Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm Baaaaack!!

Yes another post!

Yeehaa, I may be getting back into the swing of things :o)
It'll have to be a quickie cos I just got a text from Mum saying she's on her way :o)
So, I had my first teaching night last night & it was sooooo much fun - it was a beginner class with a lovely bunch of ladies.
It was so refreshing to see people embracing the craft with beginner's I feel so invigorated & honestly, so blessed to be able to share my love of scrapbooking with these ladies..I can't wait for next week!!!
So, I thought I'd share some stuff that's been sitting on my desk for a week or 4 LOL, I had to go to spotlight & grab some more page protectors...I swear they disappear!!! That's about my 3rd 50 page pack for the year!!!
So, first up we have have a Ravey page...I got these Junkitz papers from Scrapcamp LOVE 'em - but think this is a bit busy & too plain at the same time LOL!!
Next, we have one of the free online classes that comes with the SBD kits....I think this was JO's class - I couldn't make it on the night...and mine has gone off on a tangent quite far removed from the original....but the cutout heart remains :o)
I did this one at scrapcamp...I'm obviously VERY behind on my sharing!!
This was a very cool kit...very pretty & lots of wee embellies that are waay cute...must get around to using them!!
And finally a little number I did at the Scrapbook Studio crop the other night, I used a left over frame from piece of French Twist paper & then added some bits & pieces from my Embellished kit & my SE you get the sence that I'm a kit junkie????....might need some therapy for that - retail therapy hahahahahahaaha
I have another little confession - but we'll save that for another day ;o) not as quick as I thought I could be...Mum's here with my little Mal Mal (malakai) so I might just grab some pics of the boys playing together :o)

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