Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I've got the Doodling Bug

Well, I completed my first doodled layout yesterday & here it is.

I'm pretty pleased with it & it didn't take long at all...in fact my sister was over & had to ring Telecom to get her phone put on & by the time her phone call had finished I was done.....so maybe it wasn't that quick after all :o)

I think I'm going to play around with the 4 (or more) pics within a pic thing...hmmm maybe 3 BW & 1 colour.

I took some photos of me & the kids yesterday..had to set up the tripod otherwise I'll never get a good photo of me :o) so I may practise this technique with those.

I've got a few ideas buzzing around in my brain so it looks like I'm going to have a productive week.

Stay tuned..


nzmommy said...

Woohoo! Hey, Kelly! I only just noticed your link in your signature at SE, has it been there for a while? Thought I would leave a comment so you know I have been here ;)

Lara said...

that's a cool LO Kelly!

Tash said...

HI - i really like your layout - was it scary doing the doodling - i would love to give it a try but am a bit of a chicken.

KJ said...

Awesome doodling! I've been too scared to try it that big!