Tuesday, August 07, 2007

CJ Share

OK, the CJs are on their last round, ready to be sent home...some have already made it...so I'm going to share some of my pages...now the CJ round started in February, & I forgot to take pics of some of my entries...but I'll share what I have :o)

All up there were 14 participants in the round & we had a two week turn-around & used couriers to cut down on our postage time...the girls who set it up had it running like clock-work (I was the cuckoo hehehehe)

The first CJ theme was friends, and I did a LO about Heidi & I...can you believe that we have lived in the same street for 3 years????...but it was only through the SE forum that we actaully got to meet each other...what a crack-up..the sad thing is I still don't know any of the other neighbours :o{
The second CJ was a Wedding Day theme...I totally LOVED this one

This was a 6x6 double about our whirlwind romance...yes I know you've all heard the story before but I love the fact that I got it right this time - even after knowing him for only a week before agreeing to marry him...anyone who tells you it takes a year to arrange a wedding ain't serious about tying the knot!!
I had my dress made from scratch, my bridesmaid & flower girls dresses too, arranged a photographer & venue, did the invites myself (yeah, that was stressful), made a wedding CD with songs to be played at the ceremony & during the reception, got a celebrant & wrote my vows all within 6 weeks....anything that wasn't done didn't need to be done...and to top it off I met my step daughter on the day...now any wedding day prep will give you some stress...but no point in draggin' it out over months I say ;o)
Well, I'd better change Ravey's sticky butt...will share some more CJs tomorrow :o)


Julie said...

Wow - I'm just loving your work Kelly! Very beautiful creations.
The cj has been a blast - its been fun seeing everyones take on theme as it makes its way down New Zealand. thank you for sharing with me Kel!

Kelly said...

Firstly - I LOVE the page you did for me in the friendship journal - how crazy was that to find you lived near a cyber buddy?!
But wow! Your wedding page is totally gorgeous! Oh for an ounce of your creativity! LOL You've done amazing work and I look forward to seeing the others.

Lara said...

v.cool Kelly - love these CJ entries

Julie said...

Fantastic work on the CJ's Kelly, love hearing about your whirlwind wedding - I think your spot on in that if something is that special and important then to act quickly to bring it about, well done to you both.

Lynda said...

Kelly I love your wedding layouts.Just awesome.I love the heart.