Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well I have bounced back...been quiet for a little while cos I had a bit of crap to deal with - all to do with Taigy starting school & her anal retentive turdksie of a father causing trouble.

Trouble is still brewing - but I'll wait to hear from his lawyer before I worry about it anymore.

Anyhooo I see today is the deadline for NZ Dares Hot & Cold challenge...actually in 5 mins - so I'd better make this snappy.

here is my entry - Taigy & Emma @ Mangawhai last weekend.

Big shout out to Heidi for being there for me all week - you definately made a difference buddy!!!


MichelleTW said...

Hang in there bud!! Great page lots of fun!

Megan M said...

Fab layout Kell - chin up!

Mrs Frizz said...

What a beaut summer layout - definitely showing the hot and cold - love it. Hang in there. You've got a wonderful network of friends - as Megan said, chin up! So chin up Kell.

Heidi said...

Fab LO Kelly - Don't worry everything will sort itself out ! Lots of HUGS for you today!!!!

Julie said...

Gorgeous LO as always - noticed you got it in just in the nick of time - LOL!!
Totally laffing at your descriptive name for 'him' I like that one - I will have to use it!
Hang in there, you are such a gorgeous person - and take it from me - gorgeous people always come out on top!!