 minutes a day could have such a positive impact on a house!! AMAZING!

I promised some pics of my cyber crop entries...I'll get them up shortly...just gotta bath & feed my sweetie pie.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

What a Wonderful Weekend!

On Friday night I attended the Scrapbook Outlet cyber crop & despite a few technical hiccups it was an AWESOME night!!

Heaps of cool challenges - great prizes and lovely ladies to chat to...the best thing was being in my own space with a heater dedicated to my own personal warmth & ALL my goods available to me.

This is the first ever crop I have attended & I think I have found my cropping style :o)

I can't imagine people being able to tolerate my creative mess in a "real" crop environment & I just know I wouldn't remember to take everything with me - either there, or home :o)

So hopefully cyber crops become a regular event in my life. I entered all the challenges, but only won the non-scrapping one - I was the first to paint & upload a pic of my painted toenails LOL. Well if nothing else it shows I can paint, photograph & upload quickly :o)

The challenges we had were:

30 minute card challenge (using something from the kitchen) I couldn't figure out how to get my can tab attached to my card so I scrummaged & found a twist tie. (Thanks)

8x8 Self portrait challenge (k)

Winter Sketch & PP challenge - Use 2 pp's sold at Scrapbook Outlet, draw a sketch & create a LO with a winter theme. (Scarf Time)

Bazzill Challenge - Using Bazzill & items from around the house create a LO (Raven in a Box)

6 items challenge - Create a LO using 3 items from a list of 6: paint, 3 x pp, stitching, buttons, brads, stickers. - I am so proud of myself for this one (toot toot) I used all 6 & made a LO I LOVE! (daddy's angels)

On another note I DID win the monthly layout comp for June at Scrapbook Essentials, so I'm totally thrilled about that - a $20 store I went and added about $200 worth of products to my wishlist & now I just have to narrow it down or find the other $180 LOL!!

The challenge for July has been posted - its a LO of your favourite things, so if you want to win yourself a voucher head on over to the forum & sign up - heaps of other great things going on over there too.

Got a few ideas buzzing around in my head about this one - I think its gonna be FABULOUS!!!

I'll upload some more of my challenge LOs tomorrow, time for bed now :o)

Oh, I haven't stopped the 21 day challenge - I'm just a little behind in the projects...they'll be updated in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled :o)