Monday, October 02, 2006

More Sharing

Here's some more LOs I did over the weekend...

The "Angels of Mine" LO is my entry for the 'Get Real" comp being held over at SBO...with a chance to win a Cricut - YAY!

September's theme was "Me & Mine". October's is ""@ Home" I might need to do a quick tidy.

Oh I should go & take a pic of Rave sleeping...he hasn't been settling for his day-time naps for the last couple of days - probably because its school holidays & there have been alot of kids around - but today I decided to just leave him in the room til he fell asleep.

So 30 seconds after I left him he was trying to bang the door down - but the girls were playing up (I have my niece over for the week) so I was playing ref to them....then I came to check emails etc (as you do) and shortly after I realised that all was quiet in the I went in to check on my little Prince, thinking he'd be crashed out on the floor...but Bless His Little Heart he had climbed back into his bed & fallen asleep all by himself....what an angel!!! He's only 18 months old...oh sooooo precious!!!!

The Happy Go Lucky LO ...I hate the "Happy"definately going to fix that (one day). The "Girlfriends" I love the pic of the the LO...just feel like it needs something else...I'll pop it away for now & see if it haunts my dreams LOL!!!

"Don't Squeeze Me" is one of my favourite quotes to come out of Taiga's mouth...."don't squeeze me Daddy, cos then I'll be a lemon" too cute!!!

OK be back later.

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