Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just checking in

Not much to share...still have the feeling that I haven't been creating - but I think that's because I haven't been creating "as much as I'd like".

I usually tally up my LOs & post my total over at Embellished on a Sunday, then put the LOs into protective sleeves & semi-sort them into who-ever's album they belong in.

I had a bit of a slow start to the week, but on Tuesday I did an online class with Jacqui Jones & that was can see it sitting on my desk in the pic...if you can't distinguish it from the mess, its the red square at the front LOL, or you can see the finished product here.

I gotta say I LOVE classes, online or otherwise - not necessarily for the LO produced, although that is always good - but for the tips & techniques you pick up along the way from the tutor & also fellow scrappers - its just wonderful...I'm on a bit of a class buzz at the mo having done one a week so far this month & I have another coming up on Tuesday night with Jo Kneller - so I'm looking forward to that one too :o)

For some reason I haven't been taking pics of my LO's very regularly since getting Smoochy...and my "routine" has been kinda out of whack with Taigy being off school a bit over the last couple of weeks & Raven has developed a cleaning fettish (gets it from his daddy) & he's constantly been in the cupboards over the last couple of days & has discovered squirty bottles like spray 'n the house is *smelling* fresh but a few wet patches have been discovered here & I've been trying to get out more with him - but that's a catch he wakes up at 5.30 saying "walk, walk" - yeah , whatever son!

We went to playcentre for a visit the other day to check it out...I'm thinking of taking Rave twice a was a bit of a shock to the system, but I figure as long as I'm there with him he can't go too far astray (or get maimed).

They did a little excercise with balloons filled with various things like glitter & paint...strung them from a sock clothes line thingy & then wondered what to pop the balloons with...they came up with the idea to poke a nail through a piece of scrap wood (or mdf ish stuff) & have the kids poke at the balloons with that.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what would be a suitable child-friendly tool for popping balloons, so I can't really criticize the choice of item, but you know how balloons popping can be a little frightening to a kid, yeah well some of the littler ones didn't want to be too close to the "pop" & so they kind of let go of the nail bearing wood & it sailed over to the group on the other side of the balloons - now, personally I consider that quite dangerous (meanwhile I didn't even get rave to look at what they were doing with the balloons cos he was off in his own world in the sandpit) but the other mums were just like "Oh be careful" and handed it to the next kid (who did the same thing)

But there are a whole heap of positives about the the music area, ravey just LOVEd the drums & the piano...and if it wasn't rainy I don't think he would've even come inside - but I was freezing my buttski off.

So, once Tiggedy-boo is feeling 100% & is back at school, Rave & I will head back for our 2nd of 4 free visits & see how we go from there - I'm hoping to go twice a week til the end of the year & then look at something next year where I can leave him...will have to do some budget juggling for that to happen ;o)

Anyway, back to scrapping : I shall share my tally for the week before hitting the sack....

6 single layouts (12x12)

2 gift bags

1 anniversary card

1 CJ entry (double 8x8)

3 micro canvases (10cm x 10cm)

That's all..I have 3 other micro canvases ready to go & a half finished LO on my desk


Angela said...

Hey Kelly, you've been busy, you've done more in a week than I do in a month.

Regarding Playcentre, both my kids went to PC from virtually day 1. I love it, and yes, it's no very everyone, but you and your child/ren can get a lot from it. Every PC is different, but check out with them what their policy is on leaving your child there. Usually once they are toilet trained, and the other mums are comfortable that your child is settled you can leave him. What then happens is you will still be required to do your share, (for example) by staying 1 day, and leave him another. I don't know for sure, but ask, it's a very low cost way if you don't want to go down the childcare/kindy path. Then again, you can do both, kindy some days, and PC others.

Hope that helps

Hannah said...

Sounds like you've been busy, Kelly.

I think I would be feeling the same as you about the balloon popping with a nail! I know both my kids hate the sound of balloons popping and I can't imagine too many kids that wouldn't get a fright from the noise. Seems like a very odd activity to me! But if you are happy with the other aspects of playcentre then it sounds like you should go for it. I never did PC with my kids, but they did/do love Preschool and Kindy and I guess the focus is the same at all these places - learning to interact with other kids, which is a great skill for them to learn.

Kelly said...

Ok - and I thought I'd been busy creating! lol!!!

Ok, about the Playcentre thing. I've been a playcentre mum and am a kindy mum and just starting out as a pre-school mum.

Basically it is whatever feels right for you and yours. I loved the PC thing to begin with. We (me and Mr then 18mths) started out at starter group after arriving back into the country with all the firends wiht kids actually being working mums and dads. So it was the perfect way to meet others and kind of get into a network. It really worked for me and M loved it it pieces. Eventually we went up to main session. Again, great to begin with. Then something undefinable changed - me, them or a combo - who knows. Long story a bit shorter..... your experience is really going to be dictated by you, the people attending and the way they do things..... every centre seems to be different - comes down to the people "running" the place. Mr now Mr 6 still has great memories so I have no regrets.

Oneof the reasons we've ended up at kindy is because it is actually in the neighbourhood. This is a huge thing for me - both me and the kids are part of the community - I wasn''t at PC. Again, nothing but brilliant experiences.

Now the second mr is at Kindy. he loves it. Stuff is happening up on high at teh political level and it is filtering down to the teachers. while they are still great, you just know there's stuff happening behind the scenes.

A brand new pre-school has just opened up and we are going there too. It is fan-flippin-tastic. Softer, more gentle in a lot of ways. summary..... it is soooo going to depend on you, the type of boy your Ravey is and how you feel about the people you will be involved with.

The reality is that while there are militant PCers, Kindy'ers and pre-school'ers..... they are virtually identical in terms of offering the kids and parents stuff.... it comes down to a little more of this, a little less of that in a whole lot of ways. choose which suits you guys the best.

Sorry it's so long.... fingers wouldn't stop typing!!

Julie said...

Can understand you being nervous about kiddo's with balloons and nails Kel -not a very good combo really. Ry's the same, doesn't like balloons popping - the noise scares the crap out of him.
Goodluck with whatever you decide to go with - I like the idea of being able to interact with the other mummy's whilst there, great way to meet people.

take care
Julie H xx

Debbie said...

Wow, you have def been busy Kelly...Just wanted to stop by and say a Huge Happy Birthday for today!

kelstar said...

Hi Kel!!!!

Just stopped by to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY... hope you had an amazing special day...


Kelly (kreative kelly)

Mrs Frizz said...

Ooh-la-la at your weekly tally - crikey - your wee scrapping junkie YOU!!!

Don't like the sound of the popping balloon utensils either, just quietly.

Nicole said...

Love your messy table, although mine looked so much worse last night before the big clean up.