Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Told Off

This crazy lady went nuts at me yesterday in Countdown...seriously man...I've never seen anything like it......

So, I'm at the bakery section & there's a lady getting bread rolls, so she's using the one set of tongs that was available there, so I grab a pair of tongs from the muffin cabinet next door, thinking nothing of it & go to get some bread rolls myself...anyway this elderly lady starts telling me off...she says "You've taken those tongs from the cake cabinet & you're using them for bread" & I say "yes, I am"...then she starts getting quite aggressive at me & starts going on about how I'm not allowed to take the tongs from there to get bread with them & that I should just wait for the lady with the bread tongs to finish & that I'm impatient & rude....well, I think this may be the first time I've really stood up for myself to a stranger & I say to her EXCUUUUUSE me lady, the tongs are there so that people DO NOT HANDLE THE FOOD, so its perfectly fine for me to use these tongs to get bread rolls"....well, like a bloody dog with a bone - she wouldn't let it go.....she huffs & puffs & says something about me taking the tongs that she was going to use to get a I pointed out to her that there were 2 other sets of tongs in the next cabinet over that weren't being used & that she could use them.

By this time she was just furious at me for taking "her" tongs..."Well you're just young & selfish and very RUDE" so I said back to her "NO, you just don't have the iniative to take two steps over & pick up a set of tongs that aren't being used, there is NO problem with me using these tongs to get bread rolls" Then she huffs & puffs & storms off!!

Anyway, the lady who was getting the bread rolls says to me "was that your Mum?" and I said "No way!", then she says "Oh, if I had've known that I would've ripped into her - but I thought she was your mum"

Turns out this lady (bread roll lady, not the psycho one) works in a retirement home with 300 old folk & a heck of alot of them are like this...OMG how sad is that?

So, in the post match analysis I was wondering what the universe was trying to teach me ...and although my heart was racing & I felt guilty for making an old lady angry - I think the point was that I should stand up for myself more - cos at the end of the day you've only got one life - so you might as well live out loud!!!

So, that was yesterday's drama LOL!

In other news, if you're looking to give your mojo a kick in the pants check out the Two for Tuesday weekly challenge.

This week's challenge is 2 pps + buttons.

And if you're keen to give your weekend a scrappy kick start be sure to join us in Friday Night Live.

Oh & I had a great week last week publishing-wise - I got 4 acceptances YAY & a confirmation of a project in For Keeps #61 !!!! So keep an eye out for me in the Aussie mags :o) You can say "that's my friend Kelly" to your DH cos that's what I do when I get the mags LOL ;o)

I'm going to try a little harder to get into Up2Scrap starting this week- just got to pull my socks piccys to share at the mo cos I've been doing DT stuff - oh but I can share with you some pics from our weekend away...we went up to visit my bro & his partner somewhere past Dargaville...about 3 hours north of Auckland, the kids had a ball...they were free to roam, there were chickens to feed, the weather was beautiful....Ravey's so funny though - despite having a great time, when the sun went down he says to me "Lets go home Mummy"...Then 5 minutes later, with his hands clasped like a beggar "Home Mummy.Please please please mummy" too cute!!
*** Can't share pics cos pc is being unco-operative :o(

Oh & I haven't given you the back to school update...Taigy is right back in the swing of things, loves her school...Ravey on the other hand, doesn't like his mummy to leave him - but I promised Taigy that I'd do mother help this term cos Ravey is at pre-school 2 days a week from 9-3.

So on Monday I dropped Rave off & he cried - my precious little prince - sucks to leave him - but I guess he'll get used to it. I rang pre-school after I did my mother help stint (which I LOVED...sooooo staying for morning tea next week) & they said he was all good, settled down OK & was enjoying himself - so I relaxed & went about what was left of my free time.

Then when I went to pick him up in the afternoon he'd been upset on & off for the last hour, so I've decided to pick him up an hour earlier until he's better settled...poor little tacker is sooooooo glad to see me when I get there

Might share some pics tomorrow.
Ohhh & did you check out Mrs Frizz's post about the Maggi Herb Roast vegetable bake...I managed to remember to pop some in the trolley yesterday despite my drama ;o)
Can't wait to try it!!
OK I've gotta go - I want to scrap


Siany said...

Sometimes it can be scary to stand up for yourself, and it sounds like you feel terrible for telling off an old lady, BUT when YOU are not in the wrong, you have every right to go off. Good on you! xx

Hannah said...

That old lady is the rude one, not you! Good on you for standing up for yourself. Some old people are just lovely and understanding when Tyler has a meltdown at the supermarket, but others are all "tsk, tsk" and saying things like "oh, why don't you take him home for sleep, he's obviously tired" (this at 9am!!) ... anyway, you have to stick up for what you know is right, and you weren't doing anything wrong.

Congrats on getting 4 layouts accepted, that's awesome! I also say "that's my friend ______" when I get my mags, too funny!

Lisa said...

great challenge girls, can't believe that women in the supermarket, same thing happened to me once when I left my dog in the car for a few minutes, this lady got the supermarket to announce on their loud speaker trying to track me down...LOL, how embarrassing!!!

Don't worry, some people have nothing better to do in their lives than interfere with everybody elses.

Anonymous said...

you go chicky! i totally would have done the same thing... ive told parents to not let their kids be rude and let them push in front of me at red rooster before.. she couldnt believe it, and had a go at me... i won and ordered before them lol! (they were old enough to know better!)