Thursday, March 01, 2007

Holey Guacamole!!!

I went over to Lisa's today to pick up my March kit - cos I'm too impatient to wait & FAR OUT!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe how awesome it is!!!

By now you may have noticed that I like a bit of bright...well the Rouge de Garance pps are right up my alley & Lisa has got a kit choc full of them along with some delicioso rouge de garange rub-ons....not to mention the ScrapFX alpha or the Go West monogram, let alone the Everlasting Keepsakes Framedango flourishy thing-a-mi-jig as well as some of the new primas and the little extras for the project (that's gonna be a heap of fun )- I can't believe you get a free class with the kit. AWESOME!!!!!!

I tell you it is SENSATIONAL value.
Sorry for the crappy photo I didn't think to take a pic during daylight - d'oh!

Yes indeedy, I think this calls for some new pics.

So girls it looks like I'm going to be a busy girl this weekend :o)
OK it's getting late & Taigy has decided that she wants me to drop her at school from now it looks like I'm going to have to get up early... I'll try to convince her we should start our new routine on Monday hahahaha


Heidi said...

Oh Course once I saw yours I couldn't resist either - have already placed my order with LISA - Cannot wait to see your LO's Kelly, I agree excellent value for money and the products are just soooooo scrumptious

Julie said...

Yep those papers are right up your alley!! Will be watching to see what you come up with.....

Mrs Frizz said...

Well then - look forward to seeing your creativity - I'm thinking that there are going to be a few layouts coming from the home of the challenge junkie queen - lol!

Julie said...

Wow, awesome kit Kelly!!
Have fun playing.

Penny said...

It looks lovely!