Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Start of the Month

So a whole new round of challenges have been posted.

Dad's Boy is my entry in the SBO Feb monthly challenge - Donna's Sketch :o)

A HUGE thank you to Lisa for my prize of Autumn Leaves Stamps for winning the January Challenge over at SBD. I have used the stamps below in the LO of Ravey digging.

You ought to check out the feb challenge - its a doozy - got my thinking cap on for this one & I have a few ideas up my sleeve - but am going with just one ;o)

Well, we got home last Friday & Embellished had a cyber crop - I know what you're thinking - I'm mad!!! But only halfway so...I missed the chat cos I was seriously tired - but I did do the challenges - cos they were simply irresistible....& I actually only combined one of the challenges.

There was another challenge to create a card - might upload tomorrow...I really like how it turned out - but to be honest I'm a little tired & blogger adds all these extra lines when I add a pic - which then takes me another little while to edit the post and I'm not really feeling like editing at the mo (you've probably noticed my horrific typing & sadly I have edited quite a few of my errors - so can you see where I'm coming from??? hahahaha)
Oh, if you have a solution for the adding lines when I add a pic please share it...cos I'm thinking of having a look at a typepad blog...only thinking at this stage - cos the grass may be greener :o)
OK back to the topic:
For the last couple of days (it seems) I have been dying to scrap LOs but I've got a couple of CJs on the go & really need to get them sorted before post-off date & then I had a couple arrive from a current circle..so I have managed to do one & conceptualise another..I've got my SE CJ nearly 1/2 ready & my SBD CJ 1/20th ready LOL!! But by the end of the week they will be good to go I promise ;o)

OK I was just popping in for a quick share before I hit the hay to wake up as the mother of a school kid - I still can't believe that...all of you who have been there know what its like, so I shan't keep raving on about it ;o)
The enjoy/happy LO was fun to do - I got to use my new stamps from Lisa & combined a couple of Elsie challenges - JulieH's create a funky photo mat (it transparency stamped & painted) & Meg's Use a white background...sometimes combing the challenges just gives you a little something extra - I'm really quite happy with how this turned out - I probably never would have done the pp strips otherwise.
And "we've got a Groovy Kind of Love" was another JulieH challenge from embellished to "work those words" so I used Phil Collins' song to go with this pic of Wayne & that i took while we were on holiday :o)


Ali said...

Hi Kelly!
So loving your work right now! LOVE LOVE that groovy kind of Love LO....
Hey APRIL is just around the corner and I cannot wait!!!!
Chat soon
Ali x x

Janine said...

great layouts Kelly. Good luck with your first day of school. I say yours because you may find it just as hard as your wee poppet.

Julie said...

Lots of luck with the first day of school!!
So many challenges woman - so little time - and the cj's? So do you sleep? LOL

Julie said...

Great pages Kelly. Love them all.

Mrs Frizz said...

Wow Kell - you are at it again - big time - slow down my friend. Your layouts are ultra fantastic atm ... keep it up ... but slow down a little ... lol

Ruth said...

Gorgeous lo's. Love the sewn heart on the love lo, very cool.

Julie said...

great work with the layouts Kelly - they all look fantastic!!! Really love that groovy love one - such a great pic.
How's Taigy going with school - bet she is loving it.

chat soon