Saturday, December 09, 2006

12 Days of Christmas - Day 8

Oh, I'm a little bit behind the 8 ball at the mo.

I had Creed & Jorja to look after for most of Friday & that threw me out of whack - 4 under 5's - that was fun.

Jorjy is just an easy going...Creedy & Taigs - that's another story if one's not telling on the other they're usually playing nicely & my litte Prince, Raven well he's just perfect.

So, I didn't get round to doing the 8th day until today...and then we went over to Mum & Dad's - so I missed Donna's challenge from the SBO cybercrop on Friday night....nevermind.

On a brighter note we went to have a look at a Canon 400D today...but I've decided against it: ::SHOCK::

A couple of things don't suit me...I've become accustomed to using my LCD screen for taking shots & I can't seem to go back to the old school of looking through the viewfinder. Also it seems I'm not cut out for SLR at the mo - cos I really like my little movies of the kids...I love how on hollywood movies "happy families" always have footage of kids playing in the yard & stuff & I sooo want movies like that for when my kids are older.

So, at the end of the day it comes down to convenience over performance for I'll stick with my little A620 for now....a bit disappointing cos Wayno had already made secret arrangements with my SIL who works at Harvey Normans for the hook-up...nevermind as a consolation he's going to get my laptop fixed on Monday :o)

Oh, now back to the point of this post......the 8th day's challenge was all about who you hang out with on Christmas Day.
In the morning, its family time - just the 4 of us. Lunch is the whole whanau ie Mum, Dad, bros, sis & the mokopunas.
Tai gets picked up by her Dad & goes off to do her family thing with Nan, Grandad, Aunty, Uncle & cousin
Then we come home & have the adult kids over & our mokopuna...a few drinks, a little reminscing...kicking back...oh & maybe just one more helping of trifle ;o)
Challenge 9 & 10 have been posted - so I'd better get my A into G tomorrow & get them sorted, along with Lara's foodie LO challenge from the SBO CC.
There are still Tarisota RAKs up for grabs for posting a comment on Janine's blog...gotta be in it to win it my friend:o)


Mrs Frizz said...

That's a lot of littlies running around - I'm pleased that you got through it ... to scrap another day - lol

Janine said...

love those photos on that layout. classic....and I hear you on the 400d. I am slowly getting used to using it. But it is ten times better than my little sony....

Julie said...

Love the 8th day christmas layout Kelly. I too love the way xmas mornings are with our own little family, enjoying each other before teh chaos starts with trying to visit everyone in one day.

take care........

Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Kelly, this one is gorgeous...