Thursday, September 13, 2007's been ages!!!!!

Its been like 10 days since I last posted...what's up with that???
So, what's been happening...well my mojo went awol - I was in the mood to read, so I grabbed a book & really enjoyed it, then grabbed another & another & another.....I really should know better - last time I read a book mojo went awol, and so it has happened again.
But, I finished my reading buzz yesterday with an epic novel of 1200+ took a week to get through.
The books read were completely different to what I usually read - they were all set in medievil/ancient times...usually I'm a action/conspiracy kinda girl.
But holey moley after reading these books I am soooooooo grateful that I live in these times...I've been thinking I sooooo wouldn't cope if I went sent back in time, the TV, PC & all the gadgets I could live without...but electricity & a sewage system OMG I can't bear to think about it!!!
And, can I just say I can't believe that it is so recent that women have been acknowledged as equal to men...I mean that's just in the last century - so a big shout out to all the ladies who have gone before me & made my path smooth.
So you can see why I've been distraced from thought leads to another & another...which leads me to the anniversary of Sept 11.
Reading through some blogs I see the profound effect that Sept 11 has had on people....I can vividly recall being told of the events & I was like "no WAY!!"
I was pregnant with Taigy & was temping at Telecom in the city....I was covering for a lady on maternity leave & she planned to come back to work pretty quickly, so didn't think it was necessary to train me in the "hard" I pretty much read novels for 7 months (cos she ended up not wanting to come back after all) and I had recently read a novel about a plane crashing into the pentagon - so I just couldn't believe it was possbile for this to REALLY happen.
And now here we are 6 years on, still feeling the effects...
But onto happier thoughts....
In my absence I had the pleasure of meeting Hetty in real life...can you believe neither of us had a camera on hand!!! So Hetty's lovely sister took a pic with her phone :o)
And on the scrapping front I did these 2 samples for Embellished Idol.
Round 6 was a challenge to use hybrid scrapping - a combination of traditional & digital elements.
I got my public domain images from here & here & used the butterflies from JulieH.
This was actually alot of fun & really easy once I decided what I wanted to do....the hard part was setting aside all the brushes & things & actually going with one idea.
And challenge 7 of Idol (the current challenge) is to use scrapbook packaging on your LO. In this one I used the "wrapper" from my Fancy Pants 12x12 stamp set - when I got my stamps a few months ago I couldn't bear to throw out the wrapper & had planned to use it on a LO - so I absolutely loved this challenge - the other thing I used was the round dividers from the Heidi Swapp decorative tape - they're like acetate donuts LOL & I had these sitting around as well - no wonder my scrap space is a bit of a bomb site if I can bear to part with anything "just in case".
Man oh Man there is some AWESOME work in the gallery this is why I no longer need to buy mags LOL!
Alrighty I'm off to do a spot of scrapping, I'll share soon.
OH yeah, before I go...I've completed the LO for the Paper Pesto Scrap Pink's a nice quick & easy one.
If you're coming along, bring a 5x7 pic *wink*


Joyce said...

gorgeous pages!

I know exactly what you mean about reading- harry potter does nnothing for mojo hehe

Julie said...

seems I have your 'bug' id rather be readin at the moment thatn scrapping!!
but that layout on the bottom is awesome - hmmm inspiration hits?...LOL

Hetty said...

Hey Kelly, these layouts are lovely. Looks like eventhough you have been doing a lot of reading it has done wonders for your mojo, your work is lovely as ever!!