Thursday, July 05, 2007

RAKKety RAK - where's it at??

I am having a bit of a tidy up at the mo and got to thinking that over the past couple of months I have received some awesome RAKs but haven't had the chance to use them.

So what I would like to put to you is....if you have RAKed me & have been wondering if I 'm ever gonna put your goodies to use, please leave a comment giving a description - however vague (cos I know you probably can't remember exactly what you sent) and I will do my best to put your goods to use.

I honestly do appreciate the thought that goes into your RAKs & while I do get to use some, others get set aside for "one day" or "the ideal LO" so I just want to honour all my thoughtful friends who have sent me something & give you the opportunity to give me a kick up the butt ;o)


Kelly said...

Thanks for visting my blog.
I enjoyed meeting you at scrapcamp also.
Am yet to update my blog - job for this weekend.
Look forward to seeing you at future scrapcamps!

Julie said...

Wow scrap camp sounded so cool!!
Good luck with the RAKS - my little helpful hint is to put the RAKS in a wee plastic baggie with the name of who sent it and pin it to my message board, coz most RAKS are beautifully coordinated sometimes it wis the perfect compliment to a page.

Mrs Frizz said...

Yep ... have fun fun using some of those RAK goodies Kell ... look forward to seeing your creativity [in due course - ROFLMAO] ...

Mrs Frizz said...

Oops, that published before I meant it to ... was supposed to say ... GO YOU!!! You scrapping junkie YOU!!!