Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday's Update

Well Ravey & I went of to music this morning - I had fun, not sure if he did LOL...he's quite like Taigy in the fact that he'll sit back & watch, take it all in - then join it's been our 3rd week today & he's still not quite there - but look out once he clicks!!!

Taigy tells me that school is the end of the day she is absolutely shattered but still wants a playdate LOL!

Her behaviour was just disgusting for the first couple of weeks...its getting better, but I think we've got a way to go yet.
I've been spending alot more quality time with her after school & this seems to be helping alot - but I really need to nail down some serious house we started with no TV in the morning...which is probably normal in alot of households - but the first thing Wayno does inthe morning is flick the TV on - so its not just the kids I have to train for this one LOL!

Some of the other mums at school commented that the teacher doesn't seem very happy - which I must say I agree with - mind you, its only her 2nd year of teaching - but something doesn't seem quite right - she gets impatient with the kids & comes off as quite strict - which is OK - but I wanted my baby to have a "Miss Honey" (like in the movie Mathilda).

I actually think this teacher would be suited to older kids...unless she can relax a bit of the mums was saying that her little boy said "Miss XXXX doesn't smile very much mummy" which is quite sad - for her as well as the kids - cos she's only quite young - mid 20's maybe.

Well that's about her to the lawyer on Monday - so we'll see how that goes.

Some layouts to share..."Raven's favourites" is another entry in the SBO Get Real Comp.
The pps are from the SBO February kit..and I'm really into circles this week...inspired by this LO from MM Idol.
And JulieH's journalling note swap over at Embellished has me totally in love with making my own journalling spots... on this LO I used my sassafrass lass brackets stamps & on my Beyond Today LO I used my L'il davis journalling stamps flourish..I just drew the circles onto index cards with a template :o)

My Beyond Today LO is #1 in a series of 12 weekly challenges set over the next couple of months at Embellished.
Ali's such an angel, she's raising funds for Beyond the Blue - a campaign to raise awareness of depression in Australia & over the 12 weeks we'll be taking a journey of our own - so far I'm LOVING it!!
OK, that's it for precious son DIDN'T go to sleep when I put him down - so it looks like we're in for another adventurous afternoon :o)


Hannah said...

Wow that is sad about Taigy's teacher. Mostly that the kids are noticing something is not right, usually they aren't that observant about such things so it must be obvious to them. Maybe the teacher is not happy but feels "stuck". I mean it is difficult to quit your job or change age groups partway through the year ... but it could be something going on in her personal life that she can't leave at home. Whatever it is, I hope things improve and that the kids all have fun learning!

Great layouts too, I love the 2-pager and the concept is brilliant. Have always intended to do something similar with my boys. Keep up the great work Kelly!

Mrs Frizz said...

Raven's favourites - what a neat layout ... will be interesting to see what goes on his favourites layout in another few years time ...

A real shame about the Taigy's teacher being visibly unhappy to both parents and children. Hope she snaps out of it soon.

I'm sure that Taigy's behaviour will improve as she gets used to going to school. Yep, a whole new set of rules comes into play when they go to school and it is a real learning curve for both children and parents. We definitely had the rule about no TV in the morning, well not until after breakfast, getting dressed, teeth, hair - the usual stuff that needs to be done before you leave to go out anywhere and then if you were ready and waiting on Mum, well then and only then, was the TV allowed to be switched. Tough!

When my children started school one of the rules at night was to have everything ready and I mean everything ready for school the next day, from lunches being made, drink bottles being filled and in the fridge, pens and books in school bags, togs, whatever was required had to be ready the night before - saves screaming matches in the morning and running around looking for stuff at the last minute ...

Anthea said...

its the teacher that makes the difference in a child education I think, my oldest who just started this year loves it, but he has a few great teachers.

gorgeous LOs too!!!

Julie said...

You have been busy! Loving all the LO's Kel - they are fab.
Thats really sad about Taigy's teacher - a good teacher makes a big difference, Jos had a teacher in primary who couldn't be bothered with a special needs child - we ended up switching schools. Damn shame really - you wonder why they do it if its not what they want. Loved the reference to Miss Honey - wouldn't it be nice if all primary teachers were so sweet and caring - LOL!