Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NZ Dare #10

Ok so this dare was to use letter templates..hmmm don't have any so what I have done is used some BG alpha sticker silhouettes (sp?) like tape for a framing effect.

This one's about my little Prince becoming a chatterbox...oh he's too cute...they seriously grow up too fast...I want my babies to slow down at the mo.

Tai is off to school in Jan & while that's all good it means she's not a baby, or pre-schooler anymore...she's a real kid!!!

I see why parents have more babies...cos they're sooo sweet & innocent - but I'm not falling for that trick ROFL!!


Megan M said...

Very cool layout - I know what you mean about babies and falling for the cuteness, I did and he's 14 weeks old now!!LOL

Janine said...

clever idea, looks good!! Had a giggle at you not falling for the sweet and innocent routine and ending up with anotehr cute baby!!

Ali said...

Love the layouts Kel! They look fab as usual!!
Sorry i haven't popped by in a while!
Chat soon
Ali x

petamb said...

LOL...sweet an innocent ha..makes me laugh..I feel for it second time round and i'm trying hard not to fall for it again..
Layout looks great too..
Have a great day

Julie said...

hiya Kelly,
great layout, clever trick with the silouettes.
Had a bit of a chuckle about falling for babies - happens everytime i go near one. There have been times i've thought about a forth but since looking after these three on my own lately that thought has been well and truly banished lol.
take care..........

Micaela said...

Love your latest layout Kelly! What a great idea to use the outline - looks great!!!

Lisa said...

great layout Kelly. Yeah I got clucky with my new niece, went home got pregnant with no.5 and well! say no more, now I have 7!!...LOL Hey, great to see you today, good luck with your next Embellished Idol challenge :)

yaseen_nz said...

Great LO Kelly, love the idea of the negative and how you used them!

yaseen_nz said...

OOps forgot -***congrats on winning*** too! WTG!!!