Sunday, August 19, 2007

Time For a Big Share

If I can fit it in before I get summoned....Wayno is cooking brekky (bacon & eggs - YUM!!) & he's got this thing about me coming to eat it as soon as its ready....which is probably a good thing, cos if I let it cool a bit while I finish my post it may just end up being a cold lunch LOL!!!

OK just got the call - be back soon :o)

OMG - he sooo knows me...I go out there & its not even ready, so I ask what's going on & he says "every time I call you I know it'll take another 20 minutes" hahahahaha

So, looks like I have 20mins up my sleeve LOL!!!
OK, so I had a SUPER FANTASTIC DAY yesterday!!

I "worked" at Scrapbook Studio.....had an 11year old birthday party & the 10 girls (9 girls & a mum, cos 1 girl couldn't make it) made a super gorgeous canvas. They all loved their finished product & all had a great time....they were an absolute pleasure to teach - such a nice group of girls..sweet as pie with just a touch of tween attitude - perfect...that's how I imagine Taigy to be at that age ;o)

Anyhoo, if you're in, or coming to Auckland check out the classes at Scrapbook Studio, there's going to be some cool kids classes in the holidays, so keep an eye on the calander & if you haven't already go & sign up for the newsletter so you can keep up to date with the goings on.

Speaking of goings on, Lisa is now running crop nights fortnightly - next one is August 31st - always a great night, there's a door prize & a challenge prize - the challenge packs are fantastic & its so awesome to see what people do with I'm a bit of a cut & stick kinda girl...but after eying some of the other ladies' work I was thinking "Oh man! I could have made a couple of 6 x 12's" - not that the other ladies did - but something triggered the thought in my head LOL!

Speaking of Lisa, I've been trying to get a LO done using fibre (without buying any) & last night tried (and failed with) a couple of ideas....I think the real problem is that my fibre just ain't the right I might just have to ask Lisa if she has some bright stuff in her stash that I can borrow (forever) LOL!

Oh and I have some more super duper news.....I made it onto the Embellished proud to be working with the likes of Julie Heard & Sarah Gladman (SC colour comp winner) and ScrapperMaz (Marnie) & MessyHappyFun-K (Kirsty) are the two other wonderful ladies that are joining the team Yeehaaa!!! (links are to their galleries)

I suppose I'd better share some entertaining as my life is (LOL!) I'm sure you'd like to give your eyes a break from all that reading!

Summer Hats is created from Lianne's sketch for the SBD August Sketch comp...awesome sketch & entries are due 31st Aug - so go & check it out there's a $20 voucher up for grabs which can be used online at SBD or instore at Scrapbook Studio.

The monthly challenge is to use fibres creatively, stitching & a scalloped edge on a layout & the prize is:

One set of Fancy Pants Clear Stamps - Simply Stated $39.99

One set of Autumn Leaves Foof-a-la Rub-ons - Journaling Panels $9.99

How awesome is that!!!

Next, we have my Embellished DT single, this was a self-scraplift - I only realised on Wednesday that I hadn't missed the cut-off so I had to whip something up real I lifted this idea from one of my CJ entries...I always planed to lift it, just didn't know when LOL!

Next is my double LO entry - very simple, but I had fun placing the pics & loving Heidi Swapp masks at the mo.

I wanted to add something more to it, but just couldn't see that it would enhance it....meanwhile someone may recognise their RAKs being put to good use...I was rakked the photo anchors & flowers on "She" & on "Museum" I was rakked the little plaques.

And you'll notice HS tape on all three...when I'm on a good thing I obviously stick to it LOL, so slowly, slowly the stash is getting used.

I feel like I haven't bought anything for AGES...but in fact I splurged on a GORGEOUS tool tote on Friday. Lisa showed them to me on Wednesday night after class & I was thinking I'd like a hot pink one, or orange even...but then she mentioned "camo" & I had a look at my baby & fell in love - but was trying to resist, but I went up to the shop on Friday asked Lisa if she was still there, well, she hadn't been put out in the shop yet - so I was in luck!!!
Then I decided to get the little lady bugs, which are infact hole piercers for stitching...they come in a pack of two - single stitch & double stitch (like your levis ) Oh, and I got some Hambly transparency & a stunning piece of Anna Griffin pp which I have an idea for, but no we'll see how long that sits in the stash for :o)
On to other news...I was lucky enough to get my hot little hands on a Paper Pesto kit this month - man they are selling like hotcakes!!! Well done to Steph, Fi & Kate!!!
No, I haven't created anything as yet....I need to get some more pics of my niece & cuz...I have one - so we'll see if I can have something done by the end of the week.
Oh, the reason I feel like I haven't bought anything is because I'm waiting on an ebay purchase - which is taking FOREVER!! And also my SIStv kit got lost in a techno glitch after I ordered it - but that's now on its way too - so once again I am going to be inundated with kits - So I had better get my groove on & get soem serious scrapping done.
I was saying to Lisa the other day that I haven't been doing many LOs of my little Taiga-nui...poor little princess I just don't have many pics of her...she's always at school, or maybe its just that she's choosing her own clothes now & has lost her two bottom teeth - could I really be that shallow????
I don't think so...I've been taking more pics of her & Rave together too - and I think there's the fact that we always go to the same park & she always plays on the monkey bars - I mean how many times do I want to scrap that???
No doubt, when we get to the swinging from her legs phase that topic will be revisited - but until then that puppy can rest.
Meanwhile she's away this weekend, so no pics again - she went to her cuzzy's birthday yesterday - but I wasn't there - so no pics.
Oh well, this may give me incentive to scrap her baby/toddler/preschool pics...if only they were printed, or I could find the disc.
I remember one day when she was about 3, we got out all her dolls, put up a backdrop & had a cool photo shoot of her & her babies...I'd love to scrap those (if I could find them) and another shoot, with the tripod of her & I when I was 8 months preg with rave...some cool picks I can recall which woudl be awesome to scrap - IF I COULD FIND THE DISC!!!
OK, it seriously lunchtime now....I did stop for brekky...but I want to go out & buy something (don't know what yet) so we'll catch up later & I'll do the rocking blogger thing - cos that's another thing I was hoping to post about today....but at some stage I'm going to have to get off my widening butt & leave the house LOL!!
Have a fantastic day :o)


Hetty said...

Hi Kelly, just wanted to say hi and a huge CONGRATULATIONS for getting on the DT, your work is awesome and I am sure you are going to have a lot of fun, you deserve it!! Come and visit me at my blog at some stage when you get some time, I would like to add you to my list if that is ok. Good luck and please stay in touch.

Yvette said...

Huge congratulations on the embellished DT!!! I love seeing your beautiful creations. And I am green with envy at the tool tote, too cute.

Kate T said...

Kelly! That's awesome news getting on the Embellished DT! Well done you little star. I am going to have to come hang out at one of those Friday night crops at SS with you one night, sounds like fun! xx Kate- paper pesto.

Debbie said...

Kelly I just love the layouts, they rock! I went into Scrapbook Studio on thursday and did some serious damage. Didn't see those little bug stich things so might have to go back in the next couple of weeks.

Congrats on getting on the DT. That is great.

Hannah said...

Wow, mammoth post there Kelly!! LOL!

Congratulations on the DT spot, that's really fantastic! Love the layouts too.

Terri H said...

Huge Congrats on the DT Kelly...your work is awesome. Cant wait to see how you inspire us all.

Ali said...

Hi Kel,
It was great to call you and have a chat over the weekend. Cannot wait to have another gas bag!! Move here already will you!!!!!!

Welcome to the team!! Cannot wait to go crazy and have heaps of fun with you. Cannot wait also to see what you create for us!!!

Chat soon hun
Ali x x

Mrs Frizz said...

Woo hoo - congrats Kell - awesome - you wee scrapping machine you. Neat layouts and well done on the DT ... have fun being creative.

Julie said...

Wow - what a post Kelly! Congrats on the DT AND all those gorgeous yummy layouts!!

Julie said...

Welcome to the DT Kelly!!!
Am totally looking forward to working with you and seeing what you create for the site.

take care
Julie H xx

Nicole said...

Congratulations on getting on the DT, wasn't surprised, cuase your just rockin chick.

good to see you over at SIS too, fantastic site, isn't it.

And thanks for the RAK,


Delys said...

woohoo Kelly awesome news on the DT! You go girl!