Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back From ScrapCamp

Man!! those girls (Yolande & Lianne) really know how to put on a scrapcamp!!
I had an absolute blast.

The scrapping...the shopping...the classes....the inspiration...far out I LOVE SCRAPCAMP!!!!!

It was sooooooo great to catch up with some girls from the Nov '06 camp...I don't want to name names (Sandra) in case I miss somebody out.....but it was great to chat to Tracy & Lee...although I didn't get to chat to Ruth, I know who she is now...so I'll be hunting her down next camp to have a chat ;o)

Awesome to meet Andrea from SBO, also Rach, and to see Trina & Donna again after a brief meeting at SENZ...always awesome to see MichelleTW - she's just plain cool!!

And of course it goes without saying that it was an absolute delight to meet Chris & to hear her beautiful aussie twang - dang that makes me want to move back to QLD!!! I'm telling ya queenslanders are just pure sunshine & joy!!!

She taught a sensational class using mod podge...I'm hooked!!!

It was fabulous to spend time with my roomies, Kirsty, Kelly, Kirstin, Ilka & Heidi-Hi...I really enjoyed getting to know Kirsty better - she was at our table last year, but had a little one, so went home @ night ...so this year was just better having her there fulltime.

Then there was the fabulous Ms Walker & her posse...its always good to see Lisa & I'm so glad Tracey joined her - it was AMAZING to see Nicky in action...she tutors at Scrapbook Studio & her work was just GORGEOUS..actually the finishing to the SJ binder's that went on at Lisa's table was inspirational... then there was also Rachael & Kate at the table & another lady who's name I didn't get but she was waaaayyyyy cool and had a funky hippie outfit on, like a 70's undercover cop who was toking LOL! Rachel the big sweetie-pie gave me a little felt needle holder...one of the MANY highlights of my weekend!

I didn't get to chat to any of the girls on Faye's table....I'll put that on my list for next camp...and there was another table or two that I didn't have the pleasure of chatting with, I think it was the girls at Sandra's table...and one other table had a couple of the challenge winners on it - so I'll get off my tooshy a bit more next camp.

Now, I haven't forgotten my PESTO peeps - those chickies are soooo cool...Kate's all sweet & innocent looking - fabulous disguise for the outrageous rebel that lies within!! Steph is just a delight...I get the impression that she's the quiet one of the bunch..but with Fi & Kate at her side I don't think she stands much hope of staying uncorrupted.

I took my July pesto kit (Ruby Razzle) down with me to work on & it is GORGEOUS...I know I'm biased...but I'm telling you it was sooooooo easy to work with - I popped out 3 layouts no sweat...problem is it was so damn easy to use that it's almost all gone already.

The whole kit is just gorgeous...your senses will be reeling when you get it...you'll want to paw everything...I fell in love almost instantly ( I don't so anything instantly anymore...I'm always being distracted LOL).

There were a couple of ladies who came up & had a look at the kit & they fell in LOVE, so I get the feeling that you'd better be in quick for this month because a little birdy told me that the numbers are definately limited on this baby.
I just popped over to Nic's blog & she mentioned that this is the first scrapcamp she's missed - poor bugger.
I'm telling you girls start saving your pennies for next year because it is an AWESOME weekend...and it keeps getting better!!
Oh I should mention that Ms Heidi-Lucky-Pants & I were hoping to score some sequins a la Rachel's on the way out of town & as Hiedi-Hi's luck would have it we arrived at like 1.59 & the shop shut at 2pm - so we were in like Flynn - yeah baby!!! And we knew Lisa was heading that way too so we grabbed a couple of extra packs before they closed the till & locked us out :o)


Julie said...

Sounds like scrapcamp was a total blast Kel!!! Is always great to get together with people who have the same obsession LOL.
Great work on the layouts - they look fantastic!!

Hannah said...

It really sounds like a great weekend! I sooooo wish I could afford to go!! :-(
Can't wait to see what you produce from the PP kit - it is a gorgeous selection of goodies and I hope I'll be able to get my hands on one this month (you're right, they are in short supply!)

keamac said...

Hi Roomie!
Like I promised I've stopped in to leave a comment and say Hi instead of just lurking around your blog. I'd better get my skates on then if I want to order a PP kit - I'd hate to miss out. I think of convinced one of my sisters to come to the next Scrap Camp with me - I'm definitly going again and now I know some people it'll be even better.

ruth said...

yeah I was the quiet one sitting next to the noisy one! LOL

I didn't pluck up the courage to venture around too many people. Next time we'll have to organise a SBO meeting.

Thanks for stopping by my blog

ruth said...

Ok I just clicked, were you wearing a top similar to mine on Sat night??

Kirsty said...

Hey Kelly, it was cool to share a table with you again, your work is very inspiring... especially the speed you can put things together! Catch you again next scrapcamp :)

Chris Millar said...

Hey mate! Was great to finally meet you!!! Thanks heaps for helping me get those girls making some noise!LOL Good luck with the teaching you were telling me about! I know people will love you and Heidi!

Julie said...

Sounds lkie you had a fantastic time - maybe I will make it next year.
Loving your layouts and the paper pesto kit looks devine!!

Anonymous said...

hi kelly
Its Rachel. Would just like to say that the design for the fab needle book came from Kerrin Quall. They are just so handy that i had to make my own, and a few extra's. Glad you like it !! We had such a great time at scrapcamp can't wait for the next one