Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Latest Creation

Here is my latest LO...its a double...WOW!!! I can't remember the last time I did a double that wasn't actually a double LO challenge LOL!!
The inspiration for this puppy came from a few sources....Embellished Monthly LO comp - theme "What Summer Means to You", NZ Dares challenge and the SBD & SBO challenges of late getting us to use our old stash...I think I only have 2 conchos left now ;o)
I'm actually quite pleased with how this turned out.
Journalling on the left talks about how different kiwi summers are to the summers I grew up with on the Gold Coast, and on the right it talks about how Rave & Tai love the wet sand - but Rave is always 1st to get his hands dirty.
Well this is just a short & sweet post - Tai is home after 4 nights away & she's ratty...woke Rave up from his nap {{gggrrrr}} with her performance about not wanting a bath - BELIEVE me she needed one - and is need of lots of snuggles to settle her back down.
So I'm off - but before I go...I got my kit from Embellished theother day & it is SENSATIONAL!!! I soooo can't wait to use it - I thought I would have by now - but I keep getting perhaps tonight when the kiddies go to sleep...or does Prisonbreak start back tonight??? hmmmmm we'll see


Janine said...

wow that is stunning Kel and I loved how you have manage to wrap up so many challenges into this one. Love the colours and the circles everywhere!! Awesome!!

Hannah said...

Great layout, Kel!! Double layouts are hard to pull off but yours is awesome - very fluid. Love the circles.

Oh, and I think you should put that scrapping on hold tonight because YES ... Prison Break starts again in less than 2 hours! Can ya tell I'm excited? LOL! And I've already seen half of season 2!! ;-)

Jo said...

Hey Kelly I love the colours...the layout looks so fresh and the conches look really bubbles, neat!

Julie said...

Great page Kelly. Love it. I have just done a double too. I don't do many of them.

Donna said...

Love that double!!
I have just recd my SC Issue 38 and congrats to you for your layout in there. It's awesome.

Julie said...

All those circles - how absolutely cool!! I love how you have combined so much!
I do a lot of double pages layout s- I use a lot of photos on some - so 2 pages work better - they can be harder to do coz you need to make it flow and you got that perfectly!

Tracey & Adrian said...

Hay that is so cool Kelly!