Thursday, June 07, 2007

Its Been A While...

Sorry about that - I have been meaning to post...had topics running around in my head, but just haven't had the time.

Did I tell you that a couple of weekends ago we went to a Trivia Night at my niece's primary school??
Well, it was a total blast & at the silent auction we bid on (and WON) a lot that had family passes to Glenbrook Train station (steam train rides), Mt Albert Water Park (I think this is the place with all the water slides) & Mini Golf.
So, on sunday we used our family pass to Glenbrook Station & I tell you, its was a trifle crowded for my liking...but I think there were 2 birthday parties going on, so the rest of the carriages were a bit chokka & it was a little rainy so nobody wanted to be in the open carriages - fair enough...but next time I'll be sure to check the weather forecast & get there early LOL!
On Friday night we had the cyber crop over at Embellished with progressive challenges each day based on "memories" so my layouts above are for that (just click for a bigger looky)

This week I've had Taigy at home all week..on Monday we headed over to Mum & Dad's fpr a family dinner & Taigy just wanted to lie on the couch with a blankie - a dead giveaway that she's not feeling well, so Tues we headed off to the Dr & he put her on antibiotics...something about her glands & tonsils, anyhoo she hasn't been to school this week - she's trying to get herself all better for an excursion tomorrow LOL.
Last night Ravey did the ole powerchuck in the hall - fortunately Wayno was carrying him & not me LOL, he's feeling a little better today...they're both tucked up now so hopefully I can get some scrapping done.
OK so we're up to date now except for one last thing...I'm hanging out for my Paper Pesto kit. Ann, Danielle & I are this month's DTers - very exciting!!!
Oh & Wayno bought me a new Canon 400D...I'm sooo in love - but I'll save that for another post :o)


Mrs Frizz said...

Have fun playing with your new toy ... look forward to seeing what you come up with, with the kit.

Hannah said...

Lucky you, getting a new camera!! WOW!! Hope your wee ones are feeling better soon. And I hope you have fun with the PP kit!! I'm sure you'll set some hugely unachieveable benchmark for the number of layouts you can do with one kit!! LOL ;-)

Julie said...

Oh cool a new camera - you are a lucky one!
I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that kit - your layouts are so very inspiring! I often look at them and think - yes I must lift that idea - LOL!

Ann said...

Hi Kelly, i hope the kids are feeling's horrible when they are sick!

I'm like you....i can't wait to get stuck into the Paper Pesto kit, very cool that we are up first, although i have no doubts that you will be first to upload!
You are one fast scrapper!

Julie said...

Hope the kiddo's are feeling better now Kel.
Fantastic work with the layouts - they both look fabbo!!