Monday, October 16, 2006

Non-Scrapping Weekend

Can you believe it...I didn't scrap!!!

I wanted to - but my scrap space was getting beyond a I did the overhaul, the unthinkable...I turned my dining room back into a dining room & I vacated the kitchen bench...I have relocated to the office..Wayne suggested moving the dining table into the office - but that would defeat the I suggested we get a trestle we agreed...move the scrap stuff into the office on Sat & then on Sunday go & buy a trestle table for me.

Well, we went to get the trestle table & Wayne says its too narrow...I don't care I need to scrap...but I cave & we decide to look for a 2nd hand dining table on Trademe...missed one for $50...but got this super-cool, super-spacious luxury scrap table for the grand sum of $30...mind you I don't actually have it yet - just hit the buy-now button this morning & haven't heard from the guy yet - he is oblivious to my excitement & anticipation LOL!

It measures 1.4m x 1.4m & has a cool cut-out for a space to sit...ohhhhh I can't wait!!!!

Now, because I am in scrapping limbo I am able to complete my "So You Think You Know Me?" workbook from Shimelle. I'm really excited about this project.

Isn't it amazing how blogging connects us??

I was reading Elsie's blog & clicked on the link to Shimelle & the went surfing again only to be drawn back to the "So You Think You Know Me" project a couple of days later (thankfully I could remember where I came across it LOL) & then before you know it I'm clicking the Paypal link & I'm a paid up class member :o)

Now that I'm in the class I've added another dozen blogs of my class mates to my is the washing ever going to get done???? ROFL!!!

OK its 11.30 & I haven't had breeky yet...I'd better get off the computer!


tanyaleigh said...

OMG! Kelly, what a difference. I didn't think the before photo looked like a dining room. The new scrap table looks great. I've brought some really cool furniture from trade me. Isn't TM great?

Ali said...

That looks like a dining room now!!! Love your new work table!! It is going to be awesome!
Have a great day chicky
Ali x x

Janine said...

I agree with Tanya your dining room looks fab wow what a difference. Whoooo hoooo on your new desk. Hurry up trade me man and get back to Kelly....

Julie said...

Love the new table. You will be able to scrap up a storm on that when you get it.

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one how has a side bar link of fav blogs that just keeps growing. LOL

Hannah said...

Wow - you must be pleased to have your dining room back!! Like Tanya, I didn't realise the first photo WAS your dining room, ROFL!!!

Great table, too! I bet you'll be scrapping even more (hang on, is that even possible??) when you get your hands on it :-)

Heidi said...

WOW Kelly what a difference, and now you have your own space to scrap in - close the door when your'e finished and you don't have to pack up - WTG - Congrats on getting your new cool table

Julie said...

Loooove the new desk Kelly, plenty of room to scrap on now.
Can't wait to see your layouts from your classes, sounds like will be heaps of fun.