Monday, December 18, 2006

12 Days of Christmas

I have managed to do another LO for the 12 days challenge set by Janine...this one is about Christmas there is only one more to go...the entertainment/xmas afternoon LO..I want to get some fresh pics for this one - so that'll be a whipped up after the event.

I got the idea for this pic from this pic by Missymuh at Embellished....thanks miss!

Had a fabulous some scrapping done - completed a canvas from Chris Millar's class on Friday night & got a LO done for the xmas swap @ SE...I'm going to have to do another LO for his one though - I got a packet of the jesse james buttons - it has gingerbread man miniature cookie cutters, rolling pins, buttons, gingerbread men & had the word "believe"... I managed to use "believe" but will do some baking with Tai, take some pics & do another LO to use some more of the goods I got...I think I'll take a wee break from the swaps for now - so I'll try to make the next one delightful LOL!

I got the idea for the tag through the bookplate from the fabulous Miss Ali of Embellished, the stars were done using Nic Howards beadiful technique...I think I need to practise this...I didn't have a pencil handy, so was using a needle...note to self - get a pencil sharpener & pencil!!!

Well Taigy had a fabulous weekend.. she had a play date with Emma (Heidi's daughter) gee its lovely having them in the same street...we've been doing a bit of popping over lately & its been really nice.

Tai's play date went really well - the girls made cars out of big boxes & Taigy insisted on driving her's home - too cute.

She wanted to sleep over at Emma's, but we had Lexi (our grandaughter) coming for the night..I have to say I am a bit of a mean granny...we went shopping on Sunday to get some xmas shopping done & Lexi is going through a dress phase - so she was wearing a gorgeous dress - naturally Taigy wanted to wear a dress too (cos she's such a little sheep at times) - well she doesn't own any dresses so I said we'll buy her one while we're out - all good.

Now she has 2 dresses & just loves to twirl LOL!!

Yippeee, her watch arrived in the mail today...we bough a $2.50 digital watch off trademem the other day & she has been checking the letter box 5 times a day ever since I hit the buy-now button...tooo cute!!

OK, so no more pre-school & its raining...better feed the kids & try to get Ravey to have a sleep (fingers crossed) then Tai & I can do some scrapping :o)


Heidi said...

Kelly I love your Christmas Eve LO - the photo is absolutely gorgeous and the way the papers are underneath are just FAB. Glad to hear Taiga's watch arrived....

Julie said...

You have been busy - what gorgeous layouts! don't you just love how obsessive they get when they know something is coming int he mail - not unlike certain adults tho - LOL!

Mel said...

I love those layouts - especially love your use of empty space - just awesome!

Micaela said...

Love your layouts Kelly!

Have a lovely holiday period, and take care!

Mickey xx