Saturday, October 14, 2006

Random Challenge

Have you checked out the Random Challenge Generator??

My advice is to only tick a couple of boxes ;o)

So JulieMarie got a purple/brown combo & challenged the girls at Scrapbook Essentials to create know me - couldn't resist...managed to resist the one it generated for me though LOL!

I also did a 1 hour challenge with Ali yesterday..she is sooo cool - I just love her...can't wait til April when I'm going to meet her at the Embellished Retreat Yahoooooo!!!

So the rules for this challenge were that the title had to have the word "life" in it.

I was tempted to print off a pic of Reign...but I was burning pics to DVD & the computer was running slow so I decided to take one from the pile & stretch my imagination & this is what I came up with. I adore this pic of my family & I really have been working on my journalling...Julie sent me some index cards in a RAK...which have given me an alternative to notebook pages...loving pre ruled lines...oh on this LO I've used the reverse side of some pp which has a black background with circles & school words...anyhoo the back of it is just lined like a notepad - very handy

Oh and the journalling is definately getting deeper LOL.

I had cut the pp for a double you ever do that??? Cut the pp & then realise its all wrong - or one thing changes & then the pp is all wrong??

On another note...have you seen the Autumn Leaves Stamps that Meg is getting in?? You'll see she is also gettting the Designing With 2007 Calendar...definately getting one of those... I got 2006 one & now there's no going back!

Oh I also did my Round 3 of Embellished Idol..... The challenge was a minimalistic LO with Title & Journalling. I did a LO of my niece Jorja and yet again the gallery is filled with sensational stuff...the talent is astounding !!


Anthea said...

thankyou for your kind comments!!!

your work is gorgeous too, and Yes I LOVE Ali as well!!!

congrats to your family on bub! sounds like a lovely suprise! LOL

Julie said...

Good luck for round three kelly, your work has been fantastic.
Great take on the purple and brown challenge, might have to check out the challenge generator for those times i get stuck.
take care..........

Julie said...

Great pages Kelly. That chal generator sounds like it could be a great chal at times. Would never of thought to put purple and brown together.

Ali said...

So cannot wait to meet you either Kel!!!
It is going to be an awesome Retreat! We are going to have sooooo much FUN!!!
Chat soon
Ali x