Thursday, March 15, 2007

Busy Doing Nothing

I'm not sure what's been taking up my days - but I'm not acheiving much & the days are flying by.
Her's one LO I did - but I think I created this last week, just didn't get around to uploading.
Made mostly with the FABULOUS kit I got from Lisa..Rouge de Garance pps - YUM!!!
I managed to finish off a CJ that was meant to be SENT on Monday - what a slack-bum!!
Oh, Ravey turned 2 on Tuesday & I had nothing planned - in fact I still haven't got him a birthday pressy...maybe I can wrap up the DVD's I bought the other week & the new Buzz Lightyear shirt - do you think he'll mind that I'm late.
Anyhoo, Tuesday morning arrives & Wayne tells Taigy that it's Ravey's birthday - then he shoots off to work early cos one of his staff is sick & he has to open - fine & dandy, but Taigy says to me "Are we having a party?" and I say "no" & she says "well then its not Ravey's birthday if we don't have a birthday party" so I do a quick ring around the whanau & hello we have 20 people for dinner!!
So I spent the morning getting groceries & wouldn't you know Countdown doesn't have something I need - so I have to go to Pak n Save - what a mission, Ravey was an angel for me though...didn't have a sleep though gggrrrr
So time comes to pick Taigy up from school & wouldn't you know it - just as the bell goes the rain starts, by the time we get to the gate it is POURING. I don't think Taiga has ever been rained on like that before & she DIDN'T like it - Rave had dozed off only to be rudely awaken by freezing cold rain & wind driving into him - poor bubba and to top it all off we weren't going straight home - Taigs had swimming lessons, so we picked up a birthday cake on the way - I figured its not likely to melt in this weather & off we went to swimming & Taigy did fabulously!! So proud of her wanting to go under & practise her big arms - what a champ (compared to the first few weeks of term with sooky la-las!!)
Then we go home & start to get ready for the party - no decorations (I've just realised now hahahahaha) just food - then we don't have enough custard powder for the custard to go in the trifle - so another quick trip down to countdown - which naturally means loading the kids into the car - what a pain in the butt!!! Surely someone is going to introduce drive through grocery shopping one day..anyway we eventually get home & Nanny & Poppy turn up YAY!!
Ravey was soooo cute he just got his pressy & was happy to play - unfortunately I didn't get any pics cos I was in the kitchen - now I realise the importance of letting Wayne do all the catering - must bear that in mind for next time LOL!!
When Aunty Lisa arrived Ravey saw his pressy & starts to sing Happy Birthday to Me - too cute!!!
OK I think I'm waffling here - was I trying to make a point????
Oh yeah busy doing nothing - so Tuesday I did something, Oh & Monday we went to see the lawyer - the law has changed since Taigy was a baby - basically the courts try to get you to work everything out amicably, or give you free counselling work towards that end.
So you don't really need a lawyer, from what I gather you just call the family court to get info - kind of a good thing.
But we're beyond that - not that there's any animosity at the mo - but the issues we face are ones that we know Steve has a bee in his bonnet about so we'll have to do it the expensive way you think you'd get over the fact that she has a stepdad that she calls the vogels ad goes "its been 5 years micheal - get over it!!"
Oh...speaking of that - I did my #2 Beyond the Blue LO tonight - the theme was something you are proud of & I must admit that I am damn proud that I dumped that loser & moved on with my life -after seeing the lawyer it brought back a few memories - can you believe I was only with him for a year & in that time we had a break???
So, I honestly can't understand why he can't move on!!
And then there's the fact that he has 2 other daughters that he doesn't even acknowledge - apparently they were a mistake cos he was only 18 & 19 at the time...and get this - its OK to let them get on with their lives because "their mother was married & in a stable relationship" ummm so what was she doing screwing around with an 18 year old??? Meanwhile the girls would be 19/20ish by now.
When we were going through al the crap back in 2002 he tells the judge "there's no blood test to prove that they're mine" - yet he kept photos of them that the mother gave him - but the silly judge brushes those girls off as an act of youthful folly - one maybe, but 2 to the same mother ???? whatever!!!
The other memories that were stirred were of his pathetic little fits - tantrums really - if I phoned my friends, if I spent time with my sister/mother/SIL - he was jealous of me having any friends - any communication outside of the relationship - it was disgusting.
And I have a vague recollection of something about the car...he took it so that I couldn't go out or something when he knew I'd made arrangements to meet a friend - something like that - I think that was the straw that broke the camels back - I rang mum & told her to come get me I'm packing my stuff & moving home LOL!
God! What a loser I can't belive I wasted a year on him - but then I've got my Taigy I guess - but what a price to pay & to think that she has to put up with him - poor baby!!
OK I've rambled enough - I really should go hit the hay.
Nighty night


Julie said...

Oh dear - I can so relate to time flying and accomplishing very little - thats been my week this week - lol - my excuse is I have a cold and the weather did its abrupt about face!!
Sounds like you made a very very good move when you moved on from your ex!
Its not easy at the best of times.
Lots of luck with this Kel!!

Mrs Frizz said...

Loving the layouts Kell - sounds like you are going to be a busy little beaver scrapping layouts of nieces and nephews for family scrapbooks.

Memories are for ever and for ever we will cherish and treasure them. That's what scrapping is all about ...

Isn't it always the way that you run out of something in the pantry cupboard, just when you need it the most, the weather is yuck and you are in a hurry ... and it's Paddy's Day tomorrow, not earlier in the week ... lol!

Happy belated birthday greetings to your wee man.