Saturday, August 25, 2007

Feeling Green

not as in ill...just have been stuck on green backgrounds this week..well, you've seen Mal (below), but check these you ever get stuck in a colour rut???? check these out!

Don't get me wrong - I love them...but what's up with all the green?? Oh, perhaps I'm out of blue bazzill...hmmm something to look into LOL!

Hmmm wondering if there is any post-worthy news......OH, get this - how scatter-brained am I? (rhetorical question) I completely missed the dealine for the SE challenge - scrap a LO with no pics...I had all these ideas buzzing around in my head..and then Wayno buys me some Kahlua which came in this GORGEOUS packaging - totally tropical with a beautiful butterfly fit for Urban Lily rub-ons...and I was going to use this on my LO - well that was the plan anyway, so I'm happily contemplating sketches in my mind, then Tuesday night off I go to work - somehow thinking i still had a few days up my sleeve...and Wednesday morning at about 9am it finally dawns on me what day it is & that I have totally missed the dealine.....what an egg!!!

Oh well, you live & learn.

On a brighter note my goodies arrived from the US - yeehaaa!!!

I got my SiStv kit - delicioso!! and I made this puppy with it using my old pics...this is Tai & Creedy when they were about 3

Oh, I went & got my missing pics printed today too & did as Hannah suggested & asked for my 2ups (2 on a 4x6) to be printed onto matte paper...and they did - well the girl kind of made out that it might not work & that the paper may have to be changed over - whatever!!

Let's not get me started on the level of service at Harvey Norman...fortunately I love their prints ;o)

In other news, we were meant to go out for brekky today - we did a deal with Taigy that she could skip her bath if she had a shower in the morning...well, lets just say that didn't happen - so we didn't go out for brekky - she was happy to have a bath though & apologized for her behaviour (she LOVES supernanny!), luckily I was in the shower when she had her performance so it had no ill effect on my day ;o)

We ended up having a pretty good day - I went to the $2 shop witht he kids to get me some tattoos to try out Sares tatoo technique - flippen AWESOME, while Wayno & Dad went looking at cars.

Taigy had some spending money, so she was happy to shop & ravey was pretty well behaved..actually he was really good that I took them to whitcoulls ( a stationery/book shop where they have lego, colouring, mini playground & things for the kids to play with for free) I did manage to lose him for a minute while instructing Taigy on where to give the Thomas train back...but next thing you know, there he is strutting around the corner with a big grin on his he's cute!! And I really should know better than to take my eyes off him - even for a second!!

OK now its getting late...but before I go I just want to let my Pay It Forward girls know that their goodies will be in the mail on Monday..sorry for the delay - but I wanted to add something handmade & it took me a while to clear my desk to find the stuff I needed LOL, so my kiwi girls will have it by the end of the week & my aussie girls should allow two weeks (hopefully it'll arrive sooner).

Alrighty then, I'm off to see if I can conjure another LO before I hit the sack.

Nighty night.


Hetty said...

Wow Kelly the 'green' layouts are awesome, makes the pretty blue in the papers pop, fantastic job. Sounds like you had a pretty good day, can't wait to see what you come up with with the tattoo challenge!

Siany said...

Your green layouts are gorgeous!! Makes me wanna do something green! lol!! And who cares if youre doing heaps of them... if they look good, dont stop!! xx

Anthea said...

those are some fab LOs, i also get stuck on one colour too!! LOL

Terri H said...

Loving those green backgrounds Kelly. They looks aawesome & pack such a punch.

Hannah said...

There must be something in the water Kelly, as I've done 3 green layouts recently as well! LOVE yours, they are just awesome.

Glad you were able to get your 2ups done on matte paper!! Glad I could help you out ... I would never have known it was possible if the girl at the pharmacy hadn't told me (she'd noticed my normal 6x4s were all in matte, so wondered if I wanted them all the same. Which I did LOL) :-)

Ali said...

Hi there Kel!!
How is ya chicky? Will give you a call on wednesday!!Hope all is well.
Loving your LO's they are Fab chicky!!
Chat soon
Ali x x x MWAH!

Lynda said...

Oh bummer missing the deadline Kelly.

Mrs Frizz said...

Awesome layouts Kell ... you have been scrapping up a storm ... big time!!!

Nicole said...

You do the green so well, love it, and LUV the SIS kit, how much was it.


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