Friday, March 16, 2007

Beyond the Blue

Well this is my entry for round 2 of Beyond The Blue.
I popped in to Lisa's yesterday & picked up a pack of the BG Phoebe - now ordinarily I'm not a fan of packs...but there wasn't one pp I didn't LOVE in this pack - so it was well worth it!
I got some pieces of Stella Ruby too & some boyish Cherry Arte...might be seeing some nephew LOs popping up LOL!
On Tuesday night when all the whanau was over for Ravey's b'day they were looking at the "albums"...all ooohhhhhing & aaaahhhhhing & begging for me to do ones for them - ahhh they're funny buggers - I don't have a problem scrapping pages for them - but for goodness sake meet me halfway people - how's about giving me a photo or 2 to work with LOL!!
Ahhh bless them - they love my stuff!!
Anyway back to me hahahaha challenge 2 was The Road to scrap something you are proud of...and well, i think I spelled it out in last night's post - but choosing to go it alone with Taigy is one of my proudest moments.
In some ways I can seem kind of callous..because I really do have a low tolerance for crap..but to be fair I also have a low tolerance for my own crap..I mean I get sick of hearing me bleat the same story twice - I know that if you don't like a situation you have the power to change it - or at least change your perspective of it.
One thing that has changed though is I don't think I give 2nd chances anymore... Timmy J got a 2nd chance even though he was found in bed with another woman while married to me, Steve got a 2nd chance out of fear & pity...but with Wayno we're working at making it right the first time & forever - so there won't be a need for a 2nd chance - isn't it marvellous how the universe gives you the right person when the time is right.
My little Prince is sleeping at the mo, so I think I might just try to whip up a LO :o)


Hannah said...

Wow, the birds from that Phoebe paper go so well with the theme of your layout, Kelly! I think it is great that you scrapped it, and that you & Wayne are making the effort to get it right first time - great attitude!

Mel said...

Sometimes they're worth waiting for...

Delys said...

I agree with Mel too. I take my hat off to ya Kelly. Being a solo Mum is darn hard i expect! I love your attitude woman!

Julie said...

Scrapping is therapy - and good things come to those that wait - so glad you have found what you were waiting for!

Michelle TW said...

Ok So I'm jsut catching up but yehaa to whanau :) Love it 20 in 20 sec except for that moment when you have to pile all the kids in the car. Tu meke

Lisa said...

Going well with that paperpack Kelly :) lovely LO