Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The List Challenge

You know how you click, click, click from one site to another..Well, today I came acroos this interesting tidbit on Penny's blog:

"Alison S has posted a "list challenge" over on her blog. It sounds interesting so I'm going to join in. She randomly chose "What's wrong with women?" as the first topic. She says
(when I first opened the book I though NO WAY! but then I thought 'Why not?" - a bit of self analysis doesn't go astray occassionally"

So, this is what I think is wrong with women:

1. they don't give themselves enough credit...being a SAHM is more than a fulltime job...as a matter of fact I saw I thread on parentcentre.babycentre.com about how much a SAHM is worth in terms of annual salary & it was worked out that she's worth over $100k

2. they are at times too giving

3. they allow men to live a life of double standards...hello, we both slept in the bed, why is it my job to make it?

4. they don't introduce themselves at pre-school (that's me)

5. they have some unrealistic expectations: life,love, etc...let the expectations go & enjoy the ride ladies!

6. they allow others to set expecations for their lives...take control back!

OK, this woman has demands being made on her...and its one of the times I can't say no. Gotta feed & bath the kids

I don't think there's too much wrong with women...look at Oprah...I can't think of a male equivalent :o)


nzmommy said...

Hehehe, what's wrong with women? That could potentially be a loaded question lol. I'm not one that 'gets' along with many lol. Not because I don't try but there always seems to be 'too many issues'. But we all have to exist with each other, don't we lol.

Hannah said...

Just wanted to drop by and say Hello! I'm honeybumble on the SE forum, and I'm friends with Christi (nzmommy).
Glad to see you've joined the Blogging Bandwagon, I'm sure you'll enjoy it, I know I sure do!!

Penny said...

Hi Kelly :-)
I'm tickled you stumbled across my blog. Your list is a good un! I see Alison has got another challenge up.

Anonymous said...

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