Monday, July 16, 2007

.......And Another School Term Starts

Wow!! Where has the first half of 2007 gone????

Taigy headed back to school today - happy as Larry.

Rave & I are hanging out together at home in this wet weather - YUK - not looking forward to the school pick-up ;o)

Had a fantastic get together yesterday with the local forum girls from Scrapbooking by Design - way cool bunch of chicks & Lisa is just so fabulous & generous for opening the shop for us to have our get-together.

I played with beads yesterday...haven't finished the LOs so nothing to show just yet.

I have been quite slack with the sharing of late...hmmmmm it may have something to do with getting used to my new camera & the "15 step process" of taking pics & uploading - was MUCH easier with my little canon.

Then again, I'm at a different place with my scrapping at the mo - I have still been doing quite a few challenges, but not necessarily uploading - just enjoying the challenge really.

This morning there was a thump at the doorstep & I opened the door to find my contributors copy of Scrapbook Creations #44...Ravey's LO got a full page on pg100 - pretty stoked with that.

And last week I received my 2nd ever cheque from SC...I think the LO was published back in Feb...but I kind of enjoy the seeming randomness of payments - makes for a lovely surprise when it does arrive & keeps the anticipation alive every time I go for the mail LOL ;o)

This weather is not very conducive to positive thinking...I'm feeling more inclined to tuck myself up on the couch with a good book rather than scrap at the mo...but I have a few unfinished bits & bobs that I would like to get done - so I might just work on them today.

I have delved into the world of wearing make-up over the last couple of days....scored tickets to the L'Oreal friends & family sale & there were some serious bargains to be found....LOTS of anti-aging creams, hair dyes, lippies, nail polishes, self tan this summer I'll be glowing with youth & looking superbly tanned while casually flicking my lightened locks rom my dazzlingly beautified eye lids & lashes...oooh I can't wait to see those pics hahahahahahaha

Well, I think Rave needs to be feed, so I'd better prioritise my afternoon :o)

One last little link to share with you before I go....a one-stop shop for CHA 2007 Sneak peeks


Mrs Frizz said...

So you don't just have a scrapping stash now huh - you have a secret stash of make-up - lol.

Look forward to seeing your next round of creativity.

keamac said...

How cool - a whole page for the layout. Loved the layout by the way. I started back to school today too - You're right, the first half of the year has just zoomed by! I don't want it to zoom too fast 'cause my baby is off to Intermediate next year.

Debbie said...

Congraultations on the Full page layout, can't wait to see it and I hope that the first day back at school went well.

Julie said...

Saw your layout in SC kelly - looked fantastic on it's own page.
It's definetly curling up with a doona and book weather isn't it - and I'm in rocky lol.

take care
Julie H xx

Ali said...

Hi Kel!!!

Jsut though i would drop in and say HI Chicky!!!!

Take care and chat soon ok
Ali x x