Monday, January 15, 2007


It's 7.20 & Taigy is fast asleep in her bed after 4 days of excitement & 3 late nights.

She has been having sooooo much fun with Emma..but today she was just dog tired & I was copping the short end of it - NOT fun!!

But hoooray she's FINALLY asleep!!

It just occurred to me that I have been staying up late just to get some peace each night & man I am stuffed!!

But have been busy scrapping, so I must share cos its been a while ;o)

OK - it's out of order cos I didn't think to upload in any order & I'm not in the mood for rearranging (sorry about that).

Well "LollyScramble" & "Poppa's 80th" are both part of my Get Real album entries for the comp to win a Cricut over at SBO.

"Little Man" was done for Jacqui J's "use up your stash" challenge over at SBD..

I should mention that Taigy had her 5th birthday party on Saturday & the kids had a ball.

At the end of the afternoon they had pulled the helium balloons down & were singing Happy Birthday to taigy in their chipmunk voices - too cute!!

There was some action & adventure, a little bit of mystery (where did the $20 that was in Taigy's card go???)

We had pass the parcel, statues & pin the horn on the unicorn, follwed by a lolly scramble, barbie cake & goodie bags stamped with my new Autumn Leaves journalling stamps - I just HAD to use them LOL!

I made sushi for the first time & I think I'm hooked!! We had the delicious Tomato & Basil Dip that Heidi & I discovered at Tracey's when we went for a little crop - fast becoming a family favourite!!

Ok - back to the point LOL!

"Wish was done for Embellished's DT challenge for December "use hinges" & "School Shoes" was for Elsie Challenge #9 at Embellished.

I can't believe my baby will be going to school in a couple of weeks!!!
OK now I have to give some credits & I'll probably forget some.
The eyelet technique on Little Man was from Ali Russell.
School Shoes was inspired by popysmum (Melissa)
Wish I only managed to complete cos I was lacking motivation & Heidi gave me a kick up the bum challenge to get it done.
And Iborrowed Heidi's Sassafrass Lass border stamps to do the border on School Shoes - they are FAB!!! Will definately be borrowing them again.

Ok that's the update on the LO front - YAY!
Now, life's update - cos despite what you may think I do occassionally leave the scraproom LOL!!
Last night we went for a BBQ over at Heidi & Richard's and had a fabulous time.
The men watched cricket & had a good ole chinwag while Heidi & I perused mags & discussed the economics of scrapping while having a glass or two ;o)
Emma & Taigy played nicely together, but were mean to Ravey & Abi...& Abi was a sweet angel & looked after Rave for most of the night - she is just PRECIOUS!!! Love that girl!!
OMG the chicken we ate was DIVINE!!!!
Yep...we'll definately be back (if we're invited hint, hint, nudge, nudge).
Well embellished have the new monthly sketch & theme challenges up - so I'd best be off to make a start on them :o)
Will try to update more regularly...might be easier when sweetie-pie, huney bunny, sweet-cheeks little princess is off to school.


Lisa said...

awesome layouts once again Kelly, looks like you've been a busy girl over the holidays!

Heidi said...

Firstly - all your LO's are stunning as usual - WTG I just don't know where you get the time, Emma was asleep by 7h15pm tonight - absolutely bushed,

secondly, YES you will definately be invited again - GLAD you liked chicken

Speak to you soon.......

Janine said...

I agree you have been a busy scrapper and yet again awesome layouts. Awww it's so nice that you and Heidi are forming a great friendship and motivating and inspiring each other.

Julie said...

Awesome pages Kelly.

Julie said...

Know what you mean kelly about havin to stay up late just to get a little 'me' time - worth it though huh? also makes good scrappin time lol.
lovin all the layouts, you have been a busy beaver....they all look awesome!!

Hannah said...

Wow Kelly, you've been so busy!! I love the layouts, especially the Lolly Scramble one ... how did you do those letters?? Love them!

Glad Taigy had a nice birthday party. I bet she's excited about starting school!

Delys said...

wow girl those Los rock! Love the lolly scramble one and the shoe one too. Lol at hunny bunny, sweetie pie!

Mrs Frizz said...

Well challenge junkie, you scrapping goddess you ... some amazing layouts and you have been sooooo busy by the looks of it ... You must have albums bulging at the seams. Most impressed with all your creativity.