Monday, August 06, 2007

Cyber Weekend pt 2

Now, my 2nd cyber crop for the weekend was Saturday night at SBO, it was great to catch up with the girls & meet some new ones :o)

First challenge up was Lara's...she always likes to dish out a doozy ;o) The challenge was to create 2 cards: 1 birthday & 1 wedding one, using the same pp.

Not sure what I was thinking here...but I REALLY liked the was a big off cut & I thought it could do the trick...well for the birthday card part at least LOL, someone asked what pp it was & I didn't know because the name had already been chopped - I said it's bound to come to me in the middle of the night - and sure enough, just before I was about to fall asleep "Fancy Pants, Key Lime Pie" pops into my I'm thinking its from that collection ;o)

Anway it turns out that my niece is turning 6 in a couple of weeks, so I decided to make the birthday card for her...although the thought never even entered my head when I started the challenge - don't you love how some things just work themselves out!!!

Rach had a FABULOUS challenge of scrapping a diffferent size & suggested giving a 6x12 a I did that & I've gotta say I LOVE it - it was soooooo easy & such a great way to use up off cuts - I can see my box of scraps rapidly diminishing over the next couple of months!!

Donna's challenge was just perfect...the theme was Names...your name, nick names - whatever name turns you on ..I loved it because its one of those topics that I always intend to scrap - but never actually do..and so for this challenge I did Taiga's name...well I managed to cover one aspect of it - what the name conveys to me ;o) (click for bigger pics)

And finally there was Vicky's challenge, which was to use just cardstock, rub-ons, alpha stickers & pens...I saw a waaaaaaay cool LO the other day which used American Crafts stickers as a photo matt & was going to do something similar..but as luck would have it I couldn't find the stickers (so we'll save that for another day)...but I had printed off these 1/2 size pics of Rave when we went to trial playgroup & to be honest they're making my piccy piles a little bit messy, so I wanted to get them scrapped...I was thinking of doing a double...but then once I put them all down they seemed to fit OK...actually they worked perectly the first 2 times I put them on the page - but when it came to sticking them down, they went a bit haywire & I ended up with the gap where I have the stars LOL....I'm actually realy happy with how this turned out becasue as much as I love to buy rub-ons, I'm not all that good at placing them, so this was a good practice...I think I'll do some more LO's with these elements.
Oh, i just had a thought then...but I lost I'll change the subject LOL
The first round of the Ultimate Scrapper had us creating our own embellishments & I really enjoyed this...I would say I had fun - but that'd be stretching the was frustrating & fiddly - but I love the end result & I could be tempted to do it again & then I'd have no more of those thing-a-mee-jigs that have been sitting in my stash wondering if they're ever gonna get used :o)
The LO's are under wraps until Tuesday night I think...this is actually a pretty interesting comp becasue its Meg & the DT who get to judge - not the voting public - I kinda like that, just because its different.
And over at Embellished Idol the gallery is rapidly filling with AMAZING works based on Ali's sketch... like this little number from Binxy, this one from Michelle W, Maggie's entry is just precious & Hetty's is just sooooo pretty - I love pretty things...don't you??
My LO is of my Bro & SIL...they were over the other day & I managed to grab some snaps before they left...don't you just LOVE willing subjects.
Well I think that about wraps up this post...I'm going to get to work on my SBD entries soon & then I might work on some class layouts for the shop.
Time to pick Taigy up soon - so I'd better get little Prince ready :o)

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Hannah said...

Wow Kelly, you sure have had a full-on scrapping weekend!! I couldn't do all those cyber crops, I can't stay up that late and no way could I do 2 nights in a row!! Does your hubby feel like a scrap widow??!? Anyway, well done on all the layouts - they're fab.