Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Waiting for the Postie

Not sure why I'm waiting for the postie- I'm not really expecting anything til late in the week (if then)- but I'm ever-hopeful LOL!
Anyhoo I've got a few minutes up my sleeve before I get summoned so I thought I'd share my latest creations.
The first is a double up of Lisa's challange & Embellished's January's Sketch challenge.
Lisa wanted us to use a clock & the word time in a LO & here is the January Sketch for Embellished - I was struggling with what to do until Lisa's challenge came up & then I was going to use 4 pics of Tai...but I couldn't find a 4th & these just seemed perfect.
I'm completely stoked with how this turned out....I used BG Blush papers from the SE January Kit .
I wasn't sure if I liked them at first...they seemed sooooo brown..but after completing 1 LO I'm quite pleased & I should be able to churn out some more ---oooooohhhhh an idea just popped in my head for a LO of Mal Mal with his Nanny Paki...hhhmmmm definately a blushable pic :o)
The 2nd LO is for the SBO "We want to see you Xmas Photos" challenge - this was another sketch - glad I got this one done I really wanted to scrap the pic of Tai with her that's done - phew!!
The 3rd pic I took yesterday of the car that stole my park...seriously rude - I gotta tell you I was fuming (blame it on the PMS) I had waited for the (previous) ladies to get in their car & pull out (at least 3 minutes) then this "woman" just drives straight in as I was about to turn in...anyway I just wanted to share that with you in case you ever see her in a parking lot - make sure you're quick!! LOL!!
If she had've had little kids I could have forgiven her (cos anything is forgivable to a mum with little kids - I can empathise LOL!!)...but she had like 10 year's hoping they don't grow up to be car-park theives - what a bad example to set...meanwhile - mine was just as bad for getting mad at her...but I told Taigy I was a naughty mum for getting mad & there's always another car park..and just then a lady came along who was going to her car - so we got that one & taigy was like "be quick mum we don't want anyone to steal your car-park aye" LOL!!
OK going to check the letter box.
See ya


Hannah said...

OMG Kelly I just LOVE that first layout!! Gorgeous!! That Blush paper is so awesome, I must get me some!!

Julie said...

Dont worry about getting mad! We all do at some stage! And that lady was such a C%$ - how rude! I got so cross at a lady who gave way while on a round about - I tooted and gave her a fright - she stalled - much to the delight of all the other motorists. I felt bad coz I had frightened her - but I was so angry that her thoughtless driving could have caused and accident - more with me because I overanticipated and drove onto the round about behind her - bad move!
I am in love with your time flies layout - its beautiful and hasnt she grown up?

Julie said...

Love that page Kel. I've yet to get my selfsome of the blush papers. May have to get some I think.

Julie said...

Lovin your layouts Kelly - that first one is just stunning - LOVE IT!!
LMAO at the carpark theif - totally cracking up at the thought of you hopping out to take a pic of the culprit - (sorry for the giggles, really can't help it, hmmmm hoping you've gotten past the fuming stage by now and can see it as being a little funny lol.)

ali said...

Hi Kel!
Congrats on winning the Cyber Crop for January at Embellished!!!! Love all the LO's you have done for it!
Absolutely LOVe LOVE that skecth challenge LO...just gorgeous!
Chat soon chook
Ali x x

Mrs Frizz said...

Time flies ... is absolutely gooorgeous. Loved the car park story ... that would be a pet hate ... someone stealing your car park - how RUDE!

Micaela said...

Did you get any mail Kelly? Hope so, I know it always makes my day.

Can't believe you took a pic of the carpark thief - too funny!

Love your layout for the sketch, very pretty!