Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mission Completion!!

Yay me!!

I finally completed the albums for Louise!

I hope she likes them. The Celebrate one is for her Dad's 60th and I'm just in love with brown & green. These chatterbox designs (chateau) are yum!!

A bit of a mix of cardweight stock & thin paper stock - I would have preferred all one or he other, but I love then end it! love it! love it!

It was a bit hard to part with this one...but I know its going to a good home :o)

This is the other one, it's similar to one I made for her to put old wedding photos in...apparently her Aunty saw her album & wanted one like it, & here it is I think it turned out just lovely.

Wild Asparagus papers...mmmmmm the colours, the designs, the texture....I love it.

I find it really easy to use these papers for the albums, but I think I would struggle to put them on a layout.

Then again I have a few cut-offs so I might see what I can come up with.

Oh, I'm working on the BW/Colour colage pic with doodling & so far it sucks.

Well, maybe sucks is a bit harsh...the photos are great...the doodling hasn't turned uot as i had liked. Nevertheless, I'll finish it off & put it up here...if nothing else it's a learning experience.

Well, I'd better get ready for the day. Might be back later if I finish my layout.


Hannah said...

Kelly, those are beautiful! I bet they look even better in real life. Fantastic job!

Dianna said...

Thought I would leave a comment rather than just look at your blog.
Really like your doodling LO pretty hard to do I think I need more practice.

KJ said...

Those are beautiful!