Monday, October 09, 2006

Holidays are over

My girl was so glad to be going to pre-school today..but I'm missing her...our first couple days of the holidays were a bit of a whirlwind, then she went to her dad's for 5 days...she got back on Sunday, but we had my niece stay for the second week of the hols so I didn't really get much time with my girl.

The first 2 days back from her dad's she was in "settling back" mode (aka a right little madam!) and once she settled down there was the inevitable Keziah did this/Taiga did that between the cousins...Keziah (ZiZi) is 9 & Taigy 4... I don't think that's a crash hot combo. ZiZi wants to do more grown up things & Tai wants to copy her - which I "get" can be frustrating for Zi...but hello I want to do my own thing too LOL!!!

So I was glad to drop Zi home on Sat..then Tai had a huge sleep when we got home & has been a perfect angel ever since....and now pre-school gets all that good behaviour & I'm back to getting the tired girl at the end of the day.

I can't wait for Thursday when I have her all to myself again!

Well I had a great night at the Embellished CyberCrop on Friday night...but woke up crook on Saturday...might have been the KFC from Friday nights dinner...not sure - but I'm still feeling the effects!

Anyway we had 4 great challenges set by the lovely Lorrie & surprisingly I managed to complete them all.

No. 1 was a sketch challenge & had to use predominantly pink
No.2 was an Idol challenge - had to have the word Idol in the title & scrap a page about one of our idols
No.3 was a primary colour & shape challenge - had to use at least 2 primarys & 3 shapes....funny thing...after posting it I realised i didn't use any pp - oh & the photos are Vicky Gibson I got sooo much out of that class!!
No.4 was using a household item for inspiration - but I'll share that in the next post - cos blogger is doing its 3 pic limit thing to me.

OK that's my share for the day...I'm going to go & get some DT entry stuff sorted.

Oh, before I go...great news - I made through to round 3 of Embellished Idol wahooooo!!!



Rach H said...

congrats Kelly on getting through to the third round of idol. I have a Aussie freind on there too + she got through to the third round too!!
Great LO's by the way + good luck with all your DT submissions.

Mel said...

Good no you.

I love Oprah,too - used to be too embarassed to admit that but now it's cool!

yaseen_nz said...

WTG Kelly!Congrats on making it to the next round!!! Like your LO's, awesome the photos on the swing, you sure got those spot on!Love the way you did the title too, very cool!
Hope you're feeling better!

Heidi said...

WOW Kelly, That's is fantastic news, not to mention that AWESOME LO - FREEDOM, I love it, absolutely FAB.

Hannah said...

Congrats on making it through to the next round of Idol! I've been watching you & Christi with great interest!! Wonder how the next round will go - it is the DT judging this time, right?

Lauren said...

WoW great layouts I love the freedom page. Hope your feeling a better by now. And good luck with Idol.


Lisa said...

great work Kelly, you seem to cope well with these challenges, I feel when I'm under pressure or put on the spot I go blank and can't think!

Ali said...

Hi Kelly,
I knew you would make it through to round 3!!!
Great layouts for the cyber crops!!
Chat soon
Ali x x

Beverley said...

Go Kelly! Love the swing photos and layout - who needs patterned paper anyway?

Julie said...

Congrats on getting through to round three Kelly!! your work has been FANTASTIC.
Love the pix on your freedom layout, looks awesome with the sky as backdrop.

Megan M said...

Woohoo Kelly - great news about getting through to the next round!! Love the Oprah layout, great colours!!

Lara said...

well done Kelly!

How are the DT Subs going?