Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Big Girl is Home

Wooohooo my 5 year old arrived home today!!

Seriously, her hair is longer & she is taller...she also looks older - its amazing what you notice after a few days apart.

She is just so lovely I'm so glad to have her home.
Wayne & I went out to grab some last minute pressies for her today & who should we see sitting down eating an ice-cream at the shopping centre - our very own little Princess.

She had already told her Dad that if she sees us there she'll be going home with sweet & independant - already calling the shots.

Oh man I just love that girl!!

All afternoon she's been "Love ya mum" "Love ya Dad", "Love ya Rave"...just adorable!!

Well, to keep me occupied while waiting for little Miss to get home I've been scrapping...Had a mini crop at SBO & a cybercrop at Embellished.

These are the creations from the weekend.
There is one other - but I'll save that for tomorrow.
I have doubled up challenges on "CAT" & "Beach Babes Boogie"
This year I'm going to continue to do a heap of challenges - but I will double up on challenges if I need to - I just want to make that clear.
I'm in the challenges for the motivation they provide & to support the sites that I'm active on...last year I felt really guilty about doing any doubling-up...but 2007 is a new year & I got a little frazzled at times last year trying to keep up - so this year I'm letting the guilt go & just getting on with scrapping.
My buddy Heidi is back at work tomorrow & her girls are off to Holiday Club so we're going to be a little lonely more popping down the road to share LOs & have coffee..or borrow a stamp - but we're getting together at the weekend - first for Taigy's party on saturday & then we've been invited for a barbie on Sunday wooohoo - I can't wait!!
Oh & a big shout out to Janine & Paula for the RAKs I'll notice them being put to use on "Beach Babes Boogie". I was absolutely thrilled to receive them ladies - thanks again!!!


Julie said...

WOW! What fab layouts! Love your work Kelly. Glad you have your "5" year old home - she sounds so cool.

Janine said...

loving all of those and aww at Miss Independant lol......your welcome on the rak and I say double up girlfriend......I am going to try and do more challenges this year and I will certainly be doubling up, I mean why re invent the wheel....

Megan M said...

Taigy is just so cute Kell - love both your layouts, especially the beach one!!! Good luck with all the challenges!

Hannah said...

Great layouts, Kelly!!! I love them all, but especially the "Beach Babes" one - very cute photos and love the pp!!

Heidi said...

Oh Kelly - I miss you already, I had such a good time - Love your LO's and I say double up.

Julie said...

Love all the pages Kel. I try to double up on chals where I can too.