Friday, September 28, 2007

The Weekend Has Arrived

Yay!! only 2 more sleeps til Taigy comes home!!!

I saw her yesterday & she got all upset & wanted to come home..OMG it was heart-breaking!!!

My poor little angel was bawling her eyes out & wasn't brave enough to say in front of her father that she wanted to come home with me - anyway he had to take a call, so we had a chat while he was away...then when he came back she says to me "Mum can you tell him why I'm crying" So I said "she's crying because she wants to come home" and his reply is "I know that"...gee lots of compassion there NOT!!!

But he promised her that she can come home early on Sunday - so here's hoping!!

I must admit I feel sooooooo crap making her stay when all I wanted to do was wrap her up in my arms & take her home...I know she's not that upset when I'm not around - so I actually don't ring her while she's away so she doesn't get upset... I thought it would get a bit easier as she got older... I thought she'd just accept that this is the way her life is - but she's not silly, she knows it sucks & is totally boring at his place - even though its boring here too, at least she has company.

Oh this wasn't meant to be a bleat post - so I'd better pull my head in LOL!

Tonight there's a new Friday Night Live challenge over at Embellished its all about simple pleasures.

This is my take on the challenge...I just love the kids jumping into our bed for morning, despite the fact that we need a new bed its still a haven of simple pleasures ;o)

The Embellished Kit for October will be up on the first of the month, so here's a sneak peek at some of my work.

On Sunday I'll be at Atomic Coffee Roasters in Kingsland for Paper Pesto's ScrapPink event...I'm sooo looking forward to catching up with the girls!!

I had planned to scrap tonight - but it's really quite cold in here - so I might just call it a night & see if I can find my darling for a snuggle ;o)


Hannah said...

Oh, poor Taigy! It must be hard, especially if you know she's upset.

Love the layout!!

I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow - it seems so funny that we haven't met when we've "known" each other for quite a while! It should be a fun day :-)

Lara said...

Love the layout & LOL at your description of the 'simple pleasures' was worried what I was going to read for a minute there!

that must be soo hard for both you & Taigy.