Friday, July 27, 2007

3 Days in a row

I might just be back into the swing of things :o)
I've got a couple of LOs to share that I did yesterday.
OMG was done for the warm up challenge for the Ultimate Scrapper Comp over at Scrapbook Essentials
And Winter Delight, is my entry for the July challenge at Embellished.
It was quite fun to do the OMG one...I was thinking my scrappy space looks like a train wreck, so I added the choo choo ribbon & then I had a closer look at the photo & there was actually a train wreck there - tooo funny - a train & plane have collided on my desk LOL - so that worked out even better than I had hoped.

Looks like I may have a full on time over the next 8 weeks - I've signed on for both the Embellished Idol 2007 Comp & SE's Ultimate Scrapper..I think it'll be fun to have a play with the challenges & hopefully gain some more skills & techniques along the way.
Now, I picked up some Adirndack Paint Dabbers from Scrapbook Studio the other day & i've gotta say I'm in LOVE!!!!
The paint on both these LOs comes from a dabber - red & pearl white - they are just soooooo easy to use, mess free & no waste - sure they cost a little more that a tube of paint - but I figure that there's so little waste that it probably works out to be the same price if you compare the quantity of paint actually used...did I mention there's no paint brushes to wash afterwards???? Yeah, now I'm convincing myself I'm saving time & money hahahahahaha.
OK, just one last thing before I go..just want to send my thanks out to the universe for giving me an fantastic year....I've had alot of awesome things happen this year & I just want to say that I am completely grateful for them all.


Michelle TW said...

Hey Kelly
have been out of tocuh so thought I'd drop in a say hello! LO look great

Shell Honig said...

Awesome LO's Kelly! Think I might have to get some of those paint dabbers!!!

Mrs Frizz said...

Love that winter layout Kell and yep, know all about the dabbers - best thing since sliced bread. Denim is gorgeous!!! Expresso, well you can't wrong with the Expresso - yummy!!!!!

Vicky said...

awesome LO's the OMG...know how that feels lol! good luck with the challenges

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly...found your blog! :)

wonderful LO!!....I must go on the hunt for those dabbers!

and I tagged ya!

Ilka said...

Hey you! Gorgeous LO's as usual! If anyone can do 2 big comps well at once it's you chick! Good luck!! I know you'll have lots of fun:) Giggles about the dabbers, might just HAVE to try them myself.