Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

I have just completed my last LO for the year & entered it into Embellished's "Biggest Competition Yet"
This pic was taken the other day when Heidi & I tokk the girls & Ravey to the beach.

Well 2006 has been extremely good to me...I can vaguely recollect some goals from a year ago.

One of the things I definately wanted was to make new friends - who knew they would be this wonderful????

To all my peeps at Embellished, SBO, SE & SBBD you have made 2006 an incredible year for me.

The girls I have met in real life are just absolutely sensational.

I discovered an awesome friend in my own back yard, well almost - in my street - now I don't really want to move- but I still want to get out of this house LOL!

Looking back on 2006 I have had a superb year - but the best is yet to come...bring on 2007



Heidi said...

What a perfect heading for this photo. Whilst it was uploading and I saw the first part of the heading "Beach" the next word which popped into my mind was BUM. Fab LO Kelly, it was a really good day - the girls had such an awesome time and your bacon & egg pie was YUMMY. Cannot wait to see Ravey's LO with his truck. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND ALL THE BEST FOR 2007.

Janine said...

Happy New Year Kel!! I love wcrapping and blogging and how so many friendships have been formed online! Cracked up that you and Heidi lived in the same street.....Great layout!!

Mrs Frizz said...

Happy New Year - may 2007 be kind to you all.

May you form new and life-long friendships.

From one scrapping buddy to another, may 2007 find you all fit and healthy, a little poorer [not too much] due to buying scrapping supplies and to the rest of the world in years to come, a lot richer, because you have taken time to be creative now for generations to come ... take care.

Ruth said...

Lovely lo. Hsppy new year to you and yours.

Megan M said...

Great layout Kell - have a wonderful 2007, love reading your blog and seeing your work!

Julie said...

Love the page Kelly.

I feel the same way about the friendships I have made in the scrappy places I visit.

Hope you have a happy 2007.

Chat soon.

Julie said...

Happy New Year Kelly! Scrapping and blogging and forums have really opened up new doors and there is no looking back!
Love the title of the LO - perfect!