Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Its Been A While..

but here I am & I realise that I have not shared my Pesto work here yet...of course you may have seen it over at the Paper Pesto Blog, but sharing it here give me that chance to say how much I LOVED this kit.

The textured paper was delicious to work with...the paint is a surprisingly versatile colour...suits me just fine...there were plenty of embellies & the stickers were absolutely gorgeous...I'm on a bit of a sticker binge at the mo...they are soooooo much easier than rub-ons ;o)
The whole kit was sooooooo well put together....I'm thinking I must see if I can get in quick for the next kit, which is shaping up to be pretty darn gorgeous too!!

Back to the subject of stickers...I have a little confession to make (Wayne close your eyes)...I have had a little ebay see, the thing is that the exchange rate is just so damn good at the mo it really would be criminal not to take I have succumbed to the call of the mighty greenback.

So that's one thing that I've got up to date...I'll share some more layouts soon..I'm just scattered at the mo...been busy doing nothing & spending waaaayyyyy too much TOTALLY unproductive time on the PC.

OK I can see rain clouds forming, so I'd better get my damp washing off the line & throw it in the dryer...see sometimes I do actually leave this office to do housework...Oh, I'd better cook some dinner & feed the kids while I'm at it :o)


Hannah said...

It's a gorgeous kit - and mine should be in the post tomorrow!! Yay!! I've had to wait all this time to see if there were any left over and there were! Can't wait to get it, because you 3 girls have made it look sooooo appealing with your DT layouts this month ;-)

ruth said...

oh that looks like a cool kit! Love the layouts you've done

Mrs Frizz said...

Awesome layouts Kell ... beautiful.