Monday, January 01, 2007

Keeping In Touch

I find it quite time consuming to keep up with everyone's blogs....when is a girl to get time to scrap & post on forums - let alone take pics & raise 2 little angels???

So to make it easier for you to keep up to date with me I have added a subscription service by feedblitz.

You'll see a little sign-up thingy in my sidebar.

All you have to do is enter your email address & click the button & when I update my blog a little blog checker comes along in the middle of the night (much like Santa) & voila in your mailbox in the morning is a message telling you that there's a new post by me :o)

Then you have the choice of reading it in your inbox or clicking over here & reading - easy peasy.

Now, this feedblitz thing is quite handy to sign up to if you like to keep to with blogs because it not only tells you that there are new posts, it actually has it all there for you to read in your email.

I discovered this while at Hannah's blog (thanks Hannah!!) and its taken me a month to add it to mine - but in the mean time I have been adding blogs to my "subscriptions" & it makes it sooooo easy to keep up with everyone - I've only got 17 in my list so far cos I keep forgetting to add when I get carried away reading LOL!!

Just one LO to share's my November entry fro Embellished's Biggest Comp Yet - I just love this photo of Wayne & Rave...I tell you if that boy grows up to be anything like his Daddy he's going to be a mighty fine catch!!!
Oh and on a final note I would just like to say a HUGE Congratualtions to Nan Jules on becoming the proud grandmother to a Brooke - a beautiful little Ray of Sunshine!!


Janine said...

I tell you the subscription thing is so much easier and it cuts down on time cos you don;t have to go through blogs trolling for updates!! It tells you!! Love the layout good luck with the competition.

Hannah said...

I'm glad I could help, Kel! LOL! I know how hard it is to keep up with all the blogs. I find it hard even with Bloglines and FeedBlitz!!

Lovely layout too, I hope you do well in the contest!

Tracy said...

Lovely lo Kelly, good idea about the subscription thingy I find it hard to keep up with everyones blogs too!

Ali said...

Hi Kel,
Just dropped in to say HI!!!! Love those layouts!
Chat soon
Ali x

Julie said...

Thank you so much Kelly!!!
I have to agree with the updates - I love reading blogs - but it can be time consuming - then the forum, then trademe ( i'm an auction addict!)last night I missed the start of Law and Order - thats sad!