Wednesday, December 13, 2006

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

Well, I haven't done day 10 & 11 yet...but day 12 is done. I went with boxing day - cos it was an easier option....I'll probably do another LO with 12 items as there are 11 kids in the family & I think Troy (my sis's stepson) will be joining us this year (that'll make 12) - so it will be awesome to get a pic of each of the kids on the day...which reminds me, that's day 10's (?) LO...we always do pics in the afternoon - so that one is sort of half sorted - just the xmas eve one to nail down.
I lifted the idea of the 2 big photo anchors (different shapes) from Ali...she's a gem! her work is just gorgeous!!!
I seriously need to get some more white cardstock!!!
Rave is having his sleep at the mo, Taigs is at pre-school - last day (except for the performance on Friday)
Well I'm going to go see if I can knock out a LO for the NZ Dare.
Might be back later :o)


Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Kelly,
Gotta love a boxing day sale...
This is a gorgeous LO... Fantastic Design...

Janine said...

gotta love those boxing day sales....was cool to see what you have in mind for the others. 12 kids now thats a brillant idea.